Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Another wonderful “find” along the lakefront. I love seeing stacked rocks like these randomly along the shoreline. It make me happy to see that they have “survived” and no one has seen it necessary to topple them over! Thank you kind folks!

Okay, so just a little bit of coincidence here
I actually kinda “know” the kid who builds these here! On that morning back a week or so when we had that odd sunrise rainbow, I happened to pedal past a familiar face. It was potter Joanna Kramer who I’ve know for a few years since her days at Lillstreet Art Center. Apparently, her son is the one who builds these here!!! Who knew?… SMALL WORLD.

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Another day under Chicago’s Curfew… so again, no morning sunrise ride. Luckily, I got out for a nice afternoon ride along the lake north of Chicago. A little cloudy and hazy, and more than a little bit sweaty, but still a great afternoon escape!

Okay… so maybe we don’t pay any attention to that flat rear tire in the photo?!

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After today’s protest in Chicago turned bad too… looting, arson, riots, crazy… we are now under lockdown in Chicago with a nightly curfew running indefinitely until things calm down. This just keeps getting worse…

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Making the most of a bad situation… or TWO!
Potholes AND Coronavirus!!!

Dealing with both at the same time!!!
And a lot of creativity to help us all get through this together… with a smile!
Thanks to Chicago mosaic artist Jim Bachor.

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Two more quick shots as I was headed home… a view of the Chicago Skyline from a distance. Oh, how I long for the day when I’ll be able to ride my bike down there again along the Lakefront Bike Trail… which is currently locked-down due to the pandemic… thank you Mayor Lightfoot!!!

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It’s always fun to see your pottery being used… like fresh tomatoes washed & draining in a berry bowl. Thanks to City Olive for using my work in their store! If you’re near the Andersonville neighborhood, be sure to check out City Olive on Clark for unique & artisanal gourmet olive oils & foods. They are open during these tough times with curbside pick-up or UPS delivery! So if you’re stuck at home cooking… and you want to spice it up a notch, here you go!!!

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After dropping off my pottery in Evanston, I continued north to “explore” more of our beautiful lakefront. I started by heading up along the Skokie Channel Park, and then over into Wilmette along their lakefront… as the Chicago lakefront is STILL on total lockdown. A beautiful day along the lake, blue skies, great breezy… nature is amazing!

Another great “escape” from the craziness going on around us… another solitary ride, another chance to get outside while carefully steering clear of everyone!!!

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Okay, so Mayor Lori Lightfoot totally locked down the Chicago Lakefront yesterday. Too many people gathering on Wednesday while it was so nice out. So now those of us who were consistently using the lakefront trail for exercise with appropriate social distancing are LOCKED OUT, along with everybody else. But here’s a good one… see what Elsa thinks about being LOCKED IN.

Click here to watch Elsa’s LOCKED IN video on YouTube!

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So then THIS happened today! We all got an alert to our phones… the Chicago Lakefront has officially been locked-down! Thanks to all of those people who flooded the lakefront & the large groups who were not follow the social distancing guidelines yesterday… now we all get punished. Great. Thanks.

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While all of us are hunkered down self-isolating
I’m sure many of you have seen some of the press conferences going on with the Mayor, the Governor and Dr. Arwardy.

While I know it doesn’t help all that much… but it always makes me feel a little better knowing that Dr. Arwardy is working FOR US… in our best interests!

But little did you know… Dr. Arwady is actually one of my pottery students as well. She’s been taking my Tuesday night class for a few sessions now… but this last session she missed a LOT of classes, and we knew “something bad” was brewing. So she may be the official voice of Chicago Coronavirus right now… but she’ll always be just Allison to me… or maybe “Allison who LOVES the bubble glaze!!!”

Click here for a link to read a more about Allison’s story!