Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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These may just be my new favorite flower?
Kinda glowing with color… no filter needed!!

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Today started as a beautiful Fall day. Crisp & sunny.
But then the clouds moved in… at least the Fall colors & textures remained.

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Cory McCrory is rockin’ it for our collaboration coming together this weekend
at ART IN THE GARDEN this Saturday & Sunday in Glenview, Illinois!

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With ART IN THE GARDEN in just a few days… looks like Cory is racing to the Finish Line… and making sure that all of her collaboration pieces make it into that one last kiln that comes out “just in time” for the art fair this weekend!!! I see color… and texture… and whimsy… three of my favorite things!!! Can’t wait to see the finished pieces when mine get added into the mix this Saturday & Sunday in Glenview, Illinois!!!

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Looks like Cory McCrory has been adding some colored underglaze accents to her part of our collaboration project for ART IN THE GARDEN. We’re just over a week away… as our little grassroots art fair is on September 7th & 8th in Glenview, Illinois. It’s all coming together…

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Colorful flowers to brighten your Friday!

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Summer’s asiatic lilies.
Mother Nature sure is painting the gardens with beautiful colors these days!

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Kicking off the last day of this week’s Summer Camp with a festive splash of color!
You know how I LOVE a good tie-dye!!!

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Sure, the fog & sunrise was beautiful this morning… but the frosted leaves were pretty amazing too! I love how the frost accentuated all of the veins & stems of the leaves… and the muted medley of colors in the frozen fall leaves.

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With a few snow flurries coming down, so far no accumulation.
Just wet pavement and a lot of colorful heaves coming off the trees.
“Pretty Fall” might end today.