Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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You gotta love when you pop into your studio and find a sweet treat waiting for you!!!
Who knew these even existed??? Not me!

Thanks Donna for the wonderful surprise… you obviously know me too well.

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Not quite sure what this tasty morsel is… but it sure does look YUMMY!!! And I’m pretty darn sure that plate only makes it taste better!!! Thanks for sharing Sarah!

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Celebrated Thanksgiving with my Dad today… my very first Thanksgiving at a restaurant!
It wasn’t what I’m used to, but we had a great meal & good conversation…
maybe the start of a new tradition? But sadly, no leftovers!


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Gotta love surprises care packages in the mail…
from great friends who know you oh so well. Thanks Sarah!

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This week in my Tuesday night pottery class, we enjoyed some new OREOs “imported” from Croatia by my friend Tracy! Who knew that they even made a Travel Edition?!

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A sweet end to our HOT CHOCOLATE 5K Walk through the City! Chocolate fondue with plenty of dipping fun. Yummy!!!

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I mean, I had to stay “on-theme“, right?! Faux s’mores at the Expo…
and chocolate bundt cake after the race!

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The streets may be covered with snow, but it looks like my friend Allison found a way to stay warm this Halloween night with a warm cup of hot chocolate in a stamped & soda-fired mug that makes it even better! Too bad it looks like she’s missing the yummy-gooey marshmallows on top!

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Hopefully the first of many more to come!!! This vegan version by Rachel…
complete with vegan coconut milk “whipped cream.” Festive yumminess!

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You gotta love when your birthday turns into “Birthday Week”…
and the final treat is a chocolate carrot cake with raspberry filling and quite possibly
the best chocolate cream cheese frosting ever!!!

Oh yeah, and the stamped blue plate ain’t too shabby either!