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Packing up some of my handmade beads to send off to Kristin & Lynda! They’re both going to work their “magic” by somehow incorporating them into their work. It’s always so much fun to see how these collaborations come together for ART IN THE GARDENI can’t wait to see what they do!!!

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Digging through my inventory of handmade & soda-fired beads… thinking their might be a “collaboration” or two in here??? ART IN THE GARDEN is coming quick… gotta get my act together so my friends have time to get their parts done too!

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MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!! August 29th & 30th, 2020.

Just four weeks away we’re hosting another ART IN THE GARDEN!!!
The garden is twice as large this year so there’s plenty of room for social-distancing & safe shopping! It’s one of only two outdoor art fairs that I’m able to do this year… so please keep it safe, wash your hands and you MUST wear a mask!!!

It’s one of the most fun art fairs as several of us like to do one-of-a-kind collaboration projects to “reveal” at the show. You can see many of us making things in our studios to get ready… and maybe get a glimpse of a collaboration or two if you look close. Check out the list of my talented friends in the Comments and follow them all on social media.

Click here to follow ART IN THE GARDEN on Facebook… as more details, picture s& information will start to appear over the next few weeks!

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We’ve just heard from the Hinsdale Chamber of Commerce that their Summer Fine Art Fair is back ON!!! They had postponed it from mid-June to mid-August with the hope that things would settle down enough to host an outdoor art fair. They’ve created a complete socially-distant plan with fewer artist booths, plenty of space between them, single-direction sidewalks, and a lot more safety measures to keep the artists & customers safe. I’m sure there will be more details to come for all of us… but mark your calendars now for August 15th & 16th!!!

And a chance to see some friendly faces getting outside & buying art!

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Just one hour left… I’m starting to assemble the “official” POP-UP POTTERY SALE Photo Album that I’ll post only on my Fire When Ready Pottery Facebook page at 7:00pm CST.

Once it’s LIVE… the first person to comment with “MINE” in the Comment Section of a single photo gets that pot! It’s first come, first serve… and a bit old-school. But it seems to work for me… as everyone can see what’s been claimed already, and what is still available.

You’ve seen a lot of previews today…
we’ve got just about an hour until the shopping begins! WHOO-HOO!!!

Click HERE to go right to my Facebook page!!!

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Feeling blue on a beautiful Sunday afternoon?!
Maybe a new blue handmade mug would cheer you up?
My POP-UP POTTERY SALE starts in just three hours only on my Fire When Ready Pottery Facebook page!

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Bright colors for Spring! We’ve all been quarantined in gloom & doom… and it’s time to burst out with a pop of color! My POP-UP POTTERY SALE starts in six hours only on my Fire When Ready Pottery Facebook page! This time around it’s mugs, berry bowls and sgraffito bowls & platters! All in fun bright colors!!!

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Just seven hours away… the kick-off of my POP-UP POTTERY SALE only on my Fire When Ready Pottery Facebook page!!! Come back at 7:00pm CST to see the official Photo Album when I post it. The first person to claim a piece on the photo in that album gets it! Easy-peezy…

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Just twelve hours away… the kick-off of today’s online pottery sale ONLY on my Fire When Ready Pottery Facebook page!

I was supposed to be selling outdoors under my tent in Hinsdale this weekend… but sadly that’s not happening! So instead we’re going online with some new bright & colorful work for Spring! Starting at 7:00pm CST tonight on my Facebook page… so be sure to set a reminder, click in and do some shopping before your favorite mug is gone!!!

Click here to go right to my Fire When Ready Pottery Facebook page!

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Lots of holes means lots of drainage for these colorful BERRY BOWLS!!! These will also be part of my pop-up pottery sale online on my Fire When Ready Pottery Facebook page starting tomorrow night at 7:00pm CST… Sunday 6/7/20.

Limited quantities… available ONLY on my Facebook page… grab ’em quick!!!