Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
Categories: color, flowers

Colorful flowers to brighten your Friday!

Categories: color, flowers

Summer’s asiatic lilies.
Mother Nature sure is painting the gardens with beautiful colors these days!

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Kicking off the last day of this week’s Summer Camp with a festive splash of color!
You know how I LOVE a good tie-dye!!!

Categories: color, nature, seasons, weather

Sure, the fog & sunrise was beautiful this morning… but the frosted leaves were pretty amazing too! I love how the frost accentuated all of the veins & stems of the leaves… and the muted medley of colors in the frozen fall leaves.

Categories: color, nature

With a few snow flurries coming down, so far no accumulation.
Just wet pavement and a lot of colorful heaves coming off the trees.
“Pretty Fall” might end today.

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THE HOLIDAYS ARE COMING!!! In fact, one Chicago radio station switched to all Christmas music all day everyday starting yesterday!!! Too soon!!! But never to soon to design & create some groovy-cool, stylized & oversized ornaments for an upcoming holiday installation. Coming soon to a Zoo near you… err, well, near me at least.

Categories: color, nature, seasons

Excited to see that some of the Fall leaves have survived the recent rains & wind…
not so sure they’re gonna make it through tonight’s predicted snowfall???

Categories: color, nature, seasons

Sure, I may be firing the soda kiln all day today… but that doesn’t mean
I can’t step outside for a breath of fresh air & nature’s glory.

Categories: color, nature, seasons

It’s November First and were surrounded by beautiful Fall colors.
A great way to kick-off a new month.

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So yesterday my Summer Campers were painting their sculptures with acrylic paint. Some of them got a little frustrated that it wasn’t going faster?! So a couple of them decided to forego the paintbrush… hoping this might be faster. I don’t think it was. But they had a good time, a few laughs and a LOT more hand washing to do afterwards!!!