Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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After a long weekend of HOLIDAY HOME SHOW set-up, hosting, chatting, schmoozing & selling… it felt SO good to be back on the bike this morning for another AMAZING morning sunrise. Always the best way to start my day!!!


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Big equipment outside of Lillstreet… working on the Metra train line and taking up a LOT of much-needed parking spaces!!!

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Around every corner as we strolled around the City after the HOT CHOCOLATE RUN.

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Another category from yesterday’s Instagram Photo Challenge with my Dad & Taylor!!!

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For some added fun yesterday during the HOT CHOCOLATE RUN,
I set up a little Instagram Challenge for my Dad & Taylor!!!
Ten different categories that we each had to capture somewhere along the way!

Starting here with category #1 : ARCHITECTURE

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Just remembering back six years ago when I ran the Chicago Marathon to celebrate my birthday! So much fun!!! I never knew a marathon could be so much fun… with such great support, encouragement & entertainment from the spectators! Thanks to my pal Tracy who ran the marathon that year as well for sharing this photo today!!!

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Fun tracking two friends running the Chicago Marathon this morning
while working in the studio. Watching on TV and tracking on the app at the same time.
Nice to see them running so close to each other…
even though they don’t know each other!! Ha!!! Go Jacob!!! Go Terry!!!

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So here’s a very dark view of the standard “turn-around-spot” from my morning ride. Today it was pitch black on a very foggy-misty morning. Not so safe with such reduced visibility.

So here are a few observations… maybe it would be good if people could stay in their own well-marked lanes, bikers in the bike lanes & jogger-walkers in the jogging lane?! Or perhaps we could have some sort of headlight-tailights-LED flasher situation?… you can see it’s PITCH BLACK outside this early in the morning!!! And by all means, lets consider NOT wearing totally black clothing from head to toe without any sort of reflective or illuminated surface.

It’s dark out there and WE CAN’T SEE YOU!!!

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Kicking off the holiday with a very quiet & serene ride along the lakefront. From the looks of it, a lot of people were taking the morning off as they were so many fewer people out on the lakefront trail this morning than usual. Guess they’re all sleeping in?… but missing all of this sunrise beauty!!!

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A beautiful afternoon escape into the “wild”… playing at Lincoln Park Zoo.
Saw the new entrance… as well as the baby rhino, baby wolves & the cutest baby gorilla ever!
Also loving the “retro” carousel featuring endangered species all around!