Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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And if that first panorama shot was “pretty”…
a couple minutes later it was STUNNING!!! Big sunrises need big photos!!!

Enjoy... I know I sure did.

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Big sky shows sometimes require a panoramic shot…
showing the clouds moving in and blowing across the horizon!

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Another beautiful morning ride along the lakefront… enjoying the warm weather once again, the beautiful clouds moving in, the splash of sunrise colors… and the crazy headwinds!!! Okay, three out of four ain’t bad.


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Parked by a lighthouse while playing hooky this afternoon!!!
Great to get outside to play today!!!


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As the temperature soared into the upper 70’s this afternoon, it was the perfect chance to hop on my bike and play hooky for the afternoon! Squeezed it in before teaching class tonight… which was good as the temperature also plummeted about thirty degrees this evening!!!

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While pedaling downtown this morning, I found some great rusty metal & concrete “urban decay” highlighted in the morning sun. And you know how much I LOVE rusty metal!!!

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With a forecast for more rain & snow tomorrow… it sure felt great to squeeze in
a beautiful sunrise ride this morning before “the bad weather” hits us!!!

Snow?… really?! It’s mid-APRIL!!!!… in case anyone is wondering!

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It might always be The Oriental Theater to me?…
but still a gorgeous over-the-top theater now called The James M. Nederlander Theater.
To some people…

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And while I was at Marshall Field’s… yes, confusing, but… I decided to stop in for a quick trip through the “Macy’s” Flower Show which has an outer space theme this year! They had a few cute displays, with a couple cute aliens peeking out here & there. Unfortunately I was slight underwhelmed this year. Although I do always enjoy the color floral displays contrasting against the classic columns & architecture inside.

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After the SHAMROCK SHUFFLEand after brunch with some “shuffling” friends…
I walked past the Marshall Field’s clock on my way to the red-line “L” train.
The vintage clock is a beautiful Chicago landmark…
and yes, it will ALWAYS be Marshall Field’s to me!!!