Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Looks like some last minute flowers are being pulled in from the chilly nights up north… filling some small stamped & soda-fired bud vases. Even the cat seems to be liking them!!! Thanks for sharing the photos!

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A wonderful splash of colorful mums!!!

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Cute little flower arrangement in one of my ikebana vases. Beautiful colors & textures celebrating the least of the Fall flowers. Thanks for showing off your garden & floral arranging skills Kristy!

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More Fall flowers hanging in there… loving these little “floral firework explosions” of purple asters in my side garden.

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After this weekend’s incredible weather, it almost seems like we’re having a little resurgence of flowers. Just when we thought they were done blooming… but so pleased they’re NOT!!!

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After an incredibly warm & sunny weekend… so beautiful… I finally got one of my dahlias to bloom! My fault for not getting it started early enough… and for those who remember, having a tree branch fall on the plant didn’t help either! But it was well worth the wait!

Mental note to self… plant more dahlias & start sooner next year!

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My friends Keith & Julie recently moved for central Illinois to Ohio… and it looks like they finally got around to unboxing some of their pottery collection! What better way to “feel at home” than with a freshly-baked pineapple upside-down cake, fresh-cut roses from the garden & the warmth of a candle… and some of my stamped pottery to pull it all together!

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Looks my cousin David’s anthurium is enjoying its new home in a pretty stamped & purple flower pot! David surprised me at ART IN THE GARDEN by coming to the show with his Mom & Sister… my Aunt Marilyn & cousin Kim… even though he lives in Ohio!!! SURPRISE!!!

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Katherine came to ART IN THE BARN this past weekend and purchased an ikebana vase in my booth. Then she was “inspired” to make her first ikebana flower arrangement using flowers from her own backyard garden. So beautiful… now I kinda want to see her whole garden?! Nicely done Katherine!!!

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Beautiful Fall flowers on a beautiful Fall day.
Loving all the textures & colors!