Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Well, you’ve waited long enough… and they’re finally out of the kiln… ready to give you a devilish smirky smile. This year’s addition to THE GHOULS COLLECTION… the Little Red