Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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What a difference a little “focus” can make!

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Sure, it was freezing cold with a pretty strong wind… but I just HAD to get outside to play this morning! Enjoying a nice sunrise… even with all the warm layers on! Although I do think I need warmer gloves?!

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Finally a dry morning. Sure, it might have been a bit chilly in the thirties… but I was just happy that the streets & bike trail were dry. So I put on the layers and headed out for a cloudy bike ride. It looked like we were going to be clouded-out of a sunrise… but then, out of nowhere… we got an amazing little sky show under the cloud mass. Wonderful colors as the sun lit-up some of the smaller clouds as they blew by!

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Cloudy & cool… but not cold… and luckily the gusty winds have subsided. We never got an actual sunrise this morning, but it was good to see that some of the colored leaves are still on the trees after all the wind yesterday!

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Another clouded & chilly start to the morning. Beautiful cloud masses blowing through the City. We never quite saw the sun… but we got to see a lot of beauty all around & in front of it!!!

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Yesterday was sunny & warm… today, not so much!
Cloudy, dark, gloomy & cold… and yet still WINDY!!!
Lots of clouds obscuring the sunrise… just a bunch of clouds!!!

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Cloudy all morning, so I waited to ride my bike for the sun to come out later this afternoon. But with it came the WIND!!! So windy… so gusty… it might have been the “funnest” & funniest ride I’ve had for a long time. The wind was swirling everywhere… from the left side, right side, back side, front side! Blowing leaves off the trees sweeping across the path. Debris flying. Feeling like you might literally get blown over!!!

So much fun… but a bit sad watching the color on the trees literally blow away on what might be one of the last beautiful days of Fall… mwah, mwah, mwah….

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Lots of clouds for the sun to play with this morning… even if only for a few fleeting moments. We were rewarded with a stunning sunrise this morning… but now it looks like it might be clouds for the rest of the day?!

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So nice to have warm mornings back… good to go sleeveless jersey & bike shorts again! No gloves this morning. Just a serene pastoral haze that took awhile for the sun to burn through. But it came up like a big red rubber ball… reflections bouncing on the water!

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Hazy skies & crashing waves. A bit more of a chilling wind than I expected… you can definitely feel Fall in the air this morning.