Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Looks like my friend Nancy made an amazing dinner tonight… and healthy too…
but “maybe-just-maybe” that platter has something to do with it?!
Thanks Nancy for sharing the photo!

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The new session of pottery classes are well under way…
so it only makes sense that we have NEW OREO’s too!!!

Thanks to Kate for finding these new flavors and bringing them in for us to enjoy!
Yummy & yummier!!!

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Last night for our LILLSTREET THROWDOWN class, I arrived with a large black bag with secret goodies inside. They all assumed it was going to be the next challenge or big twist. Turned out to be a lot yummier than they had presumed.

Turns out the big bag was full of smaller bags of Garrett Popcorn!!!

They’ve been selling small bags for a dollar all week to celebrate National Popcorn Day. Sure, it may be “one bag per visit”… but no one said you couldn’t go through the line “a couple” times!!! So they all got their own individual bag of Garrett’s! And we all went home with the ever-popular cheesy orange-stained fingers!!!

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For those of you who may have been wondering…
the MYSTERY OREO flavor has been revealed!!!

And no, it wasn’t “candle” as guessed by someone in my class,
but instead Churro flavor which was one of our top three “real” guesses!!!

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I mean… who doesn’t enjoy a few lazy days after the “hectic-ness” Christmas?!
Relaxing, watching TV, playing with friends and enjoying a few yummy snacks
along the way!!!

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And what goes well with cookies?… well, hot chocolate made with cookies of course!!! Another great gift from my sister & family!

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So nice when people “get you” and then get you the perfect gift!
Who’da thought that OREO cookies could be so fancy?!
Thanks Michael & Anna… you know me too well !!!

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And there we have it…
my chocolate raspberry carrot cake to share with my family for Christmas Day.
A little “explosive” drama along the way… but I think it turned out okay.
Pretty, festive and VERY chocolatey!!!

Did I mention that I made a double-recipe of the frosting and used almost all of it???
Is there such a thing as too much frosting? I think not.

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And then THIS happened while making the frosting…
a little powdered sugar “explosion”!!! Well this is gonna wait until tomorrow to clean up…
gotta finish up and get off to my Christmas festivities!!!

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Early morning baking for today’s Christmas festivities!
Of course it’s gotta be chocolate, right?!
Yes, with a dash of shredded carrots just to make it “healthy’!!!