Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Hard to stay gray & gloomy when faced with a box full of bright, rubber duckie beach balls!!!
You’re smiling now, right?!

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But why am I sitting here waiting for candy, donuts and cookies
to parachute down from the sky?!

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Some great patterns & color combinations on these painted tiles that I found
at BoHo on West Illinois Street while downtown this morning.

Might be good inspiration for some new stamps???


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Street art along Ashland Avenue in Chicago… taking a nap on the sidewalk?!

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Last night was my friend Pam’s 50th Birthday Party!!!
And sure, we could have had a “normal” night out… but that’s not how we fly!
Pam decided to have her party at the Firehouse Art Center in Chicago. She was surrounded by all of her friends… and a lot of flames to play with!!! We all had a chance to do some glassblowing with proceeds going to the ArtReach Program. Such a great idea for her party… and her group of artist friends! So much fun for everyone!!!

So first, you need to decide what colors you want added into the glass. There were bags of colored frits to choose from… a little overwhelming. So many choices… and far too many flames all around as a wonderful distraction!!!

Then you with down with a glop of molten glass on the end of your rod. The glass is pressed into the pan of colored frits so they stick to the glass and begin to melt. Then you poke, snip and swirl the colors with metal tongs. Since I decided to make a paperweight, I knew I wanted to add some cool air bubbles into my glass, so I poked holes deep into the glass.

Another dip of glass… more swirling… more mixing…

Then you finally get to start shaping it into a ball using tongs and a wet wooden “scoop” shaper.

Once the shape is good, you need to make a groove where the piece will be “cut off” the rod.

A little last minute shaping… and then it was time to snap it off the rod, blow torch the bottom edge to smooth it out, and then it went into another kiln for a slow cool down.

And me… a happy camper after playing with fire & glass!!!

My friend Kelly was there too… so here’s her glass “journey” too!
Rolling her glass in the colored frits…

Re-heating the glass to melt it all together again…

Some poking, snipping, swirling… and shaping…

A wet wooden “bowl” shaper to help refine the shape of the molten glass.

And then since Kelly was making a bowl, she got to actually “blow” her glass ball open. While the studio tech was helping with the bowl, Kelly was at the other end of the rod ready to blow and inflate her glass at his command. The coolest part was when her glass was a nice large, round “bubble”… he told Kelly to suck the air out and it pulled in the top half to make a double-walled concave bowl. Pretty amazing!!!

So at this point, all of the bowls and paperweights made last night are still in the kiln cooling down. I’m pretty sure we will get them in the next day or two… and I’ll be sure to post some photos!!!

We all had a great time at your party… it was a wonderful idea to party with fire!!!!



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A slightly delayed Christmas gift from my cousins in Minnesota. Looks like they know me a little TOO well!!! Sadly though, Caroline, my Girl Scout cookie connection, has decided not to sell cookies this year. What?! Say it isn’t so… I might need a new hook-up. I’m jones’n already!!!


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Admiring the vivid colors & strong designs of these stained glass pieces on a grey & dreary day at the Richard Driehaus Gallery of Stained Glass on Chicago’s Navy Pier.



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With freezing temperatures all around, I figured it was a good day to stay in
and reminisce about warmer days and fun with friends. A little summer flashback!

A full day of fun in the sun with “my very first art fair friends” friends Gerry & Rosene… shopping all of the “treasures” at the Third Sunday Flea Market in Bloomington back in October. And a quick glimpse into the back of their car at the end of the day!!!

So you know I’m obsessed with all things RUSTY!!!
So imagine my surprise when we drove out into the middle of Central Illinois and found an entire menagerie of rusty animals!!! Including a life-sized llama with a full pelt of chains! WHOO-HOO!!!

Heart palpitations… Visual overload… Sweaty palms… this might be too much!

Life-sized animals made from assorted truck & farm equipment parts & pieces. And then left to rust. All with loving care & creativity of sculpture artist Robert Cumpston. Apparently he’s pretty well known in those parts. We ran into his daughter in a thrift store in Peoria the day before. So Rosene called him and asked if we could stop by and he said ‘of course.’ And by “those parts” I mean somewhere far out in the middle of NOWHERE!!! We drove miles & miles into the perfectly flat cornfields of rural Illinois.

Love the bird that has taken up residence in his favorite deer head…

So we got the FULL tour from Robert Cumpston himself. A wonderfully kind & sharing man. And very chatty. He walked us all over his property and showed us his creations. Each one more adorable than the next.

The tour continued… and he kept chatting and telling his stories. I took a few chances to split off to go searching on my own. Good thing Gerry & Rosene were so attentive. .. or at least played along better than I did.

