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Well, here it is… my soda kiln full of pots!

Plenty of shelves covered with pots of all shapes & sizes! Looks like it was a good firing… even without a top cone pack! Plenty of vibrant colors & good soda “glaze” coverage. Gearing up for my HOLIDAY HOME SHOW which is just a couple weeks away! How can that be?… it still feels like summer!!! More photos to come…

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Trick or Treat!!! Methinks my wheelthrowing class might be enjoying another “yellow towel” moment tonight!

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Another layer closer to the “big reveal”…
and already loving the bright colors!!!

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From this cute little Witch flying around Lillstreet thanks to some creative kids!!!

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The first sneak peeks… so far, so good!

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Celebrating a day full of costumes & candy… and showing off one of the biggest collections of my Ghouls!!! My friend Keith & Julie recently moved to Ohio… just in time to show-off their Ghouls Collection on their new fireplace mantle! Not quite all of them… as it looks like their missing the Skull, Frankenstein, Mummy & Vampire!

Does anyone out there have MORE Ghouls in their collection?…
Send me a photo if you do!!! –

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First layer of bricks taken out…

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Another festive group of Halloween cuties… just Martin & Christi showing off their Ghouls Collection!!! So much fun to see them hanging out in people’s homes for the holiday! Thanks guys!!!

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Yesterday was my soda kiln firing day. A long day of playing with FIRE!!! So much “fun” firing with my fingers crossed as I was missing the top cone pack… guessing & hoping for the beast. The firing seemed fairly smooth all day, so I’m pretty pleased so far. Always exciting when the kiln gets to the top temperatures and you introduce the soda mixture into the fire boxes. Flames come shooting out every crack & crevice. So beautiful. So dangerous. Definitely not for the pyrophobics out there!!!

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Okay, so here’s a story… I made my cone packs a few days ago so they would be nice & dry before they went into the kiln. Sure, I could have made them plain like everyone else… but MORE IS MORE. So you know I stamped mine just because I can.

Anyway… here’s the story!
So yesterday when I was firing the soda kiln, about three hours in I finally pulled out a brick to view the cone pack. Looked inside… and there was nothing there?! The star ornament behind it is still there… but no cones?! All I can think is that it either fell off the shelf or exploded?! Nothing I could do at that point… so I fired the kiln using just the bottom cone pack and the pyrometer. I can’t wait to open the kiln tomorrow to find out where that cone pack went?! And what it might have landed on… or in??? ugh… fingers crossed!