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Imagine my surprise & quiet giggle when I found a box waiting for me outside my door tonight when I got home from the studio. After feeling so “isolated” lately, it was WONDERFUL to find a care package waiting at home for me! And what better surprise than a hunk of homemade chocolate fudge & some “turtles”… better known as Frogs down in Central Illinois.

What a great gift from my college friends Keith & Julie… from a cute little candy shop that Keith has recently opened in Eureka, Illinois to bring a sense of nostalgia, a sweet diversion & a great place for some special needs employees to work their magic! Unfortunately, shortly after they had their Grand Opening they also had to shut-down for the COVID-19 pandemic.

Be sure to check out MAURIES CANDIES if you’re ever driving through Central Illinois… whenever we can actually get outside to go anywhere?!!!

You can follow them on Facebook by clicking here
or click on this link for some more background on Mauries, my friend Keith McArdle, and the service they’re providing to the community!

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Looks like Shelly is warming up to her new stamped & soda-fired mug with a yummy warm beverage! Can’t go wrong with whipped cream & cinnamon!!!

Thanks Shelly for shopping during this week’s MUG-SHOP MONDAY!!!
Look for another “edition” tomorrow only on INSTAGRAM!

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Just gearing up for “Pizza Night” with some friends!!! Sure, it’s on ZOOM… not quite the same… but I’ll take an evening with friends any time anywhere… and pizza too!!!

Not quite the same ambience as in the restaurant… when your laptop has now become your table companion?!

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Looks like my friend Marsha is kicking off her day with a beautifully healthy fruit salad… even tastier when served in one of my handmade stamped bowls.

Also… be sure to check out Marsha’s pottery on Instagram with some beautiful glazing effects!

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With everyone staying home, hunkering down, baking bread, and cooking more food in their own kitchens… it’s fun to see my pottery making a difference! Even in the smallest way… like this little spoon rest helping Deborah keep her curry sauce from smearing all over the countertop!!! Ha!!!

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Looks like my friend Pam made herself a healthy & yummy dinner last night while self-isolating… and I’m sure that eating it out of one of my bowls only made better!!!

If any of you have been enjoying my pottery in your new “quarantined life”… I would love to see a photo! Please send a few pics to my email – Thanks, be safe, be healthy!

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After two weeks of “locked-down“ George Foreman grilled chicken breasts, spinach, broccoli, rice, hummus, hard boiled eggs & lots of water… okay, maybe an OREO or two… I finally decided to splurge and have a REAL meal for dinner tonight. Oh pizza how I’ve missed you!!! My first “no-contact carry-out”… not too weird. And luckily, I now have a lot of leftover slices in the freezer for the weeks to come!!!

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We still have reasons to celebrate, right?! It’s NATIONAL PIE (pi) DAY… and I just couldn’t decide! Thank You to the best little pie cafe at Lillstreet… First Slice Cafe!

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As the LILLSTREET THROWDOWN came to an end last night, my class surprised me with a sweet Thank You card & gift. And for the record… the gift was indeed SWEET… from Big Fat Cookie in Chicago!!! I must admit, this group was a pleasure to teach… always so eager to play along with my crazy pottery games & challenges! They truly rocked it out this session… Thank You to each and every one of them!

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We kicked off NATIONAL OREO COOKIE DAY just a little bit early… last night when one of my THROWDOWN students made a mini ceramic OREO!!! Yes!!! Christine found this amazing metal stamp online and knew “we just had to have it”!!! Oh, the possibilities!

Now let’s not get crazy…
I’m still eating actual OREOs today to celebrate this momentous occasion!!!