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A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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A little closer detail of tonight’s quickie bowl stamping session.
The four bowls stamped… and the stamps that did the work!





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Did a little stamping tonight in the studio… four smaller bowls.
Simple… yet quite dramatic with that side lighting!!!

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And for those who don’t do Easter at all… HAPPY SPRING!
It’s still a perfect chance to appreciate the warmer weather, the new spring growth & the early flowers popping up everywhere! Here’s an amazing collection of hellebores gathered by my friend Yuki presented & floating in one of my stamped bowls. I love the colors, textures & patterns of Yuki’s collection – thanks for sharing!!!

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A wonderful day to celebrate with whatever makes you happy. Some go the religious route, while others don’t. Some go with hidden eggs, while others of us go straight to the candy! Some go to church & family gatherings, while others of us will be out playing on their bike all day!!! Whatever you choose, here’s to another great day!

Here’s MY Easter basket filled with favorites waiting for after a good long ride… and who knew OREO made eggs???

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Looks like Tracy is all decked-out for the Easter Bunny already… with her new green basket-bowl & cobalt blue sgraffito platter framing the colorful & “egg-citing” festivities!!!

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Looks like an Easter Bunny in Pennsylvania has been busy decorating eggs! Pretty pastel colors in a vibrant green stamped bowl! Thanks for sharing Jody!

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After soda-firing, my chain looks great with some flashing marks to help accentuate the textures on some of the links. Might not be what all of the metalsmiths expected from a chain challenge… but I think I succeeded again! Yeah, I’ll show them!!! HA!!!

#2021chainchallenge – #handmadechain – #chainlinks2021

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Hop ‘on over for the EASTER BUNNY POP-UP SALE!!! They just went on sale TODAY at 9:00am CST. Be the first to scoop up a basket or two for the season. I’ll ship them out right away so you should have them in time for Easter next weekend! They’re perfect for Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies or Spring flowers!

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Click through the pictures to see all eleven baskets on Facebook. Just be the first person to add a Comment of “MINE” in the Facebook Comment Section of the basket you want… and then I’ll send you a Facebook Message with more details & purchasing information. It’s that easy. Each ceramic basket bowl is $85 which includes packing & shipping within the contiguous US. I “hop”… err, I mean “hope” you like them! They were fun to make… and should brighten any Spring or Easter Day!

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Remember, these Easter Basket bowls go on sale this morning – but ONLY on my Fire When Ready Pottery Facebook page! Click here to go there now!

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A tisket, a tasket… time to grab a ceramic basket !!!

EASTER BUNNY POP-UP SALE… tomorrow morning at 9:00am CST only here on my Fire When Ready Pottery Facebook page! Hop on over and grab a basket for your Easter Eggs, chocolate bunnies or Spring flowers!

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My new Spring basket bowls are ready for tomorrow’s EASTER BUNNY POP-UP SALE only on my Fire When Ready Pottery Facebook page. Perfect for collecting Spring flowers… or even better, perhaps some colorful Easter Eggs?! Come back tomorrow morning at 9:00am CST for the hoppin’ big sale!!!

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