Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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One of the “handbuilt cube” challenge pieces survived the LILLSTREET THROWDOWN and finally made it through the soda kiln! Molly & Jacob are taking their first soda class… and their fern looks excited in its new home!

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What a wonderful way to kick-off my Easter than with an AMAZING bike ride
with my best pedaling partner Chrissy-Chick!!!

We had a beautiful morning ride through the woods on the North Branch & Green Bay Trails, around the Skokie lagoons, into the Chicago Botanic Garden and more!!! Incredible weather, great riding and over thirty deer sightings along the way!!! So much fun… maybe the best Easter ever?!!! And to think a week ago we had a huge snowstorm!!! Spring in Chicago!!!



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What a difference a couple days can make?!!!… two days ago we had a snowstorm, and today we have snowy white flowers blooming on all the star magnolia bushes. Guess that’s just springtime in Chicago?!!! Crazy.

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Just because it’s a big snowy mess outside… doesn’t mean that it isn’t still beautiful. It’s just pretty with an oddly slush-covered layer of mid-Spring snow on top of the pretty!!! No worries… it’ll melt… and maybe Spring will eventually get here for real?! Maybe…

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Still blooming… so much fun to have one of my orchids RE-blooming while living in one of my stamped & soda-fired mugs! Great to have so many blossoms going up the stem… more flowers to come!!!

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With cold rain, wind & verging on a mix of “sleetish-snow,”
good to see that Spring is still trying to push its way through!!!

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When I got home from NCECA yesterday, I was greeted by one of my orchid plants
that decided to bloom again… must like living in a handmade mug?!

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And while I was at Marshall Field’s… yes, confusing, but… I decided to stop in for a quick trip through the “Macy’s” Flower Show which has an outer space theme this year! They had a few cute displays, with a couple cute aliens peeking out here & there. Unfortunately I was slight underwhelmed this year. Although I do always enjoy the color floral displays contrasting against the classic columns & architecture inside.

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Feels like Spring is “almost” here… and in just TWO WEEKS I kick-off my art fair season with the Prairie View Arts Invitational in Naperville! It’s a sweet little show and a great kick-off to the season… feels good to get out of the house and start showing off some of the things I’ve been working on through the Winter months!

So here are the details… hope you can join us!!!


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It’s the First Day of Spring… still rainy & cold,
but with a little glimmer of hope in my front yard.