Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Good to see I’m NOT the only one celebrating today!
My friend Allison started her day showing off her little “Donut Day Party”
on Instagram… and I’m sure her coffee never tasted better!!!

Thanks for sharing Allison… the photo that is!
Next time, maybe think about sharing the donuts too???



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It would be somewhat wrong & unpatriotic for me NOT to celebrate a national holiday, right???
It’s NATIONAL DONUT DAY!!! So I did… with sprinkles!!! Good thing I pedaled this morning!


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Tonight in my pottery class we had another sweet treat from “across the Pond.” Special thanks to Katie who “imported” these from London on her way home through Heathrow Airport. Didn’t really expect it to be a slab of chocolate wedged inside a mini OREO cookie?! Not that that’s a bad thing.

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More sweet treats for my students tonight… two NEW OREO flavors!
Tonight we had Cherry Cola OREOs and Pina Colada Thins.
One tastes a bit like a mix of summer & sunscreen…
and the other is a bit too sweet & “carbonated.”

And yes, we finished them all. Go figure.

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So I hit one Norske Nook on the way up North…
but stopped for gas and “conveniently” found another location on the way home!

And yes, that cherry pie in the top right corner came home with me!!!

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Doughnut filled with banana cream, crunchy peanut butter, bananas, syrup and the best bacon ever!!! The Velvet Elvis at Hi-Lo Diner! And yes... I ate the whole thing!!! Yum.

And now 0ff to the Pottery Tour…

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You know you’re headed North when you get to the Norske Nook for homemade pie!!!


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Last night’s treat in our pottery class… the latest crazy flavor of OREOs!
Well, these and some Birthday Cake OREOs to celebrate Katie’s birthday… with candles!!!

And just my opinion… but not enough “kettle” and not enough corn!
Just another sweet cookie! Which I’m okay with.

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After yesterday’s bike ride, I made it to the “One Of A Kind Show” at the Merchandise Mart to play with My Talented Friend Sarah Chapman. Always fun playing with her, “critiquing” artwork, and “solving all of the problems of the world.”

She makes these amazing jewelry pieces, mostly oxidized sterling silver with an industrial-organic vibe! AMAZING!!!… too bad I can’t say the same for her impromptu flower pot???

Oh, and the snacks weren’t bad either… good thing I had just ridden my butt off all morning! Chocolate-covered Twinkies, chocolate-covered marshmallows and a spicy Chocolate Jalapeno Fudge. Yum, yum and more YUM!!!

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Okay, so if shopping for pottery, chatting with artists, and hanging out with some creative folks is not enough to convince you to come out this weekend to the Prairie View Arts Invitational…. maybe this will???