As we continued the tour, there are piles and piles of scrap metal. All waiting to become something cool. Partial animals here & there. Most likely never to be completed… like the giraffe body below… top left of the pile.

And then he took us inside the barn into his studio. So many tools. So many things to see.

Tools everywhere. Pieces & parts. And an occasional llama head…

Sad thing is that he has since retired from making his rusty creatures. He says he “tinkers” a bit, but I fear that many of these animals will never be completed. And that his skills and talents will soon be lost. I asked if he had ever thought of getting an apprentice or intern to teach and help carry on his rusty legacy. Unfortunately, there was no plan and no real understanding of how sad it would be to let all of this talent & expertise end here.

And now back to the rust… it was everywhere!!! Bins packed full. Skids piled over. Pallets with rusty metal being overgrown with grasses. Heaven for those with a healthy appreciation for all things rust.

By the end of the day, my friend’s car was packed full. It was a great day at the Bloomington Flea Market followed by a surprising “haul” from Robert Cumpston’s place.

Click HERE for a video tour of Robert Cumpston’s place on YouTube. Unfortunately, you can see how much of his “inventory” has found a new home since the video was published in 2004.

And click HERE to see another clip of a Cumpston piece at the Antique’s Roadshow!
Apparently he made more than just animals?!!!

And here’s one of the cuties that come home with me…
and is now living under the park bench in my kitchen!












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Okay, so I’m not a huge fan of Mariah Carey. So there. I said it.
But I do like James Corden… and I LOVE Carpool Karaoke!!!
So this one is pretty cute… and it just gets better.

Click here to watch the Carpool Karaoke Video on YouTube!

I love when a plan comes together!!!
And they must have been planning this one for quite some time!!!
Just some of the others in the car…

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So I ran across this post prior to my own IRONMAN race.
I found it hysterical and yet just a little too real to be comfortable.
I wasn’t quite sure I was getting myself into… and this struck fear more than once or twice.
But now that I’m done it… now that I’m an IRONMAN… I totally agree…

Click here for the original post.

A look inside the mind of an IRONMAN athlete
as they swim, bike, and run their way through a long day.
by Lisa Dolbear

Thousands of people complete an IRONMAN every year—from every corner of the world and every walk of life. While we are all uniquely motivated to chase the glory with varying methods of training, different ideas on nutrition, and different courses beneath our feet, thoughts like the 20 below are common across all of our 140.6 mile journeys. What would you add to the list?

1. The Start: “I have to pee. I’m going to pee in my wetsuit. (Cannon sounds). I’m not done…oh well, I might as well just swim.”

2. The First Buoy of the Swim: “Winning.”

3. The Second Mile of the Swim: “My goggles don’t need to be 100 percent on, this is fine.”

4. The Last .4 Miles of the Swim: “What in the actual…did they measure this wrong?”

5. T1: “I feel so refreshed! ROOOAR! Did you SEE all that swimming?”

6. The First 20 Miles on the Bike: “Ah, feel those sweet breezes, sunshine on my back, I’m in heaven. This weather is perfect and I’m going to nail that PR.”

7. The Next 20 Miles on the Bike: “I mean not PERFECT, but manageable. It is getting a little hot. No matter, this is a nutrition game.”

8. Hitting 56 Miles on the Bike: “I can’t read the number on her calf. Is she in my age group? Imma speed up.”

9. Hitting 100 Miles on the Bike: “I just completed a century ride. I’m kind of a big deal.”

10. The Last 12 Miles on the Bike: “Ass numb, foot cramp. Get. Me. Off. This. Bike. And this head wind is unbearable.”

11. T2: “Anything is better than being on that bike for another second.”

12. The First Mile of the Run: “Oh my god, except this. Get me back on the bike.”

13. The Second Mile of the Run: “I’m pretty sure this is mile 3?”

14. The Third Mile of the Run: “What was my mantra again? I need a mantra. Mantra, mantra, mantra. Anyone?”

15. 13.1 Miles: “If this was an IRONMAN 70.3 race I’d be done right now. I’m so doing a half next time.”

16. Mile 17: “I feel AMAZING. A half? Pffft. Half, schmalf.”

17. Mile 20: “What’s my name again? Maybe Coke will help. Ugh, I shouldn’t have eaten that banana. Oh yay an aid station. OUCH! Blister! Blister!

18. Mile 26: “I’m practically there! I’m in! I’m doing it!”

19. The Last .2 Miles on the Run: “I think I’m still running but I can’t feel my legs so I’m not really sure. Basically I’m an Olympian right now.”

20. The Finish Line: “I’m never doing this again. I’m definitely doing this again. I’ll take a year off. I’ll sign up tomorrow.”