Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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A short morning ride with a beautifully dramatic sunrise… cloudy… breezy… and then the rain came in cutting my ride short with a few miles to pedal home in the rain!

Categories: sunrise

Big sky with big clouds… and a BIG view sweeping all the way down to the City’s skyline!

Categories: bike, Chicago, sunrise

Lots of clouds for a very dramatic bike ride this morning.
Mostly clouds. Mostly wind. Mostly gray

Yet with a sudden splash of color… that lasted but a few minutes!

Categories: bike, Chicago, sunrise

So cloudy this morning without much chance for a real sunrise! The wind was strong, the waves were crashing & parts of the trail were already closed!!! But it was fighting the headwind all the way home that was the real challenge!

And then I turned around to head home… and into the wind… and yes, that flag is flying SIDEWAYS!!!

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What a difference a day makes…
same harbor without the low-flying clouds.
Just plenty of clear blue skies and a blazing orange sunrise!



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With a large layer of clouds flying low this morning, the sun never really had a chance!
Blocked for most of the sunrise, but finally made a comeback at the end.
At least we got some beautiful reflections at Belmont Harbor!

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The clear blue skies from the weekend were gone, as the clouds had definitely moved in this morning. Lots of drama & lots of potential for a great sunrise… but the timing just didn’t quite work. Too much cloud, not enough sun.

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Sure, this morning was pretty albeit a bit cloudy, wet & damp… but yesterday was STUNNING!!! With a kinda crazy half & half cloud thing going on for some pretty dramatic photos!

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And if that first panorama shot was “pretty”…
a couple minutes later it was STUNNING!!! Big sunrises need big photos!!!

Enjoy... I know I sure did.

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Big sky shows sometimes require a panoramic shot…
showing the clouds moving in and blowing across the horizon!