Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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It’s a new session of pottery classes at Lillstreet. So also, a new tie-dye…
and the newest OREO flavor for my classes this week!!!

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A week after St. Patrick’s Day, and it looks like Matthew is still celebrating with his new Shamrock Mug… with a festive sipper & the wearin’ of the green!!!

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Morning geometry.
Taking a step in the right direction with the color of the day!

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This week in the GREAT LILLSTREET THROWDOWN, my students presented their colorized mugs from last week’s handbuilding challenge. The goal was to add enough color & style tot hem that they can just be glazed in clear later… and still be colorful & striking!!! They all did a great job trying to accentuate the texture patterns, without totally covering them up! Sadly, we had one “implosion” as Ellen was trying to several layers of underglazes & underglaze decals for a quilt-like effect. But found out there might have been too much water & pressure used on her bone-dry porcelain mugs?! Luckily, she has plans to use those shards for making some small jewelry pieces later.

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The beautiful Fall colors are still hanging on in Chicago… literally clinging to cement walls! Great colors, great textures & great shadows!

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Lots of colors, lots of patterns…
close-up details of some Christmas Trees fresh from the kiln!

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By the end of class tonight, I came away with this beautiful pie plate made by Christine… a former student who just wanted to be part of our game!!! And the last of Martin’s tart cherry pie-lets?… pocket pie?… fold-over… ??? Well, whatever you call them… they were AMAZING!!! And look pretty amazing in Christine’s retro striped pie plate too!!! Great game, great potluck & such talented students this session!!!

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Another beautiful blue-sky afternoon… perfect for another bike ride along the lakefront. A bit on the chilly side… long sleeves & gloves again. But I wasn’t quite ready for trees to be changing colors already! As much as I love Fall… I’m not quite ready for it. But let’s be real… this tree is in fact BEAUTIFUL in the beginning of its Fall coloring!!! Okay… so maybe I’ll be “ready” soon…

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Let the detailing begin… it’s an assembly line of painting the Ghouls with colored underglazes. Making some colorful choices & changes along the way!

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Textured terra cotta is pretty sweet.. . but even more fun when some of the details & accents are hand-painted with colorful underglazes! So… time to paint some hats before finishing the Ghouls! I could while away the hours, conferrin’ with the flowers, consulting with the rain… while painting the hats!