Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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A little morning clarity…
and creativity from an unknown artist with some talents!!!

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On my way home from Openlands, I was pedaling through Evanston and saw this amazing house… okay, so maybe it’s more the decorative work on the facade than the house itself?! I was completely enamored by the craftsmanship & design… and the fact that they have kept it in tact and in great shape over the years! BEAUTIFUL!!!

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You know I already love a good mural.
Even better when it’s for a good cause.
Making a good statement.

According to
“In a show of solidarity, a massive tribute to Black Lives Matter has been painted on the street leading to the White House in Washington, D.C. Completed in permanent street paint, the message features bold, yellow letters that span more than a block of 16th Street and marks a historic moment in the United States after weeks of protests.

Mayor Muriel Bowser commissioned the banner-style piece, which city workers and volunteers began at 3 a.m. Friday morning ahead of weekend demonstrations. The new message is just two blocks north of Lafayette Square, where police charged peaceful protestors and released tear gas and flash-bang shells to clear the crowd for a photo-op for President Trump earlier this week. It sits at the foot of St. John’s Church.”

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So simple through the eyes of a child…
making their mark on the world as they want it to be.

Good words for us ALL to live by!

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Another weekly installment from Cirque du Soleil.
Something fun to watch today with your Mom…
as they take you behind the scenes of LUZIA.

One of my favorite shows based on a creative journey through Mexico. The colors, costumes & music are wonderful. Not to mention that magical rain curtain that draws pictures, the dress that actually blooms right in front of you while she sings, or the beautiful red papel picado curtain tube! So much fun to see the creative process as they design & build such a lavish show!

Click here to watch LUZIA “Behind The Curtain” on Facebook.

This same “Behind The Curtain Special” is on then LUZIA DVD if you ever want to see it again!

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More bad news today as yet another art fair in my schedule has been cancelled. We heard today that ART IN THE BARN will not be happening in 2020… which was scheduled for the last weekend in September. I know that a lot of us artists were hoping that by then we might have a chance of art fairs coming back. Guess not.

And then coincidentally, my sister Jen sent me a link to this video. Which was so thoughtful, caring, inspirational, a little sad, and yet so moving. A little “bedtime story” that makes you think about the situation we’re all facing, what the outcome might be and why hindsight is 2020… and appropriately, it’s called “The Great Realisation.” As I think we are all beginning to realize the longevity & after-effects of this historic pandemic. Reality is setting in. So far… not a fan of the “new normal.”

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Kinda feels like every other day of the week, right?…
and I’m sure you’re tired of watching all the same TV shows over & over these days!

But who else remembers the MAGIC of Saturday morning cartoons?… sitting on the sofa eating straight outta the box of breakfast cereal! Mine were Apple Jacks!!! But I digress… well, here’s a link to NINETY classic Looney Tunes Cartoons to watch right now! Introduce your kids to the cartoon classics… and how they introduced us in their own way to opera, politics, pop culture, classic movies & more!!! From Bugs & Daffy… to Porky & Sylvester… all the way to Marvin The Martian and Michigan J. Frog!!! Love them all…

Click here for the link for ninety cartoons classics on!


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So my friend Cory McCrory has been working on a new teapot for an upcoming show. And don’t for a moment think it is a “normal” teapot thrown on the wheel like I would make. Oh no… that’s NOT how Cory rolls!

Instead, Cory makes these elaborate, handbuilt sculptures with paperclay that have made me smile for YEARS!!! We first met at the Hinsdale Fine Arts Fair when our booths were one row away from each other. I could see her work, she could see mine… but we didn’t have a lot of time to go over and look as we were both busy in our booths. But I could already tell from a distance that I was enamored already!!! I finally made it over to her both and instantly fell in love with Cory AND her amazing work!!!

So if you’re NOT following Cory on Facebook or Instagram, you definitely should be!!! She’s been working on this amazing teapot for the past couple weeks… and graciously been sharing photos every step of the way. I’ll post a “teaser” of the finished underglazed version as it goes into the kiln here. But for the full “start-to-finish” Photo Album, click here for a link to her Facebook page.

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Continuing my “Sheltered-At-Home Tour”…
as the sunshine is gone, it’s now grey & dreary, so no afternoon bike ride… here’s a wall hanging I made a few years back with some textured & soda-fired buttons, waxed linen & beads. I love the way it hangs, swings a bit & makes really cool shadows on the wall. The plan was to make more of these to sell at art fairs. But by the time I finished this one that took FOREVER!!!… I’m afraid this might just be a one-of-a-kind!!!

And that’s why it still lives on MY wall !!!

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Another wonderful installment from the folks at Cirque du Soleil… and even better… this time it’s a SING-A-LONG!!! And for those of you who don’t already know the words… like I do… they’ll run the words along the bottom so you can sing along too! They feature quite a few of their shows in this montage… only two of which I haven’t seen live!

Click here to watch the Cirque du Soleil SiNG-A -LONG Special on Facebook!