Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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So funny… who’da thunk that my little “morning sunrise addiction” would become an inspiration to someone else! Recently the Glenview Art League hosted a show for its members… encouraging them to do a painting on a 6″x 6″ canvas. Painter Sandy Sheagren used one of my sunrise photos as the visual reference for her entry in the show… so glad I could help Sandy! It looks beautiful!

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Another morning ride surrounded by crazy-cool splashing waves everywhere. I love when the morning sun catches the wave just right and kinda “illuminates” the splash!!! Timing is everything!!!

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Huge gusting winds blowing in off the lake this morning. Crazy cool waves splashing all around. Not much in the way of sunrise colors… but the waves & the gusts made it extra fun this morning!

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Finishing out the month with another beautiful sunrise. Just a few clouds floating out over the horizon… but enough to create another beautiful sunrise sky show!

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WOW! Crazy cool waves on a crazy cool morning!

It was down-right cold earlier today… mid-40’s!!! I had to pull out the gloves & jacket!!! Still worth it as the waves were crashing all around… as the clouds tried their best to make an even better show above the waves!

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Lots of clouds… very little sun! With one little gap along the horizon, the sun “almost” found it’s way out… creating a very short-lived sunrise show!

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After a couple mornings of humid cloudy-fogginess, it was great to finally see a beautiful sunrise again! It has been so foggy the past couple mornings that the TV news teams actually referred to it as “milky” along the lakefront?! But not today… back to BEAUTIFUL!!!

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So nice to finally see the sun again…. after quite a run of cloudy & gloomy gray days! Sure, there were still clouds, but they allowed the sun to come out & play today!

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Just another monochromatic morning. Not much chance for a sunrise this morning… looks like we’re gonna have another gray day!

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Well, there’s supposed to be a skyline in there somewhere?!!! Apparently not so much today. Dark, cloudy & a little misty in places. Not the best weather for those out riding “Bike The Drive’ this morning… as I was wondering why all of the Lake Shore Drive entrances were blocked off with blue flashing police lights this morning as I started my dark “lack-of-sunrise” ride???