Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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A bit warmer, a bit earlier, and a bit darker. A lot of clouds this morning that didn’t quite fulfill their sunrise destiny until the final few moments… but it was WELL worth the wait!!! Oh yeah, and some nice waves to boot!

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Another beautiful morning along the Chicago lakefront. With one big cloud hanging out to the south. I kept hoping that the gusty winds would do something besides blow me around… like maybe blow that big cloud into the right position to light up the sky in beautiful sunrise colors. Came close… but not quite!

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So the sunrise may have been a bit underwhelming yesterday, but the waves were crashing and making some cool patterns along the breakwater walls.

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Another Sunday sunrise! Nothing too spectacular…
unless you like AMAZING “ribbons” of color flying low on the horizon!

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Another beautiful morning along the lakefront. I’m kind of enjoying the fact that the Chicago Marathon & Triathlon season is over… so all of those people “training” have packed it in and it seems like I pretty much have the ENTIRE bike path to myself!!! Plus, the construction is coming along nicely… we should be able to ride the bike trail straight through without missing patches of pavement just in time for Winter!!!

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BRRRR!!!! Yep, it’s a COLD morning out there today.
Summer is DEFINITELY over as I piled on the layers this morning…
including pants, wool socks and winter gloves!!! With the clouds in the sky,
and not much of a sunrise to speak of… it even looked cold!!!

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Another dramatic sunrise bike ride. Lots of clouds all lining up with a lot of potential…
thanks to the strong headwind that made it a bit more challenging!
Well worth the extra effort when all of the elements came together
and the sky lit-up in full & amazing sunrise color!!!


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After a hot & sunny weekend in Bloomington, it was nice to have a cool Fall morning for biking along the lakefront… a nice “flat” ride after all those hills!!!


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Another windy morning… the ride south was FANTASTIC with the strong tailwind. Riding back home, not so much. But the dark clouds blowing through with a sliver of color below made it all worthwhile … and who doesn’t like a little morning challenge anyway?!