Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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I’ve been on a quest… searching for the new Brookie-O OREO‘s here in Chicago. No success yet. Luckily my niece Taylor had a package and was willing to share… from a safe distance of course.

Were they worth the wait?… Yummy, but not amazing.
Would I eat more? Yes.
Would I finish a whole package? Most likely.

Would I rather have that wonderful-gooey-pile-of-goodness as seen on the center of the package?


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Looks like someone’s new plates are making the perfect backdrop for another Breakfast of Champions! Thanks Rosene for sharing your yummy morning feast!

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Looks like Tatiana is getting ready for a relaxing night at home! Celebrating another MUGSHOT MONDAY with two of the mugs she snagged during my studio mug sale before Christmas! Vino, snacks & more – have a great night Tatiana!!!

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Looks like Kristy is settling in for a warm Winter’s night! Good things happen when two different Christmas gifts come together at the same time. A time she may or may not “remember” in the morning!!!

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But then I just found out that there might be something out there to brighten our days!!! So much craziness going on out there… who couldn’t benefit from a little sugar therapy? I mean… three layers, three flavors!. I’m in!!!

We’ve been running a little low on our OREO quotient through the holidays, especially with new “no-food-sharing” COVID restrictions at Lillstreet. So I guess if I find these tasty treats… I guess I’ll have to eat them all by myself?! Oh shucks! Let the search begin… QUICK!!!

Oh wait… and for you cookie-challenged folks out there… BROOKIE.
That’s Brownie & Chocolate Chip Cookie combined!!! Who doesn’t love that?!!!

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Looks like another yummy handmade meal on some handmade pottery! Warm winter meals coming together down in Peoria. A little chicken pot pie on a little chicken pot POTTERY!!!

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Looks like Jody has made her Sunday a little more festive!
With peppermint ice cream & chocolate sauce… in a pretty little bowl!

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Celebrating safely-at-home with my newest 2020 holiday tradition! This is my THIRD holiday celebrating with Bake-A-Pie & Eat-A-Pie!!! And sure, I coulda left that one last piece for tomorrow…

But why stop at one piece… after THIS year, I think we all deserve two pieces… and ice cream too!!! Congrats on making it through this crumbly-crust of a year!!!

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A little late for Santa…
but it looks like someone is planning on milk & cookies for ONE!!!
And I sure hope there’s more cookies where those came from!!!
Thanks for sharing Karen!

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Hoping everyone is having a “sweet” Christmas today. Whether you’re safely flying solo, or sharing your “bubble” with family… I just hope you’re all staying safe & enjoying some holiday sweet treats!!!… hmmm?… maybe I need to try ala mode next?!!!