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Just one of the sgraffito platters that will be part of this evening’s POP-UP POTTERY SALE only on my Fire When Ready Pottery Facebook page… just four hours away! They’re each hand-carved & one-of-a-kind… so when they’re gone, they’re gone! Starting tonight at 7:00pm CST.

Special thanks to DiamondCore Tools​ for kick-starting my sgraffito adventures… a few great carving tools and look what happened!!!

Categories: platters, porcelain, sgraffito, tools

You know how I LOVE a good spiral…
even more when it’s surrounded by a fun sgraffito carved pattern!…
thanks in part to the best carving tools from DiamondCore Tools​!

This is just one of the porcelain platters that will be included in my POP-UP POTTERY SALE only on my Fire When Ready Pottery Facebook page! The fun starts in just five hours… 7:00pm CST. Click on this LINK then to see the “official” Photo Album to shop from!

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A little sweet cup of little spring pretties!
Fragrant Lily-Of-The-Valley blooms from my garden
in a small porcelain stamped & soda-fired cup!

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So I finally got “focused” tonight in the studio and started waxing the bottoms of a bunch of pots. I was kinda surprised… there were a lot more than I remembered making?! But they all look like mine…. so… I’ll keep waxing in preparation for a couple LONG glazing sessions to come!

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Bringing some of Nature’s beauty inside to avoid overnight cold warnings… Tracy was showing off her tulips in her new porcelain vase from my “Quite White Collection.” Love how the colorful tulips really “pop” against the crisp whiteness!

Kinda wondering if I should re-visit this white collection???
It’s been a while.

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Working on a new batch of porcelain ovals… trying to stay motivated with the thought that “someday” we might get to play at art fairs again?! I just can’t wait to get outside to play with people again!!! This “solo” stuff is getting old real fast!!!

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Back in the studio for another VERY quiet night alone… stamping some more porcelain patterns! One-by-one. All the way around. So much more fun when there are people around the place to distract me from getting my work done!

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You know I LOVE TIE-DYEbut this is a little crazy!!!

It’s not actually tie-dye, it’s just another bag of my reclaimed porcelain clay! It’s been sitting around in my studio for quite awhile. And the sides that were facing outwards to the light grew this wonderfully green “algae” of sorts. Luckily, it’s just a bit of wedging before it’s all good to go again! And since we already have face masks… no worries!

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Sure, I still have some spoon rests in inventory…
Who knew everyone would be cooking so much at home these days??? All day. Every day. But had I somehow known about all of this COVID-19 craziness in advance & made a plan… I would have started making more spoon rests a lot sooner than tonight!!!

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Making some porcelain “carrots” before making porcelain handles. I think it’s a god shape to start with… wedged and compressed into this shape before pulling into handle shape.

So I just finished pulling some traditional handle. I just gotta let them set up a bit… and then I can start attaching them to mugs!!! I like to loop then over like this so that they are already most-of-the-way into curved handle shape before they start to set-up. Of course there can be a lot of re-shaping after they’re attached to the mug!

Here we go…
Score… slip… squish… attach… repeat… repeat… repeat…

Just finishing up the latest batch of porcelain mugs on another Mugshot Monday. Handles are attached & under wraps for the night as they start to dry slowly. Tomorrow I will do a little clean-up on them before I unwrap to let them dry completely.