Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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So last night I was part of a great ZOOM call… FOUR MAKERS making plans for a fun “sculpture show” coming up next Spring in Evanston, Illinois. I will be joining three of “My Talented Friends” for a show on March 3rd, 4th & 5th, 2023. We’re planning a great show with artwork & collaborations by metalsmith Sarah Chapman, metal sculptor Darlys Ewoldt & glass fuser Robin Kittleson. Not quite sure yet what I’ll be making for a “sculpture” show… but you know how I LOVE a good challenge! Mark your calendars now!

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Well, the time has come… I’m headed out to Barrington to start setting up today. I have a DOUBLE booth at ART IN THE BARN… so it takes a couple trips to get all of my pottery & shelving out there! It’s going to be a busy day of shlepping & setting up in the Lower Barn. Gotta make it look good for everyone planning on coming out this weekend… Saturday & Sunday from 10:00-5:00pm. Hope to see you there!

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We had such a great time at ART IN THE GARDEN a couple weeks ago… and it looks like some of my biggest “fans” did too!!! HA!!! Allison has quite a collection of my work… so fun to have such loyal friends & customers! She’s always so supportive of her artist friends.

And this weekend is a perfect chance for me to meet more “friends” at ART IN THE BARN!!! C’mon by!

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My biggest art fair of the season is less than a week away!!! Yep, I have a DOUBLE BOTH next weekend at ART IN THE BARN! Twice as much pottery, twice as much fun… and a lot of shelving for me to transport back & forth!!! Mark your calendar… it’s a great art fair all decked out for Fall… complete with clay pumpkins & the newest addition to The Ghouls Collection! I’ll be in my usual space in the Lower Barn booth E4 & E6. Hope to see you there… and bring a friend!!!

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The real THANKS needs to go to metalsmith Amy Taylor & husband Tom who hosted ART IN THE GARDEN this past weekend. All the while knowing that we might mess up their yard… and the Sunday storms really didn’t help any.They were gracious enough to let us leave our wet tents & shelves in their yard to dry out before packing up. So nice… and when I got there last night to pack my tent, I noticed that Tom had already re-seeded my worn spot in their beautiful yard!!! Again, so nice of them to let us use their garden every year… and special “thanks” to all of my customers who helped wear down this bare spot! Ha!!!

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Huge THANKS to everyone who came out this past weekend for ART IN THE GARDEN in Glenview! We all had a wonderful time sharing our artwork, our collaborations, chatting with friends & customers…. and I sent a lot of pottery off to new homes! Okay sure, maybe Sunday was a “little” rainy… but we were troopers and stayed open through the storms & truly appreciate those who came by on Sunday with umbrellas in tow. Thanks to everyone for making this another successful year at ART IN THE GARDEN.

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Okay, so the garden might be a little wet… but ART IN THE GARDEN is still open today until 5:00pm! C’mon by to see some art, chat with the artists & maybe do a little shopping!! And maybe bring an umbrella…

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A huge THANKS to everyone who came out for ART IN THE GARDEN yesterday. We had a great time in Amy’s idyllic garden with beautiful weather all day. Such a great setting for a wonderful show. The weather forecast for today does not seem quite so ideal… but we will still be out there from 10:00am-5:00pm so c’mon by with your umbrella! I mean, pottery only looks better when it’s wet!!!

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Stopped by the local Farmers Market to pick-up some beautiful flowers for my art fair booth this weekend. You know I love a beautiful dahlia with such great structure, texture, repetition of petals & colors! Can’t wait to show them off in some of my pottery this weekend at ART IN THE GARDENcuz’ you need flowers in a garden, right?!

And huge thanks to the folks from Vangies Farm for coming to the Farmers market to share their flowers… while watching them pull together beautiful arrangements & bouquets right there on the spot!

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You know they’re my favorite thing to make… so of course I’ll have PLENTY of stamped & soda-fired mugs at ART IN THE GARDEN this weekend. Guaranteed to make your morning coffee or tea taste so much better!