Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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We’ve been saying for awhile that their orchid would be happier in a handmade ceramic flower pot. Kristy & Matt have killed every orchid prior… so we figure it “must” be the pot, right?!!! Unfortunately, I think they’re going to need a larger flower pot! That little cutie-patootie just isn’t going to do it!!! HA!!!

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Festive seasonal flower arrangement… and even cooler shadows… in Sarah Chapman’s booth at the ONE OF A KIND SHOW. C’mon by… I’m hanging out with her again today until the show closes at 5:00pm! Booth #2118.

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Looks like Rosene has her first bloom of the season on her Thanksgiving Cactus… about a week early! Mine is already blooming beautifully right now too! Come to the HOLIDAY HOME SHOW this weekend and you can see my blooms… and perhaps buy a new flower pot for your indoor garden too?! I’m convinced that houseplants prefer handmade pottery flower pots… with drainage holes!!!

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Hanging on… a couple bright spots this morning! There’s still a few flowers blooming out there, but you’ve gotta look for them!!! The sunflower’s loving a bit of sunshine… but the dandelion seems a bit confused? What season is this again???

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Sad, but true... I think this is the final dahlia of the season! I saw it blooming yesterday out in my garden. But when I saw a few little snowflakes this evening, I thought I would bring it inside to enjoy it a little longer. Perfect as a single bloom in one of my stamped & soda-fired ikebana vases!

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Looks like some last minute flowers are being pulled in from the chilly nights up north… filling some small stamped & soda-fired bud vases. Even the cat seems to be liking them!!! Thanks for sharing the photos!

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A wonderful splash of colorful mums!!!

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Cute little flower arrangement in one of my ikebana vases. Beautiful colors & textures celebrating the least of the Fall flowers. Thanks for showing off your garden & floral arranging skills Kristy!

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More Fall flowers hanging in there… loving these little “floral firework explosions” of purple asters in my side garden.

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After this weekend’s incredible weather, it almost seems like we’re having a little resurgence of flowers. Just when we thought they were done blooming… but so pleased they’re NOT!!!