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While many of us are tying to finish art fair applications and “finalizing” our summer schedule, word on the street says that the Evanston Lakeshore Arts Festival has been discontinued. After 43 years, they have decided to cease with producing the art fair. No official word as to why… nor any direct announcement to their artists… just a simple “discontinued” message on their website. So after nearly a decade of playing on the lakefront, enjoying my beautiful “backyard” booth view of the Lake, and chatting with my North Shore clients … mwah, mwah mwahNO MORE FUN IN EVANSTON!!!

So, for those of you who used to stop by and shop in Evanston, please plan accordingly. And if anyone out there has any recommendations for a “new-to-me” art fair that I should consider, please let me know. Unfortunately, a lot of application deadlines have already passed. But maybe there’s a way to squeeze something in still.

Thanks to all of my Evanston Peeps for a decade of fun at the Evanston Lakeshore Arts Festival. I hope to see you “somewhere” in the very near future!!!



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Huge thanks to everyone who came out yesterday for MUD & METAL.
My second Holiday Home Show was a great success… good friends, great stories, and lots of pottery leaving in shopping bags & boxes! I’m hoping that some of those pots will be found under someone’s tree in two weeks… unless everyone decides to keep their purchases for themselves. And that’s okay too! Merry Christmas to YOU!!!

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The weather forecast looks pretty good for MUD & METAL today!
Chilly, but no snow until later into tonight. And to celebrate… the very first person to walk into my condo singing “Let It Snow, Let It Snow” will get a FREE MUG!!! This second Holiday Home Show runs from 10:00am-6:00pm.

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The Second Holiday Hone Show starts in a hour.
Anyone who comes to my condo today and shows me this INSTAGRAM photo
on their phone’s Instagram Feed gets a FREE Christmas Tree ornament!
Whoo-hoo… let the games begin!!!



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Some new lidded jars looking for a good home!
Stop by Saturday at my place for MUD & METAL between 10:00am and 6:00pm
to get one before they’re gone!



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A quick reminder that THIS SATURDAY is my final Holiday Show.
It’s the second Holiday Home Show… this time with my friend & Talented metalsmith Amy Taylor. It’s the perfect chance to swing by my condo and cross a few names off your holiday shopping list!!!

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So I’ve been rushing around this week trying to get everything set-up for this Saturday’s Second Holiday Home Show. I’ve even glazed and fired a cone six glaze kiln just to replenish the shelves!!! I unloaded the kiln tonight… always fun to see the bright pop of colors in a cone six firing. A stark contrast to the earthy colors of a soda kiln firing. And I’m pretty pleased with how the glazes I’ve made are not only nice colors, but are also breaking & highlighting the stamped patterns really well.

Mark your calendar for THIS SATURDAY for “Mud & Metal” A Collaborative Holiday Home Show. It’s at my place this Saturday from 10:00am-6:00pm!


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So we’ve just gone “LIVE” on Facebook with the annual “St. Nick’s Day Online Sale.” Just go to my Facebook pottery page to shop and claim your mug. The first person to Comment within the Photo Album will claim their mug. They’re $50 each which includes shipping & handling (withing the contiguous US please.)

Click here to go directly to my Facebook Pottery page… and then click “FOLLOW”…

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Now that we’re into December and thinking about holiday gift giving, it’s time to mark your calendar for next Saturday. It’s another Holiday Home Show with my friend & guest artist Amy Taylor joining me for the day. Looks like it’s pottery and jewelry for everyone on your holiday gift list!



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Mark you calendars and make your holiday shopping lists!!!
We’ve got another Holiday Home Show coming up. This time with my friend
and talented metalsmith Amy Taylor. More details to come!