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Just sharing a little TEXTURE TUESDAY flashback… back to last week when Pam posted this for her Texture Tuesday post! And flashing back even further to wonderful memories of her amazing Northwoods cabin, the beautiful lake, the tranquility, serenity and the fun of leaving behind a handmade ceramic leaf for her to find!!!

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It’s always fun to see student work on the carts at Lillstreet where your “influence” can be seen! Darcy took my online stamp-making workshop a couple months ago… and has clearly been giving her new stamps a little workout! These look GREAT Darcy!!! Keep it up… but be careful, it’s a VERY slippery slope!!!

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Looks like Cory has one last batch of colorful fun to wash with underglazes, glaze & fire quickly for this weekend at ART IN THE GARDEN. I’ve been enamored with Cory McCrory, her work, her textures & her whimsy ever since we met at the Hinsdale Fine Arts Fair several years ago… and we’ve been fast friends ever since! So much fun to have talented friends!!!

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What a difference a little underglaze can make?!!!
A whimsical “paint-job” by my “cohort in collaborations” Cory McCrory on her bowls for this weekend at ART IN THE GARDEN. We’ve been working on this little project for awhile now… and now we’re both in our final kiln firings!!! Getting ready to put our collaboration pieces together in Glenview for every one to see!

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With ART IN THE GARDEN this weekend… we’ve all been scrambling to get our work ready, especially our collaboration projects!!! Part of what makes this show so special. And it looks like Cory has been working on building and putting some finishing touches on her part of our collaboration project – racing to get everything into a kiln!!! Can’t wait to see everything when it all comes together this Saturday & Sunday in Glenview!

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Not to be outdone… looks like my “cohort in collaboration” Cory McCrory has been working on her small plates too?! Looks like this collaboration is coming together nicely!!! Lots of parts & pieces in the works!!!

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Looks like Cory was busy in her studio yesterday working on some of the parts of our collaboration project for ART IN THE GARDEN. We’re each making pieces that will “somehow” come together for the big reveal the last weekend of August in Glenview for our grassroots art fair!

Click here for more information about ART IN THE GARDEN.

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This past week was another wonderful week of Summer Camp with the kids! It was FIRE, FORGE & FEAST where they each make a full thematic dinnerware set… more photos & stories to come! We had to make a few “alterations” to the usual FF&F plan due to the pandemic & more, but they adapted & did a great job.

And then somewhere along the way,
I apparently got a little sidetracked & addicted to making spoons?!!!

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Here’s a sneak peek at what my “cohort in collaborations” has been up to … looks like Cory McCrory has been working on our newest collaboration for this year’s ART IN THE GARDEN. Each year we do a special project together just for this one special art fair in Glenview! I’m sure there will be more photos to come… but for now it looks like Cory is keeping her secret project pieces “under wraps”!!!

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Okay, so YES… I do watch far too much Reality TV!!!

But, is anyone else watching “ALONE” on the History Channel? It’s kind of like a real-life “Survivor” where ten contestants need to survive the arctic wilderness for a hundred days… hunting, gathering, building a shelter & self-filming the whole time. On last week’s episode, one of them dug up some clay and was making her own pinch pot dinnerware!!! Very cool… very resourceful. I would have of course pressed twig & leaf impressions into them too!!! Cuz’ more is more!!!