Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Looks like Kristy is cooking up something SPICY for dinner… all the spices for a batch of Middle Eastern Lamb Stew! I can almost smell the savoriness from here!!! Thanks for sharing Kristy!

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So then THIS happened on Instagram!

Perhaps this is one step closer to becoming an official “OREO Influencer”???… instead of just some yahoo who just posts a lot of pictures of cookies?! Dare to dream, right?!

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Now with serving cutlery, my GREAT LILLSTREET THROWDOWN class put their new serving bowl sets together for critique & judging. It was so great to see how they all came together. Some people focused more on the basics of their sets & how the pieces all work together… while others relied more on surface decoration techniques to pull it all together. I can’t wait to see how these sets turn out… as their final “judging” will be in Week 9 of class after they’re all glazed!!!

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So the GREAT LILLSTREET THROWDOWN just completed its second week of “Season Five”!!! And here’s an update… so for the first class challenge, my new “contestants” had to throw a 3-pound serving bowl. They then had to pass it two people to their left… and then that person had to throw another bowl to MATCH the first bowl they just received! Not an easy challenge… and not the last part of the challenge either!!!

After they had two bowls, they then passed them both back to the first person who threw the original bowl… and it was their homework challenge to trim, refine, decorate, “whatever” to make them all MATCHY-MATCHY!!! So here are some of the entries… many using some colored slips to force the matching-ness! But it was Tracy who won the challenge with some straight-on trimming & refining of her two plain & unadorned bowls!!!

More to come…

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The holidays might be over… but it looks like Walt is still indulging in a bit holiday candy! Only a few more pieces… and then Maryann can put her new favorite stamped bowl away!

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Looks like there’s some healthy greens down in Bartonville! Keeping the New Year healthy with steamed veggies… perfect in a handmade stamped bowl!

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Thanks to my friend Jen for sharing her healthy salad with all of us. Mixing a large salad and serving it to her family… all in my stamped bowls! She even mentioned that maybe I should make some custom salad tongs (my version) to sell with my larger serving bowls!

Would anyone be interested if that were to happen? Thoughts???

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Who knew that I could feed my Thin Mint “addiction” even when the Girl Scouts aren’t in cookie selling mode?! NOT ME!!!

At least until I received this great “care package” Christmas gift from my cousins in Minnesota! They knew it would be a hit… as their daughter Caroline used to be my “Thin Mint Hook-up” back when she was still a Girl Scout!

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Looks like Matthew has started his New Year off on the right foot… eating healthy with fresh greens in a homemade broth. A bit too GREEN for my liking… as I’m still trying to “finish up” my holidays. Too many sweets, too many treats!!! My holiday “fun” will come to an end on Monday when I get back to my normal routine! ugh.

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After a long string of home shows, dinners, treats, cheesecakes, holidays, get-togethers & more… looks like I suddenly have a stack of handmade bowls in my kitchen straight from the dishwasher to celebrate another Texture Tuesday!