Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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AJ came into camp today with a really great shirt.
My sentiment exactly.

Coincidentally, his shirt also matched his chess board?!!! Kinda freaky, right?

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There’s some beautiful architectural details on The Bank On Broadway a couple blocks from my place. Unfortunately the bank is now-defunct and has been sitting empty for a long time. My fear is that some developer will swoop in and tear the place down to build condos or some other soul-less edifice. Which would be such a shame with historic craftsmanship like this still lingering in the Edgewater neighborhood.

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A nice surprise in the morning glow. A fun stacked stone tower resting along the lakeshore watching the sun rise behind it. Thank You to whoever took the time to add a bit of creativity & whimsy for others of us to enjoy!

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I spy with my little eye… BLUE SKIES finally!!!
And a beautiful mural in the Lakeview neighborhood by Anthony Lewellen.
Getting a “view” of the Lake in Lakeview!


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It’s the Battle of the Ages… MAN VS. PIGEONS!!!

We have a pair of pigeons intent on roosting above my back door behind a decorative wrought iron grate. Adorable as baby pigeons might be, the birds just make a HUGE mess!!!

So my neighbors and I have tried shoo-ing, scaring and other measures… but they are persistent little buggers. So I finally decided to “throw them a party”… let’s see how they like the balloons?!!!

They don’t know who they’re messing with!!!

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Oh, when you don’t know quite what to do with those broken pottery pieces…
you dress ‘em up!

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My condo building has been tagged.
Usually that means some crazy graffiti has been sprayed all over the walls.
But this time, it’s SO much better!

One “happy tag” on my tiled window on the corner of my building,
and another one on the back courtyard gate.

Nice to be appreciated by “someone.”
Thanks whomever for the warm fuzzies!

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Who doesn’t like a moose blowing bubble gum?!



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Something quick to make you smile this morning…
unless you’re only using the Left Side and then it might get a bit frustrating???


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Sure, it might just be garbage… a shattered beer bottle on the street…
some say LITTER… others say MOSAIC.