Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Spirals, Circles and Parallelograms… oh my.

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Just hanging out in Old Town this afternoon while my bike gets it’s 30-ride tune-up!

Murals making walls better in Old Town.

And some of the best… some organic and some architectural.


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Let’s just quietly file these under the category of “Tax Procrastination”
and call it a day… and a BEAUTIFUL one at that!!!
… and now back to my taxes after a nice afternoon run.



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Monochromatic in gray. Kinda like the day so far.

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So I must admit that I didn’t really know that much about Louisville before going there.
I knew there was a river. I knew there were bridges. Only because I knew I would be swimming in it and under them. But I didn’t expect for the Ohio River and their multiple bridges to be so beautiful… or wide?! The Ohio River was almost as wide as the Mississippi River at this point. A little daunting for my upcoming open-water swim!!!




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Last Saturday, I went to the Field Museum of Natural History with my friend Nancy. We went with the intention of seeing the current special exhibit “The Greeks : Agamemnon to Alexander The Great.” But it’s such a beautiful museum that it is hard not to get distracted by the grandeur, architecture… and the salted caramel brownies in the CafĂ©.

The entrance on the south end of the museum has wonderful marble columns & ornamentation. The huge doorway has turned a beautiful green patina over the years.

Inside Stanley Field Hall, the vaulted ceiling adds to the magnificence and grandeur.

And with so many antiquities everywhere, it’s tough to stay focused. So just wander…
there’s SO MUCH to see in every part of the Museum.

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It was so nice to see the sun finally come through late this afternoon. And I love the juxtaposition of the urban train trestle bridge and the way Nature just doesn’t care… and still finds a way to call it home.

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A beautiful building facade along Lake Shore Drive’s Gold Coast all lit up to honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It was the prettiest thing during this morning’s gray, misty & drizzly bike ride.

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Today I had a chance to go to a local metal manufacturing plant. We were there to get some simple, galvanized steel sheets. Not nearly as exciting as these large copper architectural pieces that they also manufacture there. Next time I need to take the tour to see these being made!!!… if they even offer a tour?!