Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Another chilly & breezy morning… I hate to admit it was cold enough for a jacket and long pants!!! Yikes, Winter is on it’s way!

But that didn’t stop me… PEDAL ON!!!
It didn’t look like anything special for most of the ride, but I happened to catch a bit of extra beauty when I got down to Chicago’s Navy Pier!




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After a couple crazy weeks of getting ready for ART IN THE BARN, it felt great to be back in the studio “calmly” cleaning up, re-organizing and setting out another large batch of reclaimed clay!

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A beautiful day for “playing hooky” and pedaling north. Nothing better than a quick stop off at a small, secluded little stretch of beachfront to dip your toes in the water!

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Big photo for big sky drama on a big sky morning.

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This morning had great potential… or great failure written all over it. It could have gone either way. With that one huge cloud spreading across the sky… and it lit-up at just the right moment. It could have easily blocked the beauty… but instead, it WAS the beauty!!!

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Another chilly morning. Another ride with long sleeves & gloves. I guess Summer is over. I guess Fall has settled in for good. I guess I can get used to these chilly mornings… not like I have much of a choice if I want to continue my morning sunrise biking addiction, huh?!

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With a bit of a chill in the air, and a lot of layered low-flying clouds, it was a windy ride without that spectacular sunrise I as hoping for. Not a good sign as the mornings are getting later & colder… sadly, Summer is over!!!


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Nature at its finest after the morning’s rain.

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HUGE THANKS to everyone who came out to ART IN THE BARN this weekend…
especially all of those who went home with one of our limited edition collaboration pieces!!!
It was such a beautiful weekend, and so much fun hanging out with so many talented artists
and supportive friends & family. It was a great way to finish up my summer art fair season.
Thanks again!!!

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Looks like Gerry & Rosene are kicking back and relaxing on their deck in Peoria…
apparently enjoying their own little Mugshot Monday!