Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Big CONGRATULATIONS to my friend & pottery student Martin Sorge who announced today that he’s officially writing & publishing his first cookbook! If you recall, he was also the WINNER of “The Great American Baking Show” last year… which of course we celebrated in our pottery class with a lot of yummy baked treats! Congrats again Martin… we can’t wait to see your cookbook!!!

Oh yeah… and thanks for showing off that fancy stamped cake plate! It was the “prize” I made for Martin… before we found out he had won the real “trophy” cake plate!!!

Be sure to follow Martin on Instagram… @martinsorge

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It was a great weekend getaway… surrounded by a LOT of great pottery, beautiful scenery, good friends & yummy snacks! What’s not to like?! I love going up to the Minnesota Pottery Tour every year. So much to see… so many photos & stories to share… more coming soon!

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You gotta love a good road trip… and I especially love a good KwikTrip!!! Always good a gas refill, a clean bathroom & for a “kwik” snack along the way! Okay, so this cinnamon roll may have just been the “vehicle” to get all of that frosting into my mouth?!!! And I’m okay with that!!!… burp.

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I’m pretty sure it’s not pear season in Chicago… but I was still happy to find some on sale at the grocery store! Just waiting for them to ripen… hoping that it’s not all on the same day!!!

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Spreading some sugary-cinnamon-goodness with my class this week! With the newest flavor from OREO! The filling is softer than usual… filled with “sugar inclusions” as they call it… and we’re here for it. They’re yummy… but let me just say, the packages are too small !!!

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It’s a new session of pottery classes at Lillstreet. So also, a new tie-dye…
and the newest OREO flavor for my classes this week!!!

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Meanwhile, back at my Easter dinner… I made two flavors of Gooey Butter Cake. A yummy version of the St. Louis classic… in honor of my niece Taylor who is now going to school in Missouri and had her first Gooey Butter Cake “experience” recently. And now we’re all fans!!!

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Looks like there was a bit of Easter yumminess down Peoria this past weekend… a festive carrot cake with plenty of cream cheese frosting & glittery sprinkles!!! Oh yeah, and a pretty green stamped plate makes any cake even more special. Thanks for sharing your pics with me!

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Some Easter fun yesterday with my niece Taylor who took on my “challenge“ to make her standard crescent rolls into Easter Bunnies!!! NAILED IT… but in a good way!!! Ha!

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Last night I made a quick batch of hot fudge sauce… knowing that tonight my Beginning Wheel class was having their final class of the session. And we like to finish it off with a fun potluck… and our theme this time??? ICE CREAM SOCIAL.

So I just had to bring my favorite Grandma Kitty’s hot fudge!!!