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After a bit more trimming, and a lot more spiraling curls, I finally finished another sgraffito platter… nice & clean with my DiamondCore Tools!!! These new sgraffito pieces got a good bit of lovin’ just before the holidays, so I thought maybe I should make some more?!!!

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Playing with porcelain, black slip and my favorite V-Tip DiamondCore Tool to make a few more sgraffito platters. Loving how the clay carves away so cleanly with nice crisp lines… and if the clay is just dry enough you get some pretty wonderful spiral curls too!!!

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Back in the studio making my favorite thing… MORE MUGS!!!
Finally getting around to finishing up the porcelain cylinders & threw & stamped last week. So I started by trimming the stamped cylinders now that they are leatherhard. After trimming, I put them back under plastic so they don’t dry out too much.

Then I pulled handles for all of them with some more porcelain. I like to set them up with the handle-curve already established.

When the handles set-up enough to work with them, and they’re no longer squishy,
I cut out the section of the handle I want to use.
A bit of scoring & slipping for the top attachment… score both sides, slip on one.

A little smoosh.. a little smudge… and a little wiggle to get it to attach well.

After smoothing the top of the handle into the mug, I then do the same to the bottom
attachment of the handle. I like to do the top one first so I can actually “see”
the curves & proportions of the handle as I attach the bottom…
cutting, altering and changing things along the way.

A little blending… a little smoothing…
until it looks like it part of the mug, and not just slapped on the side!

Score… Slip… Attach… Smooth… Repeat…
Score… Slip… Attach… Smooth… Repeat…
Score… Slip… Attach… Smooth… Repeat…

Soon enough the batch of mugs was complete.
All cylinders stamped, trimmed and now well-handled!

Even better from the side… at least I think so…

And for now they’re under wraps for the night…
so that the moisture levels can even-out a bit before I open them up to dry!



Categories: mugs, porcelain, process, production, stamped, stamps

Stamping… leaving an impression…
or two, or three, or more in the porcelain!


Categories: mugs, porcelain, process, production, stamps
Categories: mugs, porcelain, process, production

Playing with porcelain again… making more of my favorite…

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And while I was firing a cone six glaze kiln, I not only glazed the sgraffito platters, but I also glazed some more sgraffito bowls too! They used to be white with a black band…now the colored glazes make them more fun & colorful while still allowing the carving detail to show through!


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Just a quick reminder of what these porcelain sgraffito bowls looked like BEFORE glazing. White porcelain with a band of black slip. Then I carved the patterns around the rim using my favorite DiamondCore Tools. Crisp, clean lines to reveal the white porcelain patterns through the black slip.

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And a third sgraffito platter fresh from the kiln! Since getting my DiamondCore Tools, I’ve started doing some carving of patterns through black slip. Not that I’m going to stop stamping any time soon… but I’m kind of enamored by these new sgraffito platters. Pretty good chance there will be more coming soon!!!

Categories: platters, porcelain, sgraffito

Another sgraffito platter that came out of the kiln today. Black slip on white porcelain – carved through with my DiamondCore Tools to make crisp lines & designs! And then sprayed with a green cone six glaze!