Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Blue sky fun down at Navy Pier today
as we enjoyed a beautiful Fall day in Chicago.

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So nice to finally see the sun again…. after quite a run of cloudy & gloomy gray days! Sure, there were still clouds, but they allowed the sun to come out & play today!

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Well, there’s supposed to be a skyline in there somewhere?!!! Apparently not so much today. Dark, cloudy & a little misty in places. Not the best weather for those out riding “Bike The Drive’ this morning… as I was wondering why all of the Lake Shore Drive entrances were blocked off with blue flashing police lights this morning as I started my dark “lack-of-sunrise” ride???

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After the the CHICAGO TRIATHLON (en route back to the Transition Area to reclaim our gear) Tracy and I took a moment for our annual Buckingham Fountain photo-shoot! Always fun to play around with a friend… and even though I live in Chicago, somehow I turn into a total “tourist” when it comes to Chicago Landmarks! Bring out the camera…

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So today was another day “playing” down on the Chicago lakefront! Another CHICAGO TRIATHLON under my belt. I went once again for the full International distance… basically a one mile swim in Lake Michigan, followed by twenty-five miles of biking on Lake Shore Drive & Lower Wacker Drive & ending with a six mile run along the lakefront south to 31st Street Beach and back through the Museum Campus towards the Finish Line near the Art Institute.

It was a fun day overall. I felt pretty confident & strong… even though the conditions were less than ideal. The second half of the swim was so choppy it felt like a washing machine! Riding south on Lake Shore Drive all directly into the headwind. And the run was very sunny & humid… so excited to make it to the Finish Line!!!

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Kind of a sticky humid morning with lots of clouds along the lakefront… and a crazy-cool “cloud” of fog that rolled through the city as I was pedaling through. By the end of my ride, the skyline was practically gone… shrouded from view!

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Early morning sunrise from the rooftop of Chicago’s Navy Pier…
well before the racing begins…

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A dark & cloudy start to the day… not much of a sunrise as the clouds move out over the lake… luckily no rain, just clouds. Kinda glad this darkness is moving through early this morning. Hoping that it clears up a bit more for Day Two at the HINSDALE FINE ARTS FESTIVAL. C’mon by… 10:00am-5:00pm in Booth #69.

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While the inside of the Nederlander Theater was painted with red light for MOULIN ROUGE, the lobby architecture is equally impressive. Our friendly usher Nancy told us some history about this statuesque & landmarked theater that was built back in 1926. This place is so incredible… even more lavish & over-the-top at every turn. The sure don’t make ’em like they used to!!!