Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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On a damp & rainy night here in Chicago, looks like Emma has settled in for a yummy night of soup! Remember, food always tastes better in handmade pottery! Thanks Emma!

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For Kristen’s “First Dibs” Pottery Sale & Open House last night, she sent out electronic invitations… and reminders. But then she tempted me… err, I mean taunted me… with this photo. Yummy brownies on one of my platters!!! So… I had to go now, right?! It would have “rude” not to!!! HA!!!

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What to do when the holiday leftovers are lingering a little too long?…
Well, make cranberry ice cream obviously!!!

That looks amazing Matthew… thanks for sharing!

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So I started my Thanksgiving at my Dad’s place at Friendship Village… with his girlfriend Bonnie!
We had a great visit… but nothing “special” in the pumpkin pie category!

But then I drove down to Central Illinois for another “Friendsgiving” where the dessert spread was VERY IMPRESSIVE!!! With a LOT of homemade goodies… including pumpkin pie, cheesecake, apple pie, cookies & two “chess pies” that I had never had before. They were extra tasty… I’m sure because they were baked in a handmade ceramic pie dish! Thanks Kel & Kelly for hosting… and for sending me home with some sweet leftovers!

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Tonight was the last class for my Beginning Wheelthrowing class… celebrating again with a potluck & a “trading-stealing-exchanging” game. Category for the trade was a “not-so-basic bowl”. While the theme for our potluck was “Dips And The Vehicle To Get Them In Your Mouth .”

I decided to up-my-game, and yet stay brand loyal… with Hot Cocoa OREO’s and a fluffy Hot Cocoa Dip!!! A double whammy of yummy goodness!!!

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By the end of class tonight, I came away with this beautiful pie plate made by Christine… a former student who just wanted to be part of our game!!! And the last of Martin’s tart cherry pie-lets?… pocket pie?… fold-over… ??? Well, whatever you call them… they were AMAZING!!! And look pretty amazing in Christine’s retro striped pie plate too!!! Great game, great potluck & such talented students this session!!!

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And there it is… hot out of the oven & just in time for the potluck at tonight’s Wheelthrowing class!!! A fun pie that tastes, smells & looks like apple pie… with absolutely NO APPLES!!! No apples, no apple juice, no applesauce… nothing!!! Just a bunch of boiled crackers!!! Go figure… but in a handmade pie dish to make it look a little nicer!

You gotta know the pressure I was under… knowing the Martin our “Top Baker” would be judging my efforts. I figured I could never win with a “real” pie… but maybe some bonus points for this quirky throwback recipe?!

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Tonight was the last class for my Intermediate Wheelthrowing class… with a potluck to celebrate!
So I had to step-up and throw something together quick before class!!!

Still boiling… it’s coming together. Soon to be pie filling!!!

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Last night I brought some good ol’ Halloween goodie bags to class for my beginning pottery students. Each one was different with assortments of candies, OREOs, pottery tools, Halloween toys, my clay fortune cookies… and one lucky bag even had one of my soda-fired pumpkins in it! Fun times for everyone who made it to class… trudging through the snow & foregoing trick-or-treating!!!

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While we do get some pottery done in my classes, we do like our sweet treats too! And last night Jen brought a huge bag of “freshly-picked-that-morning” apples to class for all of us! Heirloom & organic from her family’s farm… two varieties… and so many we all left with a bag full! So nice, so yummy… thanks Jen!!! They might just wash down some of the cookies & candies we’ve been eating in class lately! HA!