Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Huge THANKS to everyone who came out to ART IN THE GARDEN last weekend. It was great seeing everyone having a fun time surrounded by art in the garden… hence the name! We had wonderful weather & fantastic turn-out. So much fun seeing people out & about again… even if we were all still masked!

Also, a big thanks to painter Mary Foster who brought some zinnias from her yard to make my vases look so much better… and to “fulfill their destiny” of one day holding flowers!

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Pretty pink caladium leaves with fantastic veining & a wide range of colors. Every time I see these, I think to myself… “I need to plant more caladiums next year.”

And then I forget…

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Little berries hanging on the vine.
A fun little pop of color climbing up the courtyard fence!

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These purple clematis have been blooming all Summer… still pleased to see them going strong as we move into Fall. Love the flowers, but also love the “after-flowers”… a bit of squiggly fun for another “natural” Texture Tuesday!

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Another beautiful flower from the rooftop of Lillstreet… and one last rooftop lunch with my Summer Campers! They’re in the final stretch of painting & finishing all of their chess pieces! Nearing the end of another wonderful summer of teaching & playing with the kids… making cool art projects along the way!

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Enjoying the flowers, the beautiful weather and one of the last afternoons sitting on the Lillstreet Rooftop having a fun lunch with my Summer Campers. We’re in the middle of CHESS CAMP… which is also my last camp of the summer. Checkmate!

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A little sunshine this morning… a bright pop of color… a sunny yellow hibiscus flower for a beautiful Floral Friday! Thanks to one of my neighbors for growing these in their front yard!

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Bright colors poppin’ on my back porch.
Beautiful colors & textures on this sweet coleus plant…
so vibrant, so colorful.

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Fresh flowers in one of my stamped & soda-fired square vases. Looks like Rhonda’s latest visit to the Farmer’s Market has helped fulfill the destiny of this two-sided vase! Thanks for sharing Rhonda… and for brightening our day!

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So the pepperomia plant that I got a couple sessions ago as a “last class trade” prize in a handmade ceramic planter from Christine seems to be doing well… not sure WHAT it’s doing?… but it looks promising. Maybe a lot of new leaves popping up? Just some cool curled red-ness? Either way, it makes for another good “natural” Texture Tuesday!