Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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A beautiful display of wood-fired bottles by Jason Hess backed by fresh greens of the trumpet flowers growing up the walls outside the Lillstreet Gallery in the summer sun.


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Celebrating the Fourth of July with some festive florals.
Putting them together for a little red, white & blue!!! A bit of Mother Nature’s palette
with geraniums, Queen Anne’s lace and chickory!

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Last night we had a “Plate & Platter” Exchange Game to celebrate the last class of the session. Many of my students struggled with getting their plates trimmed, dried, fired, glazed & fired again in time for the game. So we “freely expanded” the definition to “handmade ceramic vessels.” And I came home with this adorable little Josh Blue planter from Teresa…. all ready with a jade plant good to go!!!


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Overnight showers make for happy morning flowers & hostas.
Beautiful iris, wild columbine & variegated hosta leaves still with the droplets hanging on.



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Mini flowers need mini vases.
And mini vases need mini stamps, right?!
Love the smell of lily-of-the-valley too!!!

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One of my favorite iris flowers currently blooming in my garden. A classic color combination with that intoxicating fragrance that sparks childhood memories every time. Am I the only one who loves the scent of irises???

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A huge THANK YOU this morning for everyone who came out this weekend to the Schaumburg Prairie Arts Festival in the blazing sun & heat. It was so good to see everyone and a great way to kick-off my summer art fair schedule. We all made it through… even my flowers that I had to water like every 30 minutes to keep them from frying in the sun!!!

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We spent part of the day Saturday at “Hummingbird Haven” in the middle of central Illinois. There weren’t tons of hummingbirds yet as they’re still waiting for the full migration to arrive. But we did have an amazing visit with Lois who runs the place and has cared for & nurtured these hummingbirds for the past forty years! She’s so passionate & knowledgeable about these little hummers. She was adorable!

Lois was the perfect teacher as well. So knowledgeable about her winged friends. Even showing us a “used” hummingbird nest from last year… and explaining about how they build it up as the chicks grow.

And a beautiful Major Wheeler jasmine plant climbing up the side of her barn…
the perfect sweet treat for the hummingbirds!

After our hummingbird adventure, we stopped by a quaint little pie shop. I’ve never had Gooseberry Pie before, so I had to try it… but I also had to have a “back-up plan” just in case it wasn’t so good… I knew that the fresh Blackberry Pie would be!

Needless to say, it was good and I polished them both off!!!


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This past weekend was a great chance to get away for a few days…
not too far, but far enough.

So much fun to visit my “first art fair friends” and their amazing garden
in Peoria ablaze with Spring colors!

Oh, and look… a ceramic totem pole in their terraced backyard garden!
Wonder how THAT got there???



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Today were being treated to both May Flowers AND May Showers… lucky us!