Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Almost a month… and not only have I not killed it yet, but it’s still blooming!!!!

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One of my wonderful customers brought me a gift African violet yesterday planted in one of my own flower pots! Apparently Rick propagates & grows these violets off of his mother’s original plants after she passed away. While her plants are now well over fifty years old, the violet’s beauty continues to be shared & spread through Rick’s ever-“growing” tribute. A beautiful combo… and a beautiful gesture. Thank you so much Rick & Nancy! I love it!!!

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Took a quick break from the sgraffito carving to replant a couple of my studio plants. They’re both doing so well, that they’ve outgrown the pots that they originally came in from my students Jen & Teresa. They were each in one of my classes where the final trading game was a handmade flowerpot with a plant to fit. I’ll need to put new plants in their pots… but if you need a flower pot for YOUR plants, you can get some of mine at my HOLIDAY HOME SHOW next weekend!!!

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Looks like these African violets are very happy in their fancy homes!!!
Thanks to Nancy for sharing the photos… and her husband Rick for growing his collection
in my stamped & soda-fired flower pots.

If you want your plants to be happy too…
my HOLIDAY HOME SHOW is less than a month away. November 23rd & 24th.
More details to come…

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Another Fall beauty… sunny sunflowers fading fast as Fall is taking over quickly!

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Close. Closer. Closest… each one cooler than the next.
One long stalk with one beautiful flower.

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Color, pattern, repetition, layers… not to mention the color variation alone…


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These may just be my new favorite flower?
Kinda glowing with color… no filter needed!!

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When the going gets tough, the tough get GROWing!
Adorable little trooper of a weed hanging in there!!! You grow girl!!