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But then another pack showed up in my studio too!!!
WHOO-HOO again!

So it looks like we have TWO winners this time! Two packs of THE MOST OREOS and two FREE MUGS!!! Congratulations & thanks to Laury… one of my former students for bringing in another package of “limited edition” yumminess!

And yes, they are YUMMY!!! So much filling that they actually “squish” a bit when you bite into them!!!

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So while I was working on these new mugs… look what showed up!!! WHOO-HOO!!! I had a surprise visit from master tile-maker Mike Skiersch bearing a pack of the newest flavor of OREO’s!!! Which also means he WON a free mug… as I had posted that challenge a couple days ago!!!

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Looks like Kristy is cooking up something SPICY for dinner… all the spices for a batch of Middle Eastern Lamb Stew! I can almost smell the savoriness from here!!! Thanks for sharing Kristy!

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So the folks at OREO have announced the newest OREO cookie… THE MOST OREO!!! An Oreo cookie over-stuffed & over-filled with more Oreo cookie!!! And I kinda feel like it’s time for another game!!!

So… the first person to get a package of these newest OREOs to me in my studio will get a FREE handmade mug from me!!! I get cookies & you get a mug!!! Let the games begin…

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So then THIS happened on Instagram!

Perhaps this is one step closer to becoming an official “OREO Influencer”???… instead of just some yahoo who just posts a lot of pictures of cookies?! Dare to dream, right?!

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Tonight after my LILLSTREET THROWDOWN class, a couple of us went over to the new Jeni’s Ice Creams now open in Andersonville!

Tonight was their Grand Opening… with free ice cream from 7:00pm-11:00pm! Perfect timing for those of us who had class until 10:00pm! And we were all pleased that they were giving away a fill TRIO of ice creams in a waffle bowl to everyone! I went for my three favorite flavors… Goat Cheese & Red Cherries, Brambleberry Crisp and Blackout Chocolate Cake!!!

As we were towards the end of the event, we never expected people to still be waiting outside in line… nor that they would have served FREE ice cream to 790 customers during their four-hour event! Congrats Jeni’s & welcome to the neighborhood!!!

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The holidays might be over… but it looks like Walt is still indulging in a bit holiday candy! Only a few more pieces… and then Maryann can put her new favorite stamped bowl away!

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Looks like there’s some healthy greens down in Bartonville! Keeping the New Year healthy with steamed veggies… perfect in a handmade stamped bowl!

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Looks like Diane is enjoying some Sunday sweets… cake & frosting… two of my favorite things! Paired with some coffee… not my thing… in one of my shamrock mugs from last year… definitely one of my favorite things!!!

Mental note to self… gotta make more shamrock mugs for THIS year!!!

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Getting back in the routine… back in the studio, back to teaching, and back to “trying” to eat a little bit healthier. So unfortunately, I’ve had to replace the cheesecakes with avocados this week!!! HA!!!