Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Gray & gloomy in Chicago today.
Good day to finish up a batch of vases with some stamping & colored flashing slip
accents before teaching class tonight!

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Another batch of mugs in the making. Always making. Always my favorite.

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But why am I sitting here waiting for candy, donuts and cookies
to parachute down from the sky?!

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If you see it on the Internet, it’s got to be true, right?!
Well, I sure hope so… especially if these new OREO flavors
are indeed new and coming soon!!! Yes, yes, yes and YES please!!!

Special thanks to @candyhunting for “breaking the news” on Facebook!!!



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Some great patterns & color combinations on these painted tiles that I found
at BoHo on West Illinois Street while downtown this morning.

Might be good inspiration for some new stamps???


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My morning started out early at an empty Belmont Harbor.

It was another beautiful morning. Good clouds. Good color. Great ride.
Not too shabby as we get close to finishing out February, huh?!

And back again at Belmont Harbor… a bit brighter than it was a few miles earlier!

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This weekend I added another wonderful ceramic piece to my collection. I’ve known Corinne Peterson ever since I started taking pottery classes at Lillstreet Art Center. She’s been a staple amongst the Lillstreet Studio Members. She’s currently in the process of condo-downsizing, and had a wonderful “Moving Sale” which included a lot of her masterpieces. I got this great twosome with great colors & textures… part of what has made Corinne such a “celebrity” on the Chicago Art Scene!!!

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This afternoon I also threw a few other things…
see, I do make things other than mugs!!!

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One of the few “Animated Short Films” I actually had the chance to see before tonight when it won an Oscar!!! How often does THAT happen??? Usually you’ve never even heard of the short films!!!

Click here to see the Academy Award-winning “Animated Short Film” on YouTube.

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For those of you who saw the twenty balls of clay this afternoon and guessed “MUGS”… you know me too well. I realized that I’m kinda low on glazed mugs, so this batch of cylinders will soon become mugs and then be glazed, not soda-fired. Just filling inventory for the upcoming art fair season!!! And, you know how I love making mugs!!!