Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Spring flowers to brighten up a Floral Friday… thanks Lynn for showing them off in one of my stamped vases!

Categories: glaze

Just a couple more fun glaze combos from Chelsea… on a couple of my class demo pieces from several sessions ago! Like I said, I don’t like glazing. So some of my class demo pots tend to “pile-up” on my teacher shelf after bisque firing. So when Chelsea said she wanted to glaze a few things… I was there and ready to volunteer a few pieces! And if these cool color combos continue… I’m willing to offer up even more!!!

Categories: bowls, glaze

Another beautiful glaze combination done by my fellow Lillstreet teacher Chelsea! I made the bowl, but she made it sing! Several layers, some dipped, some painted, some splattered… all with a plan to optimize the drippy blends, yet to avoid running off the bottom onto a kiln shelf. Another unexpected success!

Categories: bowls, glaze

My favorite kind of collaboration… where I make the bowls and someone else glazes them for me!!! Yes, as I have said before many times… glazing is my least favorite part of the whole pottery process! So here’s one of my “class demo bowls” that Chelsea glazed as a demo for her class. Lots of glazes, lots of layers, lots of colors. Stunning glaze combos Chelsea!!!

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So every year I see lots of zinnias in other people’s gardens… admiring from afar… and wishing that I had planted some sooner! Well this year, I’m going to go for it. First I bought some seed packets. But then a wonderful care package showed up in my mail!!! My best gardening buddy Rosene has set me up with these wonderful little packets of zinnia seeds. So many varieties, so many possibilities! Now I just need to figure out when to plant them inside… so they’re growing well when it’s time to finally transplant them outside! And then to keep my fingers crossed!

Categories: process, production, tools

Getting ready for an evening of trimming… one of my favorite parts of the process. There’s something soothing & meditative when you’re “refining” the bottoms of your pots. Especially when you have good tools to make your job easier. Still loving my collection of trimming tools from DiamondCore Tools… always sharp for crisp clean footrings!

Categories: process, production, tools

Getting ready for a big trimming session… lots of mugs to be trimmed tonight! And thankful for my Giffin Grip every time I pull it out… it’s been well-used & well-loved. One of my favorite tools in the studio… makes trimming so much faster & more fun too!!!

Categories: production

Throwing small, throwing quick. Another quick batch of spoon rests. Might just get some stamping soon… allegedly…

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So not all Mugshot Mondays are happy Mondays! Luckily this mug had served a good ten years or so… before taking this tragic plunge! Sorry Keith… but now there’s one less “vintage” mug in circulation!

Categories: mugs, process, production, stamped, surface decoration

Spent some time in the studio tonight stamping patterns into my latest batch of mugs!