Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Good Morning Glory… rainy & wet, but still a good morning!

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Normal is boring. Be different. Be unique. Stand out from the crowd.


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Okay, so I don’t drink coffee… or even tea…
so I’m always looking for new ways to use my mugs. So here’s a fun floral alternative.


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I’ve been working on adding some new “square” slab vases into my repertoire. Two different sizes, each with two different patterns on the two different sides. Textured, detailed with colored slip and/or glaze and soda-fired to help show off Nature’s beauty.


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A beautiful gradation of color to set the tone for the Fall weather we’ve been having lately. I’m not ready yet… I’m still grasping onto Summer for as long as possible!

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Beautiful flowers at the Farmer’s Market this afternoon.
Sunflowers enjoying a little more fun in the late afternoon sun!


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Bringing a bit of nature’s beauty indoors. White hydrangeas in a stamped & soda-fired vase.


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A simple arrangement of summer blooms in a textured ikebana vase.
Thanks Kim for sharing some beauties from your garden!

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You know how I love seeing my pottery being used in people’s daily lives. So it was a great surprise to get these photos of George & Joan’s orchid collection… all looking very happy in their stamped & soda-fired flower pots! Thanks for sharing!



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