Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Colorful flowers to brighten your Friday!

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So fun to see my students actually using their own pottery!
Here’s Patty showing off her version of round sphere bud vases…
as inspired by the Tulipiere Challenge!

Her black spheres have holes pierced through for the water & flowers to be inserted.
Beautiful with these colorful round blooms!

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Huge heartfelt thanks to everyone who has expressed their thoughts, hugs & condolences over the passing of my Mom last week. She left us early Tuesday morning, and was finally put to rest yesterday morning. It has been a sad & enlightening experience for all of us as we work our way through the loss & grief. Yet with so many positive thoughts & memories I’m sure we’ll all make it out the other side… as she will continue to guide us through with her teachings & our memories.

The visitation Friday night was beautiful, with so many people passing through to pay their respects. It was the first time that someone so close to me was the “guest of honor”… that I found I was treading into new territory. I wasn’t quite sure how to react, but to be thankful and cherish the moments & friends as they shared stories & support.

My entire family thanks everyone who made it out say  their good-byes to my Mom.
She was a wonderful lady, a fantastic Mom and one of my best friends.
It will be tough over the next few weeks to come to the full realization that she is gone.
I’m sure moments will pop-up that catch me off guard. And even more “signs”
that slap me upside the head to force a memory and a smile. It was wonderful to see
all of my family together yesterday at the gravesite ceremony…
even if it was for such a sad occasion.

Thank you for your support & caring.
Thank you for your understanding as we all move forward without her.
Thank you for sharing your fond memories of how she touched so many people.

Thank you Mom… for just being YOU!!!
You will be so sadly missed by so many people.

A fond




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Sure is a scorcher today… but these little trumpet vine flowers seem to be loving it
as they’re growing up the side wall of Lillstreet Art Center.

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Summer’s asiatic lilies.
Mother Nature sure is painting the gardens with beautiful colors these days!

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Looks like Rick’s African violet garden is growing nicely… handmade flower pots with some young violets adapting to their new homes. Soon enough they’ll be filling out, flowering and ready to propagate some more cuttings! Thanks for sharing your pics!!!

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It was a very HOT day today… 101-degrees after nearly 101-miles through the rural farms in “the land past DeKalb”. Very hot & sweaty, with salt stains on my shorts, what felt like gallons of Gatorade and a few four-legged friends along the way. A very steamy & satisfying Century bike ride!!! Thank you to all of the Beanzie volunteers who kept us well-hydrated today!

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Another beautiful piece finished from our Lillstreet Throwdown pottery class… a sweet vase made by Jon during our “decorate a cylinder with one crazy tool” challenge! The pink peonies are a nice touch too. Well done Bucky!!!

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A beautiful day for riding, with some beautiful flora along the way… and some fauna too!
We saw lot of Nature along the way, some beautiful flowers, a groovy espalier…
and about sixteen deer along the way!!!

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The shelves have been replenished for Day Two of the HINSDALE FINE ARTS FESTIVAL…
today from 10am-5pm. The sun is trying its best and it looks like another beautiful day
in Burlington Park! C’mon by Booth #90.