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One of my favorite pieces of rusty metal. This beautifully carved shovel creates such great shadows on my dining room wall. Beautiful artwork by New Orleans artist Denice Bizot.

For more rusty shovels and other beautiful things, click here for Denice’s website.

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It’s “Wrought Iron Wednesday” … and you know how I love a good piece of rusty metal.

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Here are the “glamour shots” of tonight’s freshly stamped platter.
For the mesmerizing video of this platter, click over to my pottery Facebook page.

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Okay, so you know how I love a good tie-dye.
So many of my old t-shirts have been “rejuvenated” by a good summer camp tie-dying. So much fun. But this video definitely makes me think I need to step up my game. Must learn how to do this technique. The end result is well worth the wait.

Click here for the amazing tie-dye video.

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Thanks to my potter-friend Emily Murphy for sharing…
I can’t quite figure it out… and nor could she. But I love it just the same!
It looks so simple, but I’m sure it’s not. I’m sure the “secret” is in the original “silkscreened” image being altered just a bit. But how does the squishy balloon-thingy not smudge or smear the images?… or stretch them out of shape?!

If only stamping textures onto a bowl were this easy too???

Click here for the amazingly simple, yet incredibly technical video.

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Look what’s coming up for sale next Saturday for the next online mug sale!
A little snippet of stamped textures. A little grid of groovy patterns.

Remember, the online mug sale with will start next Saturday, January 30th at Noon CST. Check out the official Facebook Photo Album on my pottery page. Be the first to Comment with “Mine. Mine. Mine.” to claim your mug!

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So I saw a pretty great video on Facebook. I don’t do a lot of painting on my own work… but I can tell that this is pretty impressive. I love the attention-to-detail and manual dexterity. Love the patterns & designs. And I’m TOTALLY intrigued by the “glazing with a pastry bag” technique shown here. Pretty cool.

Click here for the video on Facebook.
Unfortunately, the page is originally in Arabic and I can’t find an artist reference?!