Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Protected by a wall, it was fun to find a small patch of colorful fall flowers still hanging on.
With the cold weather moving in, this might be the last of them?!


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What’s better than a stamped & soda-fired oval vase???
One that has fulfilled its destiny and has beautiful FLOWERS!!!


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So I had to go downtown to renew my Driver’s License today. As I was leaving I noticed the Farmer’s Market across the street at Daley Plaza. So I just “had to” stop by for some Fall fun at the Farmer’s Market. Who doesn’t like fresh vegetables, colorful flowers, LOTS of pumpkins & gourds… and “quite possibly” some pies, cookies and other yummy baked goods!!!


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Fall is in the air. The mums are blooming. HELLO OCTOBER.

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A beautiful day for “playing hooky” and pedaling north. Nothing better than a quick stop off at a small, secluded little stretch of beachfront to dip your toes in the water!

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Nature at its finest after the morning’s rain.

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Another beautiful day here in Chicago. A little warmer than expected.
Hotter than mid-September usually is… but I’m LOVING IT!!!
And the flowers are still looking good on my back porch.
Not sure what these orange cuties are?… but they’re pretty cool.
They bloom for a surprisingly long time – with blossoms working their way up the stem in a weird kind of “pod” that looks like hops?!

And what better way to show some small flowers than in a mini vase???


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After our last day of camp this week, I snuck out this afternoon for a quick bike ride along the lakefront. It was still a bit humid and hazy downtown… but still a beautiful ride with some nice wildflowers along the way. Still enjoying those lazy, hazy, crazy days of Summer! And now… back to the studio…

Not every bird likes to swim.



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And there’s a lot of pretty things happening in the garden these days!


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Summer wildflowers in full bloom of warm yellow.