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Adding a few “details & accents” to the bowls that I made Monday night as part of our class demo. The goal is to turn these into berry bowls in class next week. But before I can do that… I just HAD TO add a little sumthin’-sumthin’ to them!!!

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And since we were already playing with black & white slip last night… ya’ gotta love a good spiral. This was an ombre’ blend from black to white slip, and then I dragged a tool through it for the spiral. I especially LOVE the very center… that round drop and the tiny tail that swirls out from it!!

And in case you were wondering… it’s just the inside of a bowl.
However, this one won’t become a berry bowl like the others. I like the spiral too much to punch holes through it!!!

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My demo last night was back to bowls… but as most of my Intermediate Wheel students have already seen my “full-blown bowl demo,” so we kept it simple. Our real goal is to tackle berry bowls next week… trimming & drilling holes… so last night was just a quick demo and a bigger stepping stone towards next week!

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Looks like Jody has made her Sunday a little more festive!
With peppermint ice cream & chocolate sauce… in a pretty little bowl!

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Doing a little cooking today and it seems I’m getting a little low on my garlic?! Only a few cloves to go before this stamped bowl is empty. Looks like I might be doing some grocery shopping tomorrow, as my breath might be a little stinky tonight… but in the best way possible!

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Don’t you love when the sun shines in your window and it hits just right?.. making the coolest shadows & patterns. I just wish that sun would have stayed around a bit longer… welcome back to a Wintery day & a Wintery GRAY!!!

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It’s cold outside, I’m working at home today and I’m down to my last S’mores Pop from MAURIE’S SWEET SHOPPE in Eureka, Illinois! Pretty good guess it’s not going to survive the day… as a quick 8-seconds in the microwave makes it all gooey & fluffy like a good s’more should be!!!

Quick thought… these S’mores Pops would make great stocking stuffers!!!

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This summer I reunited with a couple of my best friends from High School! They surprised me by showing up at ART IN THE GARDEN in August… completely unexpected! I haven’t seen them for YEARS!!! It was such a sweet surprise to see Anna & Jenn and their families right there in my art fair booth… SURPRISE!!! Especially their adorable Mom who has know me since our High School days!

So it’s extra special to see Mom’s display of my pottery pieces on her table (along with a Cory McCrory plate!)… but it’s the baby photos of Anna & Jenn that kill me!!! Could that BE any cuter… let’s just say they’re both several decades older now… but still just as cute!!!

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‘Tis the season for red & green… as we head into Day Two of my limited-access & socially-distant HOLIDAY HOME SHOW! Wear your mask and buy some pottery for everyone on your holiday shopping list… and maybe a thing or two for yourself as well?! You deserve it… it’s been a rough year!

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We’re kicking off DAY NINE of my TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS POTTERY SALE featuring twelve stamped bowls. Perfect for holiday gatherings within your “bubble”… or as holiday gifts to others. All of the bowls are food-safe & dishwasher-safe.

Just scroll through the “official” Photo Album on my Fire When Ready Pottery Facebook page and if you see a stamped bowl you want, be the first person to put a Comment of “MINE” in the Comments section of that one! I will then follow-up with a confirmation & a Facebook Message with further details. It’s that easy!!!

Click HERE to go to my Fire When Ready Pottery Facebook page.

So start shopping… be the first to claim your stamped bowl… and then come back each day for a different pottery selection. Each of the twelve days will feature a different “category” with twelve new pieces up for sale first-come, first-serve only on my Facebook page… with a very SPECIAL event on Day Twelve!!!

At the end of each of the “12 days”… any unclaimed pottery will be added to My Online Pottery Store on my website … so you can still shop anytime, even if it’s on the “wrong day” of this pottery sale!!!