Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Pretty pastels with intricate details. One of my neighbors planted this new hydrangea bush in front of their condo… and I’m totally intrigued!

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When the big storm came though a couple days ago, apparently is broke off a bunch of Rosene’s coleus plants. Not to be beaten down, she gathered them up and made a cute little centerpiece for herself! Helps when you have a nice little stamped & soda-fired vase to put them in!!!

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Such a beautiful color to start your day!!! That purple is practically GLOWING from the center out… morning “glory” indeed!!!

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And for those of you following the growth of the purple hyacinth bean plant on my back porch… it’s growing well & filling in nicely. And today we got our very first flower!!! Hopefully there are a LOT more to come!!!

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Beautiful orange sunflowers in the morning sun…
one with the sun behind, the other with the sun in front!

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My globe thistle is finally blooming… sure, maybe smaller than I had hoped for, and only TWO globe blooms. But this is my first season with them… thanks to my cousin Kimberley Sue who shared a cutting from her HUGE mother plant. So I know what to expected… in a few years!!!

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Just a few homes down the street from my condo there is this wonderful collection of lilies blooming in the front yard. Such an AMAZING collection of lilies all blooming at the same time… so many colors, so many textures and the aroma is perfectly overwhelming! Whoever is growing these… thank you from the entire neighborhood!!!

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Looks like my back porch purple hyacinth bean vine is filling in nicely… weaving through my curtain of rusty gears. We should be seeing flowers in the next couple weeks!!!

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After the quick thunderstorm that just blew through, these red lilies look even better with some raindrops lingering on the petals.

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Studio plants still looking good. I gave my jade plant a bit of a trim a few months back… rooted the cuttings… and have now added them back into the same flower pot to make it fuller. So far so good… and the original cut stems are branching out well too!