Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Looks like it’s TOTEM TUESDAY! And it looks like Gerry & Rosene’s garden is doing great this summer… beautiful flowers all around their totem pole. Stamped & soda-fired pottery is always a nice addition to the garden!

Categories: soda-fired, stamped, totem pole

Always fun to see a stamped & soda-fired totem pole in the snow!
Sure, not a full snowstorm… but a pretty dusting nonetheless.

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A fun day for candy overload & spooky Fall decorations! Like this creepy skeleton with one of my totem poles all draped in spider webs!!! Thanks for the photo Chris!

Categories: soda-fired, stamped, totem pole

One of my best friends from high school got married after college, moved around a bit and ended up in St. Louis. She was home visiting her Mom a few weeks back… and happened to see these in front of a house in Elk Grove Village! She was excited & confused… is that Gary’s pottery in front of someone’s house???

So when Anna called a couple weeks ago, she asked about them… a weird coincidence that she would just “happen upon” this… AND recognize them as mine… as she was cutting through a subdivision not even close to her Mom’s place?!

Turns out she drove past my friend Chris’ place in EGV… proud owner of one of my stamped & soda-fired totem poles! And now, a great “small world” story with my friends Anna & Chris!

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Some beautiful spring flowers gracefully dancing in front of the one of my stamped & soda-fired totem poles down in Central Illinois… is there such a thing as #TotemPoleTuesday?!

And sure, there may have been a bit of April snow this morning…
but it looks like Spring is still holding strong!

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Looks like another beautiful, snow-covered day down in Peoria.
So cozy. So serene. So snowy. Until you look a little bit closer…
and what do you see???

Hidden deep inside the snowy branches…. still standing…

The new “replacement” totem pole that I made for Gerry & Rosene after their first totem pole got smashed by a falling tree! Luckily, it looks like this one is okay… but WHEW!!!… that was a close call!!! I think they might need to buy a lotto ticket with that kinda luck!

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It’s beginning to look LOT like Christmas!!!EVERYwhere you go! So festive & fun to see how one of my ceramic totem poles is now surrounded by Christmas Cheer!!! It’s a crazy mix of holiday fun out in the suburbs these days!!! Thanks Chris!

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Clear blue skies made a perfect opportunity for a beautiful afternoon bike ride! Including a stop at the totem pole at Lake Shore Drive & Addison… a favorite landmark for many Chicagoans!

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It was great to see my most recent totem pole still standing in the garden this past weekend… even though the plants have all withered away. The soda-fired colors are a nice contrast to the browns of the ground & bare trees. It will be especially fun to see it again when the snow starts to fall.

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Looks like one of my totem poles has taken on a festive Thanksgiving flair… but I might say that I think Chris now needs bigger pilgrims. HA!!!