Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Well, the weekend is finally getting here…. as is SPRING!!! So it’s perfect timing for the PLANTS & POTTERY POP-UP SALE! Lots of homegrown plants & handmade pottery to decorate your home, garden, office… anywhere! & everywhere!! This Friday & Saturday from 9:00am-4:00pm in Bartonville, Illinois! C’mon down…

2314 Skyway Road, Bartonville, Illinois 61607

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PLANTS & POTTERY POP-UP… I see a sign….
something BIG must be happening!!!!

Today & tomorrow from 9:00am-4:00pm.
Plenty of plants & pottery for everyone!

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Start your “tour” at the Sandwich stop for the NORTHERN ILLINOIS POTTERY TOUR… just one month away!!! We’ll have plenty of pottery & fun for everyone… including a wide range of textures & patterns!!! Which we’re celebrating today for another TEXTURE TUESDAY!!!

Saturday, June 11th & Sunday, June 12th

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It’s finally Spring… and it’s finally time for pretty plants!!! This Friday & Saturday is our second annual PLANTS & POTTERY POP-UP SALE down in Bartonville, Illinois… near Peoria! Hundreds of homegrown plants for your garden, patios & home… and plenty of pottery for everyone! Be sure to share with your friends!

2314 Skyway Road, Bartonville, IL 61607
Friday, May 13th & Saturday, May 14th – 9:00am-4:00pm

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This weekend was the St. Croix Valley Pottery Tour! So great to go up for the tour – finally back in-person after two years of “virtualness” due to the pandemic. So much wonderful pottery everywhere, as well as time to chat with the potters. Time to touch the pottery, bask in the creativity, and to take some inspiration & ideas back home… as well as a “few” purchases along the way! We had amazing weather with beautiful blue skies and wonderful Spring temps in the 70’s!!! Huge THANKS to all of the studio hosts, the organizers and all of the potters who participate in this wonderful event… it’s a HUGE undertaking and they make it look so smooth & seamless! Kudos to you all!!!

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Celebrating another MUGSHOT MONDAY by featuring a bunch of great mugs!!! All made by the six artists who will be featured at the Sandwich stop of the NORTHERN ILLINOIS POTTERY TOUR. Be sure to stop by to see beautiful pottery by our host Cory McCrory, as well as Nancy Gardner, Linda Kiepke, Kenyon Hansen, Lindsey Heiden, and ME!!! We’re just six weeks away… still enough time to make some more mugs!!!

Saturday, June 11th & Sunday, June 12th

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HAPPY EASTER… and enjoying this hidden bunny amongst the coleus garden! Just a reminder that I will be doing a PLANTS & POTTERY POP-UP SALE in the Peoria area on Friday, May 13th & Saturday, May 14th. Plenty of homegrown coleus, hostas, annuals & houseplants… along with lots of pottery!!! More details to come!

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Time to mark your calendars… we’re just nine weeks away from the NORTHERN ILLINOIS POTTERY TOUR! I will be playing with my pottery friend Cory McCrory at her studio location in Sandwich, Illinois… along with fellow ceramicists Linda Kiepke, Nancy Gardner, Kenyon Hansen & Lindsay Heiden. Put us on your calendar for a fun weekend road trip for some pottery fun!!!

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So much fun hanging with my friend & master metalsmith Sarah Chapman this afternoon… after her pop-up gallery show in Evanston this weekend. She makes such cool stuff… so talented, so creative. You should definitely check out her work… and then come see her this spring at the One-Of-A-Kind Show in Chicago!!!

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Only four SHAMROCK MUGS left!!!

Thanks to everyone who rushed in to get one, or two, or four!!! If you’re still interested… scroll back on my Fire When Ready Pottery Facebook page for the post that shows all twenty mugs to see the ones that are currently available… mug #3, mug #6, mug #10 & mug #14. And once they’re gone, that’s it for the season! ☘️