Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Not quite as fragrant, but loving the wonderful colors, patterns & structure to this bi-color iris that is still blooming in my front yard garden! Gotta love iris season!

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Beautiful purple iris blooming in my front yard… just love the fragrant smell as it is always creates such a wonderful childhood flashback memory!

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Everyone is trying to make the best of the bad situation. Tough times require all of us to be patient, respectful & resilient. Putting down roots and trying to thrive through the difficulties. Hunkering down at home. Searching for the sunlight. Struggling to make the best out of the craziness that we call “Our World” today!

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And that’s not all… here’s a different variety of orchid that has never re-bloomed for me before?! But look at it now!!! Getting ready to do something cool… as I have totally forgotten what these flowers are even going to look like! I know I liked it when I bought it at the garden show a couple years back! Let’s hope I still like them!!!

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And oh, but wait there’s more… something weird is going on here?!
All of my orchid plants seem to be on a kick lately! Here’s another orchid that’s re-blooming for me… no special care except the usual neglect. I guess they’re loving quarantine a lot more than me!!!

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Okay, so this Chicago Curfew is really messing with my sunrise bike rides…
as the sun rises before the curfew is lifted!!!…
and you know how I like to play by the rules?!

So instead, here’s a little morning beauty to start your day. This orchid started re-blooming during quarantine even though I did nothing special to make it happy… except maybe a nice flower pot? It’s doing great… and making ME happy every time I see it.

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Well, the new overnight curfew in Chicago also means NO SUNRISE BIKE RIDES for me!!! We’re locked-down until 6:00am in the morning… and the sunrise is happening well before that. So I stayed home… stayed safe… and enjoyed the morning sun on my African violets. This plant has been amazing… blooming constantly since I received it as a gift last Fall from Rick & Nancy! Especially beautiful as I’ve been “sheltered-at-home” with plenty of time to enjoy these blooms!

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Sure, they may have a big fallen tree in the middle of their garden right now… but my friends Gerry & Rosene still have an AMAZING GARDEN!!! Lots of beautiful plants & rusty art pieces all around. It’s so much fun to visit at different times of the year to see what’s blooming each time!

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Good Morning Jack!!! So fun to see this jack-in-the-pulpit pop up in my garden this time of the year! Too bad his visit is always short-lived!

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A little sweet cup of little spring pretties!
Fragrant Lily-Of-The-Valley blooms from my garden
in a small porcelain stamped & soda-fired cup!