Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Okay, so I always hate to post too much while I’m out-of-town away from my place. So I wait until I get back to post… but sometimes life gets in the way, and those posts just get put-off & put-off… and soon enough, it’s almost a week later?!!! Or in this case, a FULL MONTH later!!! Oh well… still had fun, still have photos & still have stories to share!

So I drove up to Minneapolis on Wednesday 3/27 after a full day of work.
It was a long drive by myself, but a lot of “pretty” along the way! Always nice to be treated
to a nice sunset as you’re driving… and taking a few photos along the way!

And then the sun went down, and I still had a couple hours to go…
with nothing fun or beautiful to watch along the way.
Luckily I found a little sumthin’-sumthin’ that helped pass the time!

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Traveling is great, but it always feels good to get home again too. Fun to see Chicago through the airplane window… the lakefront, the neighborhoods, the SNOW!!! Colder than Frankfurt… with the promise of a Polar Vortex to welcome me home!

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Blue skies flying high over the Atlantic Ocean… or maybe Iceland?… as I saw on the “flight video TV” that our route took a slight curve up & around to fly over Iceland instead of straight cross the Atlantic. Not sure why… but it sure was pretty above the clouds!

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Leaving Germany… leaving the clouds, the gray, the weather.
Thank You Frankfurt. I had a great time!

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The weather in Frankfurt was a bit warmer than here, but we still had to sit on the tarmac as they de-iced the plane before flying towards The Polar Vortex!!! Not sure that I’ve ever actually watched the process before… I didn’t expect GREEN?!!!


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Hanging out at the Frankfurt Airport enchanted by the old-school flight schedule… complete with flipping letters & numbers that change constantly as the schedule gets updated!

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All over Frankfurt there are open markets & beautiful displays of food. Beautiful AND yummy!!!

Tons of breads, cheeses, sausages, sandwiches, olives, chocolates and so much more…
including possibly the biggest sausage EVER!!!

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I had a sneak peak of these locks when I went for a run a couple nights prior, but I needed to come back for another look in the daylight… and it was a LOT more impressive! Thousands of locks attached to bridge all the way across!



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The Frankfurt City Ring is a beautiful ribbon of parks & greenways that surround the old city. Along the way you find sculptures, parks, gardens and wonderful old architecture. At one point we stumbled upon the Chinese Garden… which was unfortunately closed for the season, but that didn’t stop me from getting a few good pictures!


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While walking around the Frankfurt City Ring, we ran across this beautiful old church… but I was more intrigued by the surrounding walls, tombstones & columbarium. Many of them dating back a long, LONG time ago!!!