Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Hard to believe that we’re already in the last week of Summer Camp… ending on a high note with my favorite CHESS CAMP!!! With each kid making their own thematic chess set out of terra cotta! Lots of parts… lots of pieces… and hopefully a LOT of “scoring & slipping”. If not, we’re going to be in a LOT of trouble as these pieces start to dry!

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Looks like Cory McCrory has started adding a splash of color to her pieces in her studio! Can’t wait to see how these get finished… and how they’ll work together with my parts of this collaboration project. One of the best parts of ART IN THE GARDEN is the collaborations between a bunch of talented friends! A fun grassroots art fair in Glenview, Illinois… coming soon on September 11th & 12th.

For more info in ART IN THE GARDEN

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I always love a good studio process shot… like these sweet cups coming along in Cory McCrory’s studio! Looks like they now have bottoms… moving along nicely for our collaboration project!

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So it looks like my pottery pal & “collaboration cohort in crime” Cory McCrory has been working in her studio making some parts & pieces for our ART IN THE GARDEN collaboration project. I love her handbuilt pieces with wonderful textures & whimsy!

Can’t wait to see how these pieces come together… and now I guess I need to start making MY part of the collaboration too, huh?!

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And just when you thought young Cullen’s handbuilt mugs couldn’t get any cuter… we painted them with colored slip on Friday. We finished off this week of summer camp with such focus & determination… making his family the perfect gifts!!!

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Just received a new carved rolling pin from Elaine Diamond at Vermont Pottery Works @epdiamond! Ready to give it a test run!!! It worked great… with nice crisp lines & patterns. But I kinda like the overlapping & interaction of patterns… so I embellished a bit more with two other rollers. More is more, right?!

For more about these carved rolling pins, click here to check out Elaine’s website!

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With some colored slips, the kids’ handbuilt mugs really came together today! They finished up detailing their handbuilt mugs, and then added a layer of colored slips to bring them to life. After they’re bisque fired, a layer of clear glaze will make then shiny & a bit more colorful. So much fun to see these projects come together with some great Summer Campers!!!

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On Thursday, my morning summer campers did a handbuilding project… making handbuilt slab mugs with a theme! I challenged them to make two mugs that “go together” to tell a creative story… like day & night… like fire & water… like Harry Pottery & Voldemort!!! They may look a little “crusty” & “smudgey” right now, but I’m confident that when we add some colored slips they’ll all come together. I mean, they’re so cute already…

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For our SCULPTURE CAMP “Gallery Show,” the kids got their sculptural flowerpots back from the kiln… and then we planted each of them with a flowering kalanchoe plant. A bright pop of color to brighten up the Gallery Show at Lillstreet!

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One of my summer campers today made her own potted cactus… guaranteed NOT to die!!! She threw the flowerpot on the wheel, and then handbuilt the cactus. She connected the two & then painted them with colored slips. What a great idea… well done Sophia!