Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Okay, so Mayor Lori Lightfoot totally locked down the Chicago Lakefront yesterday. Too many people gathering on Wednesday while it was so nice out. So now those of us who were consistently using the lakefront trail for exercise with appropriate social distancing are LOCKED OUT, along with everybody else. But here’s a good one… see what Elsa thinks about being LOCKED IN.

Click here to watch Elsa’s LOCKED IN video on YouTube!

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So then THIS happened today! We all got an alert to our phones… the Chicago Lakefront has officially been locked-down! Thanks to all of those people who flooded the lakefront & the large groups who were not follow the social distancing guidelines yesterday… now we all get punished. Great. Thanks.

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While all of us are hunkered down self-isolating
I’m sure many of you have seen some of the press conferences going on with the Mayor, the Governor and Dr. Arwardy.

While I know it doesn’t help all that much… but it always makes me feel a little better knowing that Dr. Arwardy is working FOR US… in our best interests!

But little did you know… Dr. Arwady is actually one of my pottery students as well. She’s been taking my Tuesday night class for a few sessions now… but this last session she missed a LOT of classes, and we knew “something bad” was brewing. So she may be the official voice of Chicago Coronavirus right now… but she’ll always be just Allison to me… or maybe “Allison who LOVES the bubble glaze!!!”

Click here for a link to read a more about Allison’s story!

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Another wonderful sculpture on the Loyola campus. More of that wonderful patina color & texture I love so much… plus cool angles & lines!

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Architectural archways on the Loyola campus. Beautiful craftsmanship like they just don’t make anymore!

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Beautiful wrought iron details on one of the Loyola doorways. Love the scrolls, the flowers, the reflection in the windows and the beautiful patina! These are the entry doors to the Cudahy Library at Loyola University.

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Enjoying some beautiful architectural details along the way… right in my own “backyard”… hard to get a good run in when you keep stopping for photos!!!

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Another area affected by the Winter storms & high waters. This area used to be a beach at Ardmore-Hollywood … complete with an Accessible Beach Walk. Apparently not so “accessible” these days?!

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There’s a new sculpture along the lakefront!!! A new Keith Haring piece installed alongside Belmont Harbor. It went in late last Fall, and it’s still surrounded by construction fencing… probably until the memorial gardens are planted this Spring. It’s a large piece… see it in comparison to my bike!!!

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Okay, so maybe the signs are there for a reason?!… still biking, but seeing a LOT of winter damage to the bike & running paths along the lakefront.

It seems to happen every winter, but this time it seems worse than usual. Some areas are washed out completely… like this “river “ of water where there’s supposed to be a cement running path?!