Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Feeling a little uninspired this afternoon… so it’s back to my favorites

Playing with porcelain and throwing another batch of cylinders
that will soon be stamped, trimmed, handled and MUG-ified!!!

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Just pulling out another batch of reclaimed clay. This time it’s a huge batch of slaked-down porcelain that I turned out onto my large plaster bat. All scraps from another potter friend who doesn’t like to reclaim clay. But I sure do!!! It’s going to take a few days before it sets-up enough that I can start wedging it. A lot of work & waiting… but then again, you know how much I LOVE FREE CLAY!!!

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Always fun to see where your pottery goes off to… like this pair of porcelain sgraffito platters that found their way into this beautiful home in Indiana! Hope you love them Marilynn!

Categories: porcelain, process, production, sgraffito

White porcelain pieces now with black slip banding… just waiting for them to set-up
to leatherhard for trimming & some sgraffito carving through the black slipped areas.

Categories: porcelain, production, sgraffito

Always feels a little weird to take black slip & paint it on pristine white porcelain…
that is “cherished” as perfectly clean WHITE clay. Now with some black splattered on it.

Categories: porcelain, production, wheelthrowing

Playing with porcelain again. Pretty in white… with some sgraffito plans in the making…

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So excited to see that one of my pottery students made it onto the “Show-Off Shelves” at Lillstreet with her beautiful sgraffito platter! Well done Katie – it turned out GREAT!!!


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Fresh from the soda kiln last week… perfect for Mugshot Monday!

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Another wonderful piece fresh from the kiln from our LILLSTREET THROWDOWN class!
Molly’s challenge-winning tulipiere looks even more amazing after glazing!!!

Categories: classes, porcelain, vases

Another finished piece from the LILLSTREET THROWDOWN!!!
This time it’s Dave’s coil-built porcelain tulipiere glazed with a subtle celadon….
beautiful, and his first coil pot to boot!!!