Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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My day started off yesterday with a crisp start to a beautiful Fall day. I hopped on my bike to pedal north for the day… with a quick stop at the Baha’i Temple in Wilmette. Such an amazing building… even better when surrounded with blue skies & warm Fall colors.

I even found a piece of history in back where they show off one of the original “test pieces” to create this magnificent building!

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On my way home from Openlands, I was pedaling through Evanston and saw this amazing house… okay, so maybe it’s more the decorative work on the facade than the house itself?! I was completely enamored by the craftsmanship & design… and the fact that they have kept it in tact and in great shape over the years! BEAUTIFUL!!!

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Gotta love a good “self-isolating in my car” roadtrip through Central Illinois. Nothing but blue skies… and some rural architecture, landmarks & scenery!

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On my way home from the studio, I passed this condo building just two blocks away with these STUNNING pink dogwoods flanking the doorway! The color is incredible, the profusion of blooms beyond imagination and I love how well they play with the architectural details of the building. And yes, I pulled over, stopped the car, and got out crossing the street just to take some photos! They’re THAT stunning!!!

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While exploring north along the lakefront, it’s been a bit of a challenge finding new routes away from people… but fun finding new locations to stop & play. Like this historic lighthouse up in Evanston. It was a bit chilly this afternoon for a bike ride… but better get it in before it snows tonight, right?!

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You know I love rusty metal, and good patina here & there. Let alone the stunning craftsmanship on so many of the doors of the monuments & mausoleums at the cemetery yesterday! So yes, yesterday was beautiful day for some visual inspiration!!!

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While getting out yesterday to enjoy the great weather… and still looking for new “destinations” while the Lakefront is closed… I pedaled north and spent some time “self-isolating” at a beautiful old cemetery. Not a lot of people moving around there… easy to stay safe & to myself.

Though not into the “religion” of it all… I am intrigued by the architecture, the design, the craftsmanship, the names & dates, the rituals … and the oddness of actually “enjoying” some quiet time visiting a cemetery?!

Coincidentally, when I tutored first grade for ten years during “my corporate days”… I taught at the John B. Murphy School in Chicago! And here he is!!!

And here’s the COMISKEY mausoleum… as in Comiskey Park where the Chicago White Sox still play baseball. Sure, it might be called something else now, but it will always be Comiskey Park to me!

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With the Lakefront Bike Trail still shut-down, I’ve been going in the other direction! Yesterday I made my way up north through a maze of side streets to get to The Bahai Temple. I don’t know much about the faith, but I will say that I think this is one of the most beautiful buildings in the Chicagoland area! With over-the-top ornate design on every surface… they don’t make them like this any more!

And I apologize in advance… there are a LOT of photos in the Photo Album. I edited it down as far as I could… but the building is gorgeous from every angle, every frame, every detail.

But this was yesterday’s bike ride destination…
still self-isolating… still riding by myself.

And if you look at the photos, there were only TWO other people on the property while I was there! CAN YOU FIND THEM IN THE PHOTOS??? They’re there somewhere!

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Architectural archways on the Loyola campus. Beautiful craftsmanship like they just don’t make anymore!

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Beautiful wrought iron details on one of the Loyola doorways. Love the scrolls, the flowers, the reflection in the windows and the beautiful patina! These are the entry doors to the Cudahy Library at Loyola University.