Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Looks like a beautiful breakfast in the making in Stevens Point. Flowers from the garden, a beautiful fruit salad and plenty of pottery to serve in style! Remember, homemade food always tastes better in handmade pottery!

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These purple iris hung in there for a long time too. This patch of bearded purple iris are the very first ones I planted several years ago. They’ve been thriving & spreading as a consistent bloomer on the corner of my front garden. Yet sadly, they look like they’re almost done blooming now… until next year…

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Sadly, it looks like iris season has come to an end in my garden. These were the last few “troopers” to make an appearance this year. Especially loving the bi-color purple & yellow ones this year… so striking!!!

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Another art fair… another bouquet of flowers.
Nothing shows off a stamped & soda-fired wall pocket vase better than a bundle of beautiful flowers! A nice mix of colors & textures from the Northern Illinois Pottery Tour!

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What a fun trading game we had last week in my Tuesday night class… category theme of flowerpots with a plant in it! My students rocked it out… and brought their A-game to the trade. I was lucky enough to come home with a cute yellow orchid in a beautiful rutile blue pot!

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A beautiful bi-colored iris bloom from my garden enjoying some time in a handmade ikebana vase! Homegrown & handmade… the perfect combo!

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A bright pop of color to brighten a gray & dreary morning! =/
Love the “unfurling” of small petals in the center!

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Big THANKS to everyone who came out to the HINSDALE FINE ARTS FESTIVAL this weekend. It was great to see everyone again, sell some pottery & hangout in the park in what turned out to be beautiful weather. Plus, now I have another bunch of flowers leftover from my booth display…. now gracing my back porch in a stamped soda-fired vase!

If only they would still be fresh next weekend for THE NORTHERN ILLINOIS POTTERY TOURbut I kinda doubt it…

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Another beautiful orchid starting to re-bloom in my dining room…
and the smallest & cutest orchid in my collection!

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I love it every late Spring when these crazy cool flowering trees work their magic along the lakefront bike trail. Red horse chestnut trees with incredible spikes of clustered flowers on large textured leaves.