Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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A great night of food & fun at Macello’s with my friend Pam.
A perfect start to an evening of theatrical spectacle… with live horses!!!
Bright colored murals on the walls. Striking black & white prints.
And WONDERFUL wood-fired pizza with burrata… possibly my new favorite cheese?!!!




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I love when my friendly customers share their Fire When Ready Pottery on Instagram. It’s so great to see your work being loved & used… especially on a cloudy & rainy day like today! Thanks for sharing Allison!

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Looking for a new fun way to decorate your Easter Eggs?…
well, new to ME anyway. This technique has been around for ages!

As a potter, we’ve all worked with wax resist before. But never like this.
I watched this first video and didn’t quite know what the end result was going to be. And when she revealed her finished egg, I was hooked. So simple in concept, but I’m sure it takes YEARS to master!!! Click here for the first Pysanky Egg video by Nicole Bell.

And for those needing a quick fix… here’s a visual overview from the video…
From my understanding, you draw on the lines with beeswax.

Then you dip it into the egg coloring.

Then trace over SOME of the original lines, filling in some areas, but not all.

And then it goes back into the color another time.

Then you carefully melt & wipe off the wax resist.

To reveal your beautiful egg.
Pretty groovy, huh?! I definitely have to try this one next year!

Want to see more?… click here for a more in-depth video of the history,
meaning and techniques used to create these incredible Pysanky Colored Eggs.



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It’s never a good thing when you take your bike into the shop for a spring tune-up, and they give it back to you in two pieces!!! Not good… but the chocolate frozen custard that followed shortly helped a bit.


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And to celebrate the first day of Spring, looks like most non-mall Dairy Queens will be giving way free vanilla ice cream cones today!!! All day… and did I mention FREE?!!!!

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Always looking for a good reason to celebrate… and eat PIE!!!
Tonight is the last night of my pottery class and we’re celebrating with a potluck as usual.
But today’s a holiday… NATIONAL Pi DAY !!!

So I planned ahead and baked two Chocolate Chip Tollhouse Pies.
Keeping it obvious for those slow on the take!
Pi…  3.14…  March 14th…  get it?! Any excuse for PIE!!!



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One of my favorite days… one of my favorite holidays!!!
Who doesn’t like Pi?… or even better PIE?!!!
I might just have to eat 3.14 slices myself to celebrate?!

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After yesterday’s “National Holiday,” today I decided to stray off the path a bit with the new OREO chocolate candy bars for my class treat tonight. Not quite the same as the creme-filled cookie… but not too shabby when layered with fudgy milk chocolate either!


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Today’s the day and I hope you’ve been celebrating…
I know I have been… a couple times… but who’s counting?!

It’s March 6th… which is also National OREO Cookie Day!!!
If you’ve got ‘em, pile ‘em in!!! And wash ‘em down with a big glass of milk!!!