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Huge THANKS to everyone for the great birthday wishes yesterday!
It was a great day… with lots of ICE CREAM!
And thanks to Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams for giving away free ice cream for your birthday!
Okay, so maybe they didn’t quite expect anyone to drive around to three different locations.

But it I did… and it was a very sweet Trifecta of Free Ice Cream Trios…
with nine different flavors!!!                                                               Burp!

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A wonderfully impromptu evening at Marriott Lincolnshire last night with my niece Taylor and her parents to see “SOMETHING ROTTEN.” A wonderfully wacky, witty, pun-filled show… packed with references of Shakespeare & Broadway shows! Very fun night… nothing rotten here… especially with the yummy cheesecake that followed!

Click here to see a quick scene from “SOMETHING ROTTEN.”



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Words to live by… and some dark chocolate purely for “medicinal” purposes.
Dark chocolate is good for me, right?!!!

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Last night in my pottery class, my students tackled their toughest challenge yet…
figuring out the newest “mystery flavor” of OREOs!!!

Definitely a touch of cinnamon… so our top guesses were cookie butter… churros…
windmill cookies… or my favorite guess by Susaanna…

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Yummy treats at ART IN THE BARN… like this chocolate-on-chocolate
and then some more chocolate milk shake made with chocolate ice cream…
and then even more CHOCOLATE!!! Thank you Riverside Chocolate Factory!

Never too cold or rainy for ice cream… or chocolate. YUMMY!

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Sweet success at ART IN THE BARN today. Not only did we send a lot of pots off
to their new homes… but we had lots of cookies too!!!

My Mom used to bake cookies for every art fair. But now that she’s gone, a couple people made cookies for me in her honor! Special thanks to my niece Taylor, painter Cheryl & potter Patty for the extra “sweet” tribute to my Mom.



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So last night in my Tuesday night pottery class we “may” have had too many OREO’s… if that is even a thing?! Patty “imported” some from her recent travels… Banadas from Portugal, and the Bites & JoyFills from Finland. Kate brought in the rest of the “repeat” treats! Too many to finish in our three-hour class… but we sure gave it a valiant effort!

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The BEST four letters to see at the studio!!!…
err… well okay, maybe… sure, I can think of a better one!!!

I mean, let’s not get crazy!!!


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And oh, but wait there’s more… Dan brought back a sweet “souvenir” to share with the class. It was kind of a layered chocolate fudge, peanut butter & OREO cookie chunk of yumminess!!!… YES, PLEASE!!!

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Well, tonight was the first night of the Fall Session of my pottery wheelthrowing class at Lillstreet… so it only seemed fitting when one of my students brought in these yummy “Fall” treats!!! Thanks Jacob!!!