Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Sure, I coulda gotten some fresh vegetables… but instead I picked up a nice chunk of bleu cheese at the Farmer’s Market on my way home today! Looks like a great “appetizer”… yum, my favorite!!!

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Sweet treat when one of your favorite students stops by your studio with a sweet snack while I was working late last night… I mean, who doesn’t want a chocolate chip s’mores cookie?! Thanks Katie!!!

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When Pam first sent me this photo of her breakfast… and her red spatula in one of my spoon rests… I must admit I thought the bowl at the top was the makings of chocolate chip cookie batter!!! But then I read her note… and it’s her dog’s breakfast in the making… kibble, NOT chocolate chips!!! Shoot…

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Another Mugshot Monday… celebrating another mug that found its own happy home from the GLENVIEW SUMMER ART FAIR! So excited that Marium is enjoying her new mug!!!

According to Marium… “Kashmiri chai in my new matka mug with gajar waffle and cream. Thanks again!”

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Looks like Kristy & Matt are enjoying a “fruity” morning al fresco in their beautiful backyard. Fresh fruits never looked so good as when they’re served in a handmade stamped & soda-fired ceramic bowl!

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Looks like my friend Jen has cooked up a yummy dish for dinner… a little couscous & tomato salad. Homemade food always tastes better in a handmade bowl. Thanks for sharing your meal with us… virtually.

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So excited to see one of my Intermediate Wheelthrowing student’s pieces show-up on the SHOW-OFF SHELVES at Lillstreet. Kelly made this several weeks back… a wheelthrown donut with colorful frosting & sprinkles! Originally designed to be a “vase” with the big bite as the place that the flowers go! Beautifully done Kelly… now I think we need a full baker’s dozen of them!!!

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Look like another berry bowl found a good home during last weekend’s GLENVIEW SUMMER ART FAIR. Looks beautiful when filled with blueberries & strawberries! I’m sure Allison loves her new berry bowl… but it looks like her cat is still a bit unsure?!

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And we may have “allegedly” had another YELLOW TOWEL moment… with the newest special flavor of OREO’s. They were good… very sweet… lots of filling. But then again my memories of neopolitan ice cream go along with scooping out only the chocolate flavor… and then being done with the rest!!! So the three “mixed-layered” flavors concept was a little new to me!!! HA!!!

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Looks like a yummy potato salad in a yummy blue bowl! Homemade food always tastes better in handmade pottery!!! Thanks for sharing Kristy!