Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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I hope you all had a fun candy-filled day… safe & distant!!!

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Trimmed, stamped & top rings attached…
and now they’re starting to look more like Christmas ornaments, right?!

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A lot of leaves have already fallen… but I think I found one of the nicest red trees along the lake! Still hanging on… a monochromatic moment along the bike trail.

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You gotta love the fantastic colors that magically appear
during the Autumn season.

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Another beautiful afternoon bike ride. So happy that there are still Fall colors hanging onto some of the trees. And that late afternoon lighting just made them STUNNING!!! Sure… I should have been in the studio working… but c’mon… look at this!!!

How could I miss out? It will be gone all too soon!

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After my sgraffito demo Thursday morning, I also did a quick stamping demo for them as well. One stamped impression at a time… one after another… all the way around!

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In my Advanced Wheel class on Thursday, I did a little sgraffito demo for them on the demo platter I had thrown the week before. It’s a little different as I’m used to white clay with a dark slip… whereas this one is a dark clay with a light slip. I used a colored flashing slip, so “the plan” is that this will go into a soda kiln at some point… just to see what happens. I’m not sure the carving is done yet… but this is as far as I got during the class demo with my DiamondCore Carving Tools. I’ll do a bit more carving & cleaning up before I let it start drying.

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So it’s quite fitting that we had a beautiful orange sky this morning! Not any clouds, just some crashing waves, tree silhouettes & flashing lighthouses! Have a beautiful day of trick-or-treating… stay safe!!!

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It started out as a cold & clear morning sky… with some low-flying clouds to delay the sunrise! But then by the time I got down to the City, a large mass of clouds blew in from the west. Sure, the chilly breeze was coming in that way too… but it sure made for an interesting & colorful sky show over the City!

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Doing some more repetitive stamping on a couple larger pieces tonight… row by row, layer by layer… one stamp at a time!