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Dull dreary & cold Winter days are so much easier to cope with when you go down into my friend Rosene’s basement to find her coleus garden growing in full force! What better way to feed her own gardening addiction than to take cuttings at the end of Summer… and then root them & nurse them through the Winter! So many wonderful colors & textures on these gorgeous coleus plants! Perfect for a natural TEXTURE TUESDAY!!!

Too bad this little slice o Heaven is way down by Peoria!!!

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A welcome surprise… finding a Major Wheeler Honeysuckle plant still blooming this late in the season! Love how the bright flowers make a great contrast to the yellowing Fall colors of the leaves still on the vine!

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While we’re focused on flower pots for Day Seven of my “TWELVE DAYS” pottery sales… I thought I’d share this little bit of craziness going on at my place!

I re-planted this little succulent back in May and it seems to be loving its new home. So much so that it’s sending up these wonderful stalks with tiny little flowers on top!

Again, apparently my plants are thriving during the pandemic shut-down – with no special care, just a south-facing window and plenty of neglect!!!

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You know how I love seeing my pottery being used… fresh flowers, pretty vase, nice lighting. But in a true sign of the times, it looks like this stamped vase got totally upstaged!!! Figures.

Thank You 2020!!!

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Looks like my Christmas Cactus… err, Thanksgiving Cactus is right on schedule! Perfect to kick-off MY HOLIDAY HOME SHOW “open” house this weekend. Remember, we have limited access today & tomorrow from 10:00am-6:00pm… only six people shopping at one time for safe social-distancing & masks required.

Click on HERE for more details about MY HOLIDAY HOME SHOW.

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Morning sun on my white African violet. A year ago at My Holiday Home Show, I was gifted this beautiful plant by Rick & Nancy in one of my own flower pots. It was a cutting propagated from the original plant that was Rick’s mother’s violet. Such a thoughtful gift in… and it has never stopped blooming! So beautiful… and surprising to have a flowering plant all the time!

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So apparently I’m NOT the only one whose cactus is starting to bloom… like this one down in Peoria! They’re looking pretty happy in their handmade pottery flower pots, just sayin’! Thanks for the photos Gerry & Rosene!

Anyways, thanks to a Facebook Fan who clarified the difference, this is in fact a Thanksgiving Cactus. Different from a Christmas Cactus… or even more different from an Easter Cactus. Who knew there were three?… not me! But thanks to Kim for clarifying the cactus confusion for me.

For more information to clarify the cactus confusion, click here!

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Dark & rainy this morning… but there’s a glimmer of sunshine happening!!! I just noticed that my Christmas Cactus is getting ready to bloom… something it hasn’t done since I’ve had it!!!! Kind of exciting to see it blooming finally… although it looks like it might be more of a Thanksgiving Cactus than Christmas?! I have no idea how long these flowers will last!!! But I’m excited to find out… finally!!!

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A surprising beauty blooming in my back courtyard. I thought the clematis were done blooming for the year… but this one must be a little confused!!!

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While I was outside pedaling, there were plenty of bees working hard along the lakefront too! Trying to gather the last of the pollen before a big freeze shuts them all down! I’m sure they’re moving a bit slower on these chilly days… but enjoying today’s bright sunshine!!!