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I’d didn’t actually “make” a lot of things in the studio today.
Instead I got swallowed into a vortex that included color-coded tapes
and my label maker!!! It was bound to happen sometime!



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Look, I’ve got another new tray to fill with new stamps!!!
Guess I’ve got to start making MORE.

Because the six full trays I have already just are not enough apparently?!

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ARRRGGHHHH… I think these postcards might be jinxed?! First it was the stamps… now it’s the color? Or lack thereof. I ordered full-color backs for my postcards… I just didn’t plan on that color being GRAY!!! Luckily everything is still legible… just not as pretty as it’s supposed to be. And be sure that VistaPrint will be hearing from me!

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So I finally found postage stamps… kinda. Seven post offices today and I only found 93 postcard stamps?! So the rest of my postcards are going out with TWO stamps on them that at add up to a couple cents more than the standard postcard rate. I had to get creative if I want these postcards to get out on time… or more likely, just in the knick of time for next weekend’s big Home Show! I hope people like penguins?… ‘cuz there’s going to be a LOT of them going out!!!

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Love when a new box arrives from VistaPrint.
Don’t love when you wait in line at five Post Office locations only to find
that NONE of them have postcard stamps?!!!

On to number six…

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Eight more hours & counting. And still calculating…

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Took the day off to work on my taxes.
With that said… dishes done, kitchen cleaned, laundry done,
bills paid, plants watered… and now looking for my next diversion!

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Pretty pleased with myself for getting my 4th-quarter sales taxes
filed BEFORE tomorrow’s deadline!!!

Sadly, not so thrilled about also filing 3rd-quarter’s return tonight as well.
Whoops… and “ouch” $$$ !!!

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Every potter loves playing in the mud.
But that doesn’t mean that they want to wear it all the time.
So a new potter’s apron might just be the perfect holiday gift this season!
Claim them in the next couple days and I’ll do my best to get it to you in time.

Here are some quick details about the specialized pottery aprons:
* Durable & washable heavy broadcloth fabric
* Lower section splits into two panels to cover each leg as you sit at the wheel
* Patch pockets on the back of each hip
* Straps actually go over the shoulders to avoid neck strain & fatigue
* Three buttons for height adjustments
* Three buttons for width adjustments
* One size fits all….for the most part.

Listed below is the current pottery apron inventory.
If you are interested in purchasing an apron please send me a quick e-mail
to “secure” your choice…

They are $50 each which includes shipping & handling in the contiguous United States.
They are first come, first serve! Don’t miss out.

A retro-vibe with a musical flair.

Green background with geometric pattern and multicolor striped accents.

Striped navy and green with contrasting bib and pockets.

Waves of rust and gold with a touch of brown.

Green, yellow and light blue fireworks on a deep blue background.

Irregular squares of black, royal blue, and yellow on blue background.

Rust, orange, and creme circles on a dark brown background.

Again, just let me know if you would like to purchase an apron.
Send me a quick e-mail to “claim” your apron…
First come, first served!!! Grab’em while you can!!!

My Mom would be thrilled to  sell some more of these custom pottery aprons…
which then means she can make some more!


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So I’ve got too many keys. I’m one of those who have far too many keys for home, studio, car, etc. So many that I need to color-code them. These are my studio keys. My keychain of home keys is even worse. But I thought I would tackle this smaller batch first.

When we were at the Chicago Triathlon Expo, my friend Chris and I we intrigued by one of the vendors. For everyone who struggles with too many keys… this might be the answer?!

So we each bought a couple of them. One for my studio keys, another for my home keys. It took me just a couple minutes to organize my studio keys into this small, easy key system. I love it already!!!

And then it opens up… like a Swiss Army Knife… pretty groovy, huh???

So now I’ve got to tackle my home keys… a little different as I have fourteen keys on there!!! Might be a little tougher to organize & streamline… but I’m encouraged and eager to be more Key.Smart with those too!!!

Click here for more Key.Smart information.