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After a couple weeks since the class demo, and a lot of spritzing & spraying under plastic, I finally got around to finishing off three more teapots! Ready to start drying… and headed towards a soda kiln down the road!

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Looks like a great PBS episode of CRAFT IN AMERICA this evening.
This episode is focused on “TEACHERS”… artists as teachers and teachers as artists. The extra special role that an artist needs to become a great teacher and to carry on the legacy for the up & coming artists in their field. Navajo weavers. Hawaiian glassblowers. And functional pottery!!! Linda Sikora has been making beautiful pots for years. She was one of the first potters I remember seeing displayed in the Lill Street Gallery back in the day when I first started taking pottery classes there. Now if only they would do an episode about her husband Matt Metz too?!!!

Click here for a quick teaser video excerpt from tonight’s broadcast on PBS.
And then check your local listings for CRAFT IN AMERICA.




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A new stamped teapot fresh out of this week’s class soda firing.  A sweet little teapot from a class demo.  They always want to learn how to make lidded jars… and then they get daring and ask about teapots. Pretty adventurous for my “beginning” students!!!

I always tell my students to throw an extra lid & an extra spout “just in case.”
I didn’t “need” my extra spout… so it turned into a pretty sweet little bud vase bottle.


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Finally got all the parts of my class demo teapot assembled…
and then did a little detailing with some colored flashing slip.

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Here are some “better” photos of the new teapots. I say “better” because the background is just the spray booth outside the kiln room. Ha!

Anyway, two photos per teapot, one of each side. Some pretty dramatic variations thanks to the soda-firing process & colored flashing slips!







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I unloaded my soda kiln earlier this week but have been too busy to post photos. Too busy making the “new Ghoul.” Until now. So here’s a quick peek inside my fired kiln as I was unloading last Monday night… with a lot of the pots that will be coming with me to ART IN THE BARN this weekend in Barrington!

Here’s the front stack. Always a little heavier soda build-up. A little too gray for my liking… personal preference… but that means the pots “inside” will be nice!


And the back stack. A lot brighter colors. Not so much gray.
And some pretty sweet new teapots if I do say so myself…

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Just finished adding some color flashing slip accents to the teapots. I think this one is pretty much done… two more to go…