Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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We had beautiful blue skies today… warm temps & not a cloud in the sky! Just a little hazy day lingering downtown. I kept trying to stay focused to get some work done… but instead, my bike won out again! That’s why I’m in the studio tonight!!!

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And there it is… after “just a few” stampings! I’m always enamored by how the repetition of just one handmade stamp can transform a smooth platter into a crazy cool textured pattern. Each stamped pressed in one by one… by one… by one…

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Here we go… the first stamp is always the toughest. Once you press that first one in, you’ve kinda committed to doing it all. And it’s difficult to stamp with my fingers crossed! HA!!!

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Another night in the studio… tackling a class demo platter. Sure, I could leave it smooth & plain, but what fun is that? So instead… time to pick “the right” stamp!!!

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Looks like Rosene is enjoying a crisp & juicy summer salad on the this warm & summery Saturday! Looks yummy in that green stamped bowl! Thanks for sharing!

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A lakefront morning chuckle!

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Not a cloud in the sky… and surprisingly few people out this morning. It was a beautiful ride… kinda like I had the whole lakefront to myself?! I’m guessing that with the beautiful forecast for today, more people will be outside playing this afternoon in the summer temps! I know I will be…

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And I might be one of the last three people in the world still getting DVD’s in the mail form Netflix. HA!!! Until today that is!!! Say goodbye to the red envelopes in the mailbox… and a “forced’ hello to streaming. Yes, I am now “finally” streaming on a new Smart TV. I was dragging my heels as I have a traditional DVD player in my studio & spotty Internet service through Lillstreet. So that combination has kept me with DVDs from Netflix. Until today… sad, but true…

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I love having talented friends… and trading art with those “Talented Friends”!!! During ART IN THE BARN last weekend, I struck a great trade with Sandy James! She makes wonderful pieces “Of Nature” by electroforming copper on actual leaves, branches, seed pods, etc. Such an amazing way to capture nature & preserve it forever. I was lucky enough to grab this one… so enamored by the “skeleton” of the decaying leaf being captured in copper… forever!

And who knows… there has even been some discussion of some future collaborations down the road… you know how I LOVE a good collaboration project!!!

For more about Sandy’s beautiful pieces “Of Nature”… click here…

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But oddly, Taylor wasn’t the only “surprise visitor” in my art fair booth last weekend. So… I stopped & bought some grocery store cookies on my way to the fair for a snack. But when Taylor showed up with HOMEMADE cookies… the store-bought ones went to the side. I set them in a crate that had a couple overstock mugs & my t-shirt inside… and promptly forgot all about them.

So imagine my surprise when I showed up Sunday morning to find some cookies scattered around my booth… and a broken hybrid mug from the now toppled-over crate! I’m guessing that I might have had a little raccoon friend visiting overnight. At least he didn’t find Taylor’s cookies!!!

And… I guess the up-side of broken pottery is you get to analyze your own pottery skills a bit. My wall thickness looks pretty thin & even! Not bad… especially for a “hybrid” wheelthrown & handbuilt combo mug!!!