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If you see it on the Internet it HAS to be true, right?!
Well, it sounds like there will be a new OREO cookie out there soon…
and I need to get my hands on them pronto!
A mystery flavor and a chance to win fifty-thousand dollars??? I’m in!

So here’s the challenge…
the first person to get a sealed package of Mystery OREO’s to me will win a FREE MUG!!!
You can ship them, deliver them, hand them off, bring them to class, drop them off in my studio… whatever. But whoever gets them to me first WINS!!! And “when I win” the big money prize, that same winner will get a LOT more than just that free mug!!! Bring it on!!!

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Celebrating NATIONAL TACO DAY at Big Star in Wicker Park. My first time there.
Great fun, great food and keeping the “fun” in Queso Fundido!!! Muy bueno!!!


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Okay, so I’ve never had Cookie Butter.
Never heard of Cookie Butter.
Not really sure what Cookie Butter is supposed to taste like.

So this latest flavor of OREOs was kind of lost on me.
It tasted like, well… a cookie. So I guess it worked???
Either way, we still finished them off in class Tuesday night.

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So nice to have “real” tomatoes that actually taste like tomatoes!!!

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Sweet surprise tonight in our pottery class with the two latest flavors of OREO cookies!!! Of the two, I preferred the Apple Pie OREOs… but that didn’t stop me from eating the donut ones as well. Thanks Taylore & Ryan for sweetening our class!!!

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Is it just me, or is it too early for pumpkins to be on sale at the grocery stores already?
It’s still Summer, right? And look, some of these aren’t even ripe yet!!! Ha!!!


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While I sadly consider the “berry season” pretty much over at this point, it is good to know that cherry tomatoes need to be rinsed as well. Thanks to my Cousin David for sharing his bountiful harvest in one of my handmade berry bowls.

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Sure, Monday’s eclipse may have been a big deal, but I kinda prefer a “sweet eclipse”!!!

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Tasty potluck treats and a delicious sgraffito plate by my teaching assistant Susan Slogoff
for my Tuesday night class.

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Early morning stop on my way to ART IN THE GARDEN. Thanks Allison for the recommendation. But since when is a dozen donuts have sixteen? Only at Joe Donut in Glenview. Good thing I pedaled & swam this morning!!