Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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For many years, my friends Cory & Amy have been singing the praises of Hooey Batiks! And this weekend I finally got a good chance to chat with Jill of Hooey Batiks. As I not only got my first Hooey T-Shirt… but we also started planning a fun collaboration project as Jill will be joining us this summer for ART IN THE GARDEN!!!

You know how I LOVE a good collaboration.. and a beautiful tie-dye…
errr, well Batik… but who’s counting?!

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Part of the PRAIRIE VIEW ARTS INVITATIONAL is a benefit for their Youth OutReach Program. So they do a lot of events, fundraising, raffles, bake sales & more for them. They also set up this really cute Angel Wing photo-op… which was just around the corner from my booth. Great fun to watch people stopping by to take their Selfies!

And although my parents have pretty much “retired” from the art fair circuit, and I’m now flying solo, it was great to have them stop by to say Hi to everyone! I know I love having them around… and so many of my other artist friends look forward to seeing them too. My parents have a huge part of my art fair operation for so many years, and now everyone asks about them if they’re not there! Well, that, and my Mom’s homemade cookies!!!

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The PRAIRIE VIEW ARTS INVITATIONAL is a great little art fair out in Naperville. Great people putting together a great event… so many little perks along the way! One of my favorite “perks” is that they offer up HomeStays for their artists! They set us up with a local who is willing to set us up for the night. So much better to drive 4 minutes to their house instead of 90 minutes back home! And then another 4 minutes back the next morning.

This year I got set-up with the same HomeStay as last year. Unfortunately, my host found out that she was going to be out-of-town this weekend. However, she was gracious enough to give me a key to her house and welcomed be stay there by myself. A beautiful huge house all to myself?! I left her a little gift, but sadly didn’t get to see her this time around.

So a HUGE THANK YOU to Ann for letting me use her place this weekend!


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If you come out to Naperville today for the art fair, you’ll also see some beautiful stained glass pieces by Retta Hentschel… she’s my neighbor this time around!!!

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Ready for a great Saturday at the PRAIRIE VIEW ARTS INVITATIONAL
today until 4:00pm. I’ve restocked the shelves… and these are the last of the new sgraffito pieces!!! For now any way… pretty sure I’ll be making more!!!

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Thanks to everyone who came out to PRAIRIE VIEW ARTS tonight!
I had a great time… especially when two women stopped by and started picking out some of my “relic rattles.” Which they found out was a bit tougher to choose their “favorites”… so they sat down, settled in and whooped it up for quite awhile! So much fun watching them having so much fun!!!


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All set up and ready to go!
Swing by Naperville tonight or tomorrow for the PRAIRIE VIEW ARTS INVITATIONAL.
There are so many great artists here… so many of them are My Talented Friends!
Always fun to hang out with my art peeps!

C’mon by for some pottery, just to say HI… or to grab a yummy taco from the Taco Truck outside!!!


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So I just unloaded one last kiln before this weekend’s PRAIRIE VIEW ARTS INVITATIONAL… and I kinda “promised” pictures of the glazed sgraffito platters that I showed in process a couple days ago. Well, here they are… and I’m kind of surprised & enamored by the amber tenmoku ones. I’m diggin’ em! Keep in mind there aren’t that many… just multiple shots & angles of a few… so plan your shopping accordingly! If they go well this weekend I’m pretty sure there will be more in future kilns!!!

And again, here’s the show information if you want to head out to Naperville to kick-off your art fair shopping season!

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Just finished glazing & loading a bunch of new pots for this weekend’s art fair invitational in Naperville… including a few of these new porcelain sgraffito platters that will be making their BIG ART FAIR DEBUT this weekend! Just a few pieces with the new sgraffito style, so come early!!! Here they are shown both bisqued & glazed… I’ll try to show a comparison photo after the glaze firing too!

Platter One

Platter Two

Platter Three

And here’s some info about this weekend’s art fair… come early for tacos too!!!
Click here for more information for the PRAIRIE VIEW ARTS INVITATIONAL.

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Cleaned & waxed… ready for a quick night of glazing.
Just one final glaze kiln before this weekend’s art fair in Naperville…
this Friday night & all day Saturday!