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One bowl. Two stamps. Lots of repetition…
Just to make another stamped & textured rim. I like how the stamped pattern creates this kind of chevron effect around the rim!

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Once my slip & plate were on the drier-side of leatherhard, it was ready for my class demo last Thursday night. I had already trimmed the bottom of the piece… but now I needed to shave off the top layer of white slip.

The “plan” for sanggam is to shave off the top layer of slip and leave it filled in the stamped impressions! Like I said… this is my first time really trying this technique. And what better place to do it than in class as demo for all of my Thursday night students?!

Turns out that my T2 Arc Trimming Tool from DiamondCore Tools was the perfect too for shaving off the white slip! It’s nice & sharp, and the curved edge seemed to fit in all the right placed without shaving off any gouges or lines!

And now that I have all of the pattern revealed, I’m planning on smoothing it out a bit with some sandpaper after to dries completely… with my mask on of course!!!

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After stamping the pattern into my platter, I filled all of the stamps & covered it all with a thick white slip.

It took a little while to get it all filled in… as the thick slip wasn’t filling the indentations easily. So I had to “press it in” with the paintbrush – kinda tapping & squishing it in before smoothing it out.

Once the stamps were filled in… I smoothed it out, and added a second layer of slip to ty and cover the pattern completely.

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Just finishing off another batch of my new “wheelthrown-handbuilt-combo” mugs… whew!… done in time to teach class tonight!

Still looking for a new name for them… any suggestions???

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Speaking of class demos… here’s my first bowl using the water erosion technique! Remember, I used shellac to paint on the pattern and then wiped away the surface of the background… leaving the protected areas a little raised from the background. I then glazed it in a forest green celadon glaze that turns blue when the soda atmosphere hits it. So the wide range of colors that go around the bowl are all from the “magic” of the soda kiln firing… not me!!!

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Here’s a quick glimpse at some of my new “handbuilt-wheelthrown-combo” mugs… fresh from the soda kiln! I did a couple demos for my classes this session that “sparked” my need to make more of these textured mugs! Sure, some of them are a bit larger than maybe they should be… sometimes a class demo can get a little out of control. But I am loving how these turned out… so I’m sure I’ll be making another batch or five!

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Rippled glass block sunrise in the studio!

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One of my students has been working on some small handbuilt vases with a brick pattern. But she was frustrated as she was limited in size to the texture mat she was using for the brick pattern. So I offered up some of my textured rolling pins from STODOLA as an option. Rikke chose this grid pattern… and is so excited to make larger versions of her small vases now that she can roll larger slab textures! So excited that she’ll be ordering her own custom brick pattern rolling pin from STODOLA soon!

Click here to go to the STODOLA website!

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After spreading some “good fortune” for the New Year by hiding twenty-one fortune cookies for an “Illinois Beach State Park Scavenger Hunt”… I figured it was time to replenish the inventory a bit. So much fun to make these little cuties. This is just the first batch… I’m sure there will be more to come!!!

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We’re kicking off DAY ELEVEN of my TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS POTTERY SALE featuring twelve soda-fired & two-sided square vases. With a different texture “picture” on each side of the vase… it’s like getting two-in-one. Get tired of one side, just turn it around!

Just scroll through the “official” Photo Album on my Fire When Ready Pottery Facebook page and if you see a square vase you want, be the first person to put a Comment of “MINE” in the Comments section of that one! I will then follow-up with a confirmation & a Facebook Message with further details. It’s that easy!!!

Click HERE to go to my Fire When Ready Pottery Facebook page.

So start shopping… be the first to claim your square vase… and then come back each day for a different pottery selection. Each of the twelve days will feature a different “category” with twelve new pieces up for sale first-come, first-serve only on my Facebook page… with a very SPECIAL event TOMORROW to celebrate Day Twelve!!!

At the end of each of the “12 days”… any unclaimed pottery will be added to My Online Pottery Store on my website … so you can still shop anytime, even if it’s on the “wrong day” of this pottery sale!!!

LARGE SQUARE VASES – 6.75″ x 6.75″ x 1.75″

MEDIUM SQUARE VASES – 5.25″ x 5.25″ x 1.75″

SMALL SQUARE VASES – 3.75″ x 3.75″ x 1.75″