Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Well, this can’t be good… unless you’re really, REALLY thirsty!!!



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With so much craziness going on in Washington DC these days…
what with Donald, Donald Jr., my “girlfriend” Kellyanne, and Vladimir…
this one made me laugh out loud when I saw it on my Instagram Feed!

But then I found out that my “girlfriend” is already married…
and this kinda made me laugh too!



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Some fun graffiti art under the bridge at Lake Shore Drive and Illinois… just as you’re leaving Navy Pier! A fun mix of street art, spray paint and Chicago sport team pride!

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Who new that Pokemon was still a big deal?! Not me. But I do love this new graffiti mural on the City’s West Side… and I heard on the radio this morning that there is some Pokemon Go Fest happening downtown that is already SOLD OUT!!! Guess it’s more popular than I thought?!

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Just hanging out in Old Town this afternoon while my bike gets it’s 30-ride tune-up!

Murals making walls better in Old Town.

And some of the best… some organic and some architectural.


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Groovy new mural on the West Side. Great style & colors…
a nice splash of whimsy on Hoyne Street. Thanks #brownwalls !

“El Corazon de la Bestia” / Heart of the Beast
Environments have defined us as humans and individuals. The experiences in these environments shape us internally. Because of this, we are busy building masks for society and we don’t always show or share who we really are at our core. We judge people by these masks, and not for who and what makes up the Beast inside them. Good or Bad we all have a Beast within us. Our Heart shows who it is.
– mural artist Roco Drilo







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Tonight was a wonderful night under the White Big Top.
Located down in the south parking lot of Soldier Field is a temporary white tent..
and it’s HUGE!!! Much larger than the tent they had a few years back when CAVALIA
first came to Chicago. I saw the show then and was instantly mesmerized. I sadly assumed it was a one-time show… so imaging my surprise & excitement when I saw they were returning to Chicago with a new show!!!

And it’s got to be that big to house a show this HUGE!!!
You should know by now that I’m a card-carrying Cirque du Soleil geek.
And while this is NOT a Cirque show, it is definitely very reminiscent of their splendor.
Think of it as Cirque du Soleil with a herd of horses running free!!!

Click here to see the official trailer for CAVALIA’s ODYSSEO.

It’s an amazingly beautiful and mesmerizing evening. The live band and singer were captivating while each of the acts were amazing. The colors, the costumes, the complete package. The horses are amazing in all their regal glory. Somehow they “perform” just as much as the human performers. They dance, prance and turn on cue. Somehow these “wild” horses storm the stage racing at full speed… and then a moment later are gentle, clam & graceful. It’s amazing to watch how well trained the horses are. And even more touching that you can actually see how much the trainers love their horses… and even better, that you can literally see how much the horses LOVE their trainers. Seriously. You can see the bond, the trust and the love of working together among the entire cast… human and equine!!!

Sure, there are acrobatic acts much like a more traditional Cirque du Soleil show…

But then there’s also horse galloping and trick riders flying all over the place.
Oh wait, and did I mention the water?!!!

For a bit more insight about the creator and the show from behind the scenes, click here for a very insightful CAVALIA video on YouTube.

And while the show is AMAZING!!!
They also host a wide collection of horse sculptures and paintings.
A veritable art gallery… like the CAVALIA theatrical spectacle weren’t enough!!!

And you know how I LOVE rusty metal….

In addition to the metal sculpture horses,they also had a wide collection of incredible horse paintings. I loved the gestural line quality of these beauties by Sebastien Larochelle…

And my favorite painting by Lea Riviere…

Overall, an amazing night of equine beauty.
It’s all of the spectacle drama and beauty of Cirque du Soleil AND horses!!!
If you EVER have a chance to see CAVALIA live under the Big Top… by all means do!!!






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Looking for a new fun way to decorate your Easter Eggs?…
well, new to ME anyway. This technique has been around for ages!

As a potter, we’ve all worked with wax resist before. But never like this.
I watched this first video and didn’t quite know what the end result was going to be. And when she revealed her finished egg, I was hooked. So simple in concept, but I’m sure it takes YEARS to master!!! Click here for the first Pysanky Egg video by Nicole Bell.

And for those needing a quick fix… here’s a visual overview from the video…
From my understanding, you draw on the lines with beeswax.

Then you dip it into the egg coloring.

Then trace over SOME of the original lines, filling in some areas, but not all.

And then it goes back into the color another time.

Then you carefully melt & wipe off the wax resist.

To reveal your beautiful egg.
Pretty groovy, huh?! I definitely have to try this one next year!

Want to see more?… click here for a more in-depth video of the history,
meaning and techniques used to create these incredible Pysanky Colored Eggs.



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Feeling a little “crunchy” this morning on a gloomy & rainy Thursday?!
Well, this graffiti guy sure looks a bit under the weather!

And where was this guy?…
Well, I saw him a couple mornings ago during my morning sunrise bike ride.
On the side of a lighthouse of all places!!!

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Have fun today… BE YOURSELF!!!