Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Just in case you somehow “missed” hearing about this…
ART IN THE GARDEN is this weekend! A wonderful grassroots art fair pulled together by a group of talented friends! This year we have twelve artists showing off their work, sharing their skills and putting out some fun collaboration projects along the way! It’s one of the most special art fairs of the entire summer! All of the fun kicks off in about an hour… hope you can join us!

Saturday 9/11 & Sunday 9/12 from 10:00am-5:00pm
For more info –

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Always good to see some of my pottery being used… covered with cheese and looking YUMMY!!! Remember, all of my pottery is food-safe & dishwasher-safe. So you can add some pottery into your everyday life… and then just throw it in the dishwasher!!! Thanks for sharing the pics Rosene!

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Looks like my friend Rhonda has been enjoying the “fruits of her labors” with a small harvest of fresh red tomatoes. Looking even more appetizing in a green glazed berry bowl with a fun altered & textured rim!

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Meanwhile, back at camp… last week in my morning Wheelthrowing Camp, it looks like I might have a young protege in the making?!!! My summer campers were trimming & decorating their wheelthrown pots on Friday, and suddenly Umah started making this gem of a stamped bowl.

She may have a few more years to go…
but maybe she’ll make a great apprentice some day???

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Looks like Rhonda has brought in some fresh basil from the garden… washed it off in a handmade berry bowl and getting ready to make something YUMMY!!!

Thanks for sharing your “freshly-cleaned produce” Rhonda!

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Vibrant colors & yummy flavors. A beautiful summer salad… served in a vibrant blue bowl. With just a bit of stamping along the rim of the bowl to really make it POP!!! Thanks for sharing your colorful salad creation with us Kristy!

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Apparently the Glenview Summer Art Fair was featured in the Daily Herald newspaper this weekend. And it appears as though there just may be some pottery featured in the article! Kind of exciting… especially as it seems like she’s REALLY enjoying my work!!!

For the full article, click here… and then click on “Show More Pictures”…

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I’ve kinda been on a bowl-making kick lately!
Trying to replenish the supply for upcoming art fairs. Sure, this one is still wet under plastic… but there will be plenty of other serving bowls ready to go to their new forever-homes tomorrow during the Glenview Summer Art Fair!

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Another bowl with more stamping to make it more fun! While this specific one might not make it to the art fair this weekend, there are plenty of other ones that will be done & glazed in time!!! Mark your calendar for the Glenview Summer Art Fair this weekend!!!

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A fun little set of stamped bowls… maybe for a little ice cream???
While they may not be identical twins, they are surely close cousins!