Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Celebrating another MUGSHOT MONDAY with a quick reminder that there are several mugs still available in my ETSY Shop! Handmade pottery to enhance your morning ritual, whether coffee or tea… or hot chocolate with tons of marshmallows!!!… or even just marshmallows?!

Click here :

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My ETSY SHOP UPDATE has just gone LIVE!!!
Thirty handmade mugs just in time to celebrate Mugshot Monday!!!
Check it out… before they’re all gone!

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My ETSY Shop Update goes LIVE in just one hour!!!
I have thirty new stamped mugs ready to go… so set a timer for 6:00pm CST to check-in on ETSY and grab one before they’re gone!

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We’re celebrating another MUGSHOT MONDAY with a lot of mugs!!!…
also known as an ETSY Shop Update!

My ETSY site will be updated at 6:00pm CST tonight!
There will be only thirty mugs in the shop… so grab ’em quick!!!
Scroll through for a little preview before my ETSY site goes live in just five hours!!!

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Just a few of the mugs that will be going up for sale in tomorrow’s ETSY Shop update!!! I have thirty mugs ready to go off to new homes as soon as my ETSY Shop goes live at 6:00pm CST tomorrow!!!

Here’s the link… click it now, and “favorite” it before tomorrow’s big sale…

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Been working on measuring mugs this afternoon… important things like height & volume. Trying to get everything ready for tomorrow’s big ETSY Shop update! For now all thirty mugs are on my table with yellow post-it notes trying to keep track of everything!!!

There’s nothing currently in my ETSY Shop… but click here and “favorite” it now so it’s easier to navigate tomorrow when things go LIVE at 6:00pm CST. It’s gonna be first come, first serve!!!

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I’m kinda thinking it might be time for another online mug sale?! So today I’m enjoying the sun streaming through the window as I’m photographing a bunch of mugs! Mugshot Monday should be a nice day to kick-off my ETSY Store re-fresh… as long as I can stay focused and not get distracted by this sunny afternoon?!

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Just a quick reminder… my ETSY Store is still open & full of fun pottery! Stamped. Soda-fired. Glazed. But the current selection is scheduled to “close” this coming Monday 10/18/21. If you want to see the “full” selection, check it out this weekend… and add a few pieces to your collection!

When these products “expire” on ETSY next Monday, I will be re-stocking my shop with a much smaller selection of pieces! My plan is to refresh & replenish my ETSY Shop more frequently, but with smaller batches of pottery!

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With a quick reminder that I have plenty of handmade mugs currently in my ETSY Shop… including several of my new “handbuilt-wheelthrown-combo” mugs! Plenty of patterns, textures & soda-fired finishes for everyone!!! Feel free to check ’em out whenever you’ve got time…

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Looks like another ETSY purchase made its way to its forever home! A sweet stamped & yellow glazed bowl that looks like it’s already making its way to salad heaven! Plus a stamped & soda-fired mug that looks like it has already made a bunch of friends… and a “stacked” place of honor in an already booming Mug Collection!!!

Thanks for sharing Anita…
and it looks like you might need some more shelving?!!!

Don’t forget that my ETSY shop is always open if you need to add something to YOUR collection!!!…