Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Celebrating a new Mugshot Monday with this great shot of Donna’s new purple mug… which surprisingly matches her Kitchen-Aid stand mixer!

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Color of the season… beautiful mint green OREO’s with a wonderful mint filling… in a handmade mint green stamped bowl! Looks like Christmas is coming together nicely!

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More glamour shots of that same purple platter from last night’s kiln unloading. We’ve been joking about what “color” this actually is. Do we think it might be too pretty to just call it purple?… but if we call it something fancy like “aubergine”… then I think I should be able to charge twice as much for it!!! HA!!!

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After a blustery day yesterday, there are a LOT of leaves scattered about. Fall has apparently FALLEN!!! Luckily, these golden solomon’s seal leaves are still hanging on!

Categories: color, nature
Categories: color, nature, seasons

While leaves are falling all around us, sometimes you can still find one of those “perfect” trees in full color with the leaves still hanging on!!! C’mon, give us at least one more beautiful weekend before they all fall off!

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So I worked in my studio all morning…
but with today’s FANTASTIC summer temperatures…
how can I be expected to stay inside?! I CAN’T!!!

So… I went for a fantastic bike ride outside all afternoon.
Loving the colors. Loving the weather.
Loving the freedom on my bike!

And now back to the studio for the evening…

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Looks like Cory McCrory is in the final stretches with our collaboration project. Just putting some finishing touches, staining, sealing & assembling all of the parts & pieces… before se starts choosing the “perfect” trio of flowers for each of the wall vases that I made. Another wonderful collaboration project with Cory coming together in the nick of time for ART IN THE GARDEN this weekend!

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Ready to make their big ART FAIR DEBUT… some of my newest RED soda-fired pieces. Yes, I will have a very limited quantity of some new RED pottery… stamped & soda-fired and looking for a new home!!! Several mugs, vases, flower pots & mini vases at the NORTHERN ILLINOIS POTTERY TOUR this weekend. There’s not a lot of them yet… so I think they might go fast?! I mean, that is if anyone even likes RED pottery???

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Fresh from the garden… not mine of course, but of wonderful friends who love to grow things! And share things… like this beautiful bowl of colors & textures! Oh, how I love rhubarb season!!!