Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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While riding without a plan, my bike ride down Old Route 66 took me back to my alma mater last Sunday… Illinois State University in Normal, Illinois. It was weird being back… so much has changed… and yet everything was still the same?! The trees were bigger. The buildings seemed closer together. The classic buildings are still there… but they’re now mixed with newer & larger buildings. It was a great turn-around rest stop for my bike ride, but a little eerie with no one wandering around the Quad… as it was Summer, a Sunday & and holiday! A great stop with some great memories!

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Another beautiful Spring day perfect for another bike ride! Not a cloud in the sky as I pedaled north… past Northwestern University, the Gross Point Lighthouse, the Baha’i Temple, the huge houses in the fancy suburbs, Openlands Lakeshore Preserve, Fort Sheridan and finally turned around at the Great Lakes Naval Base. Blue skies & spring flowers the entire way… and a gentle headwind on the way back!

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After a quick stop into the studio, it was far too nice outside to stay inside! So I decided to check-out another one of the local cemeteries. Beautiful setting, wonderful craftsmanship and a quiet moment to relax & reflect. This one is St. Boniface Catholic Cemetery in Chicago. Not as “grand” as Graceland, but still impressive.

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The beautiful old facade of the Medinah Temple downtown. I remember being a little kid and going down there every year to see some Russian Circus performing in this beautiful building… back when circuses were circuses… with overly-trained dancing bears in human clothing that even way back then I knew wasn’t quite right!

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Another overcast Spring day… finding new places to explore
while staying “right on track” before the rain gets here!

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Loving the classic architectural details of Piper Hall at Loyola University along the lakefront… especially while dappled by the morning sun!

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Architectural details highlighted by the morning sun.

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Since when do they make OVAL buildings?… one of my favorites!

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I’ve pedaled past this house countless times…
loving the color, the charm & the craftsmanship. Seems even more appropriate as we get closer to Christmas. Just hoping & waiting for some pops of bright RED to contrast against the chartreuse green accents!!!

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Closed, but not forgotten… Chicago’s Navy Pier may be closed due to the pandemic and a huge lack of tourism in Chicago. It’s completely locked down so you can’t even go down The Pier. But you can still enjoy the gardens & views out front… especially by bike!