Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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The shelves have been replenished for Day Two of the HINSDALE FINE ARTS FESTIVAL…
today from 10am-5pm. The sun is trying its best and it looks like another beautiful day
in Burlington Park! C’mon by Booth #90.

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Two of my favorites irises are currently blooming in the front yard!
Love the colors, patterns & unique scents of these bearded irises.

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For the final pottery class of every session, I challenge my students to make a certain item during the class, finish and bring it in for our “trading-stealing-exchanging” game. This time we went with flowerpots with a plant in it… and they were all great… okay, so there were two that didn’t quite make it through the final glaze kiln… but a GREAT GAME and a GREAT SHOWING from my class. A wonderful ending to another session of wheelthrowing classes!

Here’s Jen’s flower pot… and the one I cam home with after the game! LOVE IT!!!

Okay, so two of them didn’t quite make the deadline…
and didn’t make it through glaze kiln in time for our exchange game.
So now I guess it’s a DIY flowerpot… after the fact.

My partial TA Claire’s flower pot…

My regular TA Susan’s flower pot…

And here’s MY contribution to the game…
wheelthrown, stamped & glazed now with a Sago Palm taking residence.



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Beautiful Spring flowers this morning along the bike trail.
Striking flower spikes blossoming on the red horse chestnut trees.

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Spent the weekend down in Bartonville (near Peoria) visiting some good friends & playing in their amazing garden with my Cousin Kim! It’s just enough warmer down there that they are easily a few weeks ahead of us. So many Spring flowers already blooming in their amazing garden! Full of colors, textures and a bunch of wonderful rust pieces!!!

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Spring in Chicago… in between the snow and rain,
we’ve finally got some pretty things popping up around the City.

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It’s April… mere days away from May… and then THIS happened today?!
What?… snow again?! I thought we were done with this stuff.

Looks like someone at Lillstreet jumped the gun with their flowers?!
But then again, who would ever expect now this late in April?!

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One of the “handbuilt cube” challenge pieces survived the LILLSTREET THROWDOWN and finally made it through the soda kiln! Molly & Jacob are taking their first soda class… and their fern looks excited in its new home!

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What a wonderful way to kick-off my Easter than with an AMAZING bike ride
with my best pedaling partner Chrissy-Chick!!!

We had a beautiful morning ride through the woods on the North Branch & Green Bay Trails, around the Skokie lagoons, into the Chicago Botanic Garden and more!!! Incredible weather, great riding and over thirty deer sightings along the way!!! So much fun… maybe the best Easter ever?!!! And to think a week ago we had a huge snowstorm!!! Spring in Chicago!!!



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What a difference a couple days can make?!!!… two days ago we had a snowstorm, and today we have snowy white flowers blooming on all the star magnolia bushes. Guess that’s just springtime in Chicago?!!! Crazy.