Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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GOOD NEWS! Looks like one of my students made “The Show-Off Shelf” at Lillstreet. Whoo-Hoo!!! Christine is coming in for my class tonight so she’ll be thrilled when she sees her colorful masterpieces proudly on display!… and a couple flowerpots still on the racks!

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And for those who “noticed” two t-shirts on the first photo with dye powder sprinkled on it… here’s the BIG REVEAL of t-shirt number two!!!

For the record… I’m diggin’ it more than the first one!!!

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It’s another TIE-DYE TUESDAY… at least for me!!!
Unfurling another ice-dyed shirt that sat there while the ice melted & the dye seeped in. It’s always fun to see what happened when you get to do the big reveal! Sometimes it’s good… sometimes it’s not… but sometimes it’s GREAT!!! I think this one is somewhere in the middle… but it will look better without all of those wrinkles!!!

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Looks like Tracy is all decked-out for the Easter Bunny already… with her new green basket-bowl & cobalt blue sgraffito platter framing the colorful & “egg-citing” festivities!!!

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Looks like an Easter Bunny in Pennsylvania has been busy decorating eggs! Pretty pastel colors in a vibrant green stamped bowl! Thanks for sharing Jody!

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It’s sunny outside, but surprisingly cold today! The perfect time to brighten the day by washing out another new tie-dyed shirt. I’ve done a few of these during the shut-down… ice-dyeing in the sink… looking forward to my “new” Summer Camp wardrobe!!!

Okay, who am I kidding… my EVERYday wardrobe!!! HA!!!

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Spent a fun afternoon downtown today with my niece Taylor and her parents… their first time seeing the Chicago River dyed green for St. Patrick’s Day. They were all surprised by how vibrant the green color was… eco-friendly of course!!! Good to see the City decided to bring back a little bit of holiday “normal” this year… as we didn’t get to see it last year when the City shutdown just before St. Patrick’s Day!

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Another example of cool marbled clay after trimming! Lots of layers of colored clay all mixed together!!! Works well as long as all of your clay bodies have the same shrinkage rate!

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Another marbled clay class demo… this time with white porcelain & green-stained porcelain! Looking a little blurry after throwing, but as I trimmed the interior & exterior “skin” away you can see the layers & marbled effects. Trimming with my DiamondCore Tools made it easier with their T2 Arc Trimming Tool that has a great curved blade to get inside with ease… worked outside too!