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Huge heartfelt thanks to everyone who has expressed their thoughts, hugs & condolences over the passing of my Mom last week. She left us early Tuesday morning, and was finally put to rest yesterday morning. It has been a sad & enlightening experience for all of us as we work our way through the loss & grief. Yet with so many positive thoughts & memories I’m sure we’ll all make it out the other side… as she will continue to guide us through with her teachings & our memories.

The visitation Friday night was beautiful, with so many people passing through to pay their respects. It was the first time that someone so close to me was the “guest of honor”… that I found I was treading into new territory. I wasn’t quite sure how to react, but to be thankful and cherish the moments & friends as they shared stories & support.

My entire family thanks everyone who made it out say  their good-byes to my Mom.
She was a wonderful lady, a fantastic Mom and one of my best friends.
It will be tough over the next few weeks to come to the full realization that she is gone.
I’m sure moments will pop-up that catch me off guard. And even more “signs”
that slap me upside the head to force a memory and a smile. It was wonderful to see
all of my family together yesterday at the gravesite ceremony…
even if it was for such a sad occasion.

Thank you for your support & caring.
Thank you for your understanding as we all move forward without her.
Thank you for sharing your fond memories of how she touched so many people.

Thank you Mom… for just being YOU!!!
You will be so sadly missed by so many people.

A fond




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It is with heavy heart that I share the news of my Mom’s passing this week. It has been a long journey for my Mom and our family. On June 25th, my Mom suffered another major stroke… the same day as her 80th birthday! We struggled with her situation as her health continued to decline. We’ve all been working to process & prepare for this eventuality. She was a wonderful Mom, friend, support system, art fair assistant… and Chocolate Chip Cookie Baker!!!


Visitation will be held this Friday, August 9th
from 5:00pm-8:00pm with a brief ceremony at 7:00pm.

1520 North Arlington Heights Road, Arlington Heights, Illinois 60004


Thank you for keeping my Mom, Dad and our family in your thoughts.
She will surely be missed by us all.




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Part of the PRAIRIE VIEW ARTS INVITATIONAL is a benefit for their Youth OutReach Program. So they do a lot of events, fundraising, raffles, bake sales & more for them. They also set up this really cute Angel Wing photo-op… which was just around the corner from my booth. Great fun to watch people stopping by to take their Selfies!

And although my parents have pretty much “retired” from the art fair circuit, and I’m now flying solo, it was great to have them stop by to say Hi to everyone! I know I love having them around… and so many of my other artist friends look forward to seeing them too. My parents have a huge part of my art fair operation for so many years, and now everyone asks about them if they’re not there! Well, that, and my Mom’s homemade cookies!!!

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A beautiful night out in Elgin visiting my parents. I got out there just in time
for a quick walk over to the lake for a sliver of sunset beauty…
and no buildings blocking it like back in the City!

Tall grasses by the lake after a long Winter.

Wispy seed pods being released.

Shaggy layers of birch paper peeling right off the tree.

And a beautiful sunset over a small lake near my parents’ house… we got there just in time!

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My Mom was busy this weekend apparently… and she cranked out three new pottery aprons!!! I’ve posted her handmade specialized potter’s aprons here on my blog. There are pictures of her current inventory and full instructions on how to claim yours!!! Limited to quantities on hand… so grab ’em quick!

Click here to see the full inventory and instructions.
Or you can always click on the “Handmade Pottery Aprons” tab
in the right column at any time to see her current inventory.

In case you’re wondering… here are the three new ones!

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A little congratulatory “whew-another-show-down” frozen custard treat with my Mom & Dad at one of my favorites tonight…. LICKETY SPLIT. This time it was pumpkin flavored frozen custard blended with an actual piece of pumpkin pie!!! Yes, please… again!!!


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A couple new pottery aprons have been added to the inventory!
My Mom has been busy making a couple more in her spare time.
Click here to see the full inventory and full purchasing details.
And as always, you can click on the Handmade Pottery Apron page in the top right corner!

Here’s a quick peek at the new aprons…
But remember, you’ve got to send me an e-mail to claim your apron, not just comment here.




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So my Mom has added two more new Handmade Pottery Aprons into her inventory. If you’re interested in seeing the available patterns and full purchase details, click here… or go to the Page on the website in the top right corner for Handmade Pottery Aprons!  They’re always first come, first served. And they’re one-of-a-kind, so when they’re gone they’re gone! To claim your apron, go to the blog link and follow the purchasing instructions there.

For a quick peek at the two new ones.
A beautiful striped one of blues, browns & whites…

And an eclectic mix of lime & blue patterns materials… I LOVE this one… so fun!!!



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With just a few days until the kick-off of my Summer Art Fair schedule, it’s time to start pricing & packing all of my new pots. I’ve fired four kilns in the past couple weeks – so there are a LOT of new pots!!! Well over a hundred new mugs!!!

Luckily, my parents came over today help with the slightly overwhelming project. Our goal for the day is to get everything prepped & priced, and then divided and separated into two separate piles. Each pile is designated for a different art fair. Kind of nice to have enough pots packed and ready to go for BOTH my Schaumburg and Hinsdale shows!

Nice to have this huge project done. And ready to go for both shows with a new & separate inventory for each. Even better, we also packed the van for Schaumburg… so tomorrow can be a “rest day” for all of us before we head out to Schaumburg for the weekend show.

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Nothing better than some incredible “post-art fair” pizza at Lou Malnati’s
with my best art fair assistants… so maybe you’ve met my parents?!