Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Looks like my pal Allison had a much better breakfast this morning
than I did!!! She had me with blueberries & whipped cream!!!

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FLASHBACK FRIDAY… with this little cutie!
Ryann was adorable in her little pink glasses eating out of her favorite mug! She no longer has the glasses… but hopefully still loves the mug now that she’s eight years older… and she’s still adorable!

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You know how I love a good holiday… especially when it’s National Deep Dish Pizza Day!!! So I felt somewhat “obligated” to celebrate with a slice for dinner before class tonight!!! I mean, if I must…

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Looks like an Easter Bunny in Pennsylvania has been busy decorating eggs! Pretty pastel colors in a vibrant green stamped bowl! Thanks for sharing Jody!

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Looks like one of my Easter Baskets made its way to MAURIE’S SUGAR SHOPPE in Eureka, Illinois! And if you know of a good Easter Bunny still looking for sweet treats, THIS IS THE PLACE!!! Handmade goodies, homemade fudge, chocolate bunnies & eggs and plenty of retro candies to bring back the childhood memories! If you’re in Central Illinois, be sure to swing by today!!! Thanks Keith & Julie… it looks so festive, fun & yummy there!

Click here for more info on MAURIE’S SUGAR SHOPPE!

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After years of trying every crazy flavor possible, I think the folks at OREO have finally heard my prayers! Look what one of my students found on the shelves at Target! I’m SO EXCITED… as you know the more filling there is the happier I am!

And yes, I have the palate of a 4-year old!!!

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This past weekend we did a little “celebrating” of my niece
Taylor’s “Sweet 16” birthday… her second Covid birthday!

While we stayed safe in our family bubble, we also tried the new “pandemic trend” of cutting & eating cake with wine glasses! Pretty fun, a little messy and a LOT of yummy chocolate frosting! We all liked it… except maybe my Dad who I think prefers the old-fashioned slice of cake on a plate!

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And oh, but wait there’s more… SO MUCH MORE!!!
Or would that be MORE-eo?!!!

Not only did I get Christine’s Chicago flag flowerpot as part of our trading game… l ALSO got this amazing piece that she made as a surprise gift for me!!! Christine has been taken several of my classes and knows my penchant for OREOs firsthand. So she knew that this would be the PERFECT gift for me. And apparently, there was an all-on covert operation going on behind-the-scenes at Lillstreet to get it through all of the firings without me seeing it (thank you Dave – her cohort in crime!) Such an AMAZING way to end our session… with this AMAZING OREO PLANTER.

And don’t hate… but this is only Christine’s second handbuilding project ever!.. yes, she’s one of “those” people!!! I will do a post soon that show’s her step-by-step process in building this masterpiece!!!

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After a wonderful night finishing up my SODA-FIRING WORKSHOP… I decided to treat myself to a little snack on the way home! I mean it is still St. Patrick’s Day after all, right?! And how could I pass up the Shamrock OREO McFlurry?! Festive green mint & crumbled OREO’s to celebrate the holiday! I’m in!!!

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You gotta love when you make it into the studio… and your studio “neighbor” has deep-dish apple pancake leftovers to share!!! Thanks Lesley… such a yummy surprise treat!