Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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So yesterday my Summer Campers were painting their sculptures with acrylic paint. Some of them got a little frustrated that it wasn’t going faster?! So a couple of them decided to forego the paintbrush… hoping this might be faster. I don’t think it was. But they had a good time, a few laughs and a LOT more hand washing to do afterwards!!!

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AJ came into camp today with a really great shirt.
My sentiment exactly.

Coincidentally, his shirt also matched his chess board?!!! Kinda freaky, right?

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Celebrating the Fourth of July with some festive florals.
Putting them together for a little red, white & blue!!! A bit of Mother Nature’s palette
with geraniums, Queen Anne’s lace and chickory!

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Took a little studio break to hop back on my bike and cool down with some lakefront breezes… and some early red, white & blue at Montrose Harbor.

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With predictions of rain & clouds for last Friday, it sure turned out beautiful…
especially bright & cheery with the colorful works of Karin Kraemer
on the St. Croix Valley Pottery Tour.

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It’s the first day of April, and these colorful gerbera daisies sure make me feel like Spring is here! Now if it would just warm up a bit more so it “feels” like Spring is here too?! Thanks to Patti for sharing her flowers with all of us! So cheery!

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On another gloomy gray day, I’ll take a bit of Spring green anywhere we can find it.
Loving Mother Nature’s textures & colors in Early Spring.

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Can’t wait to see green here in the City after a long gray Winter…
even if it is the traditional green dye in the Chicago River!!!



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Getting my sparkle on! Who knew that glitter came as a spray paint… thank you Rust-O-Leum!!! It’s the first time I’ve every spray painted pottery… let alone glittered either. All for a good cause… and a good PRIZE!!!

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Always a fun explosion of color & texture.
A splash of Witch Hazel is always welcome after a long dark & drab Winter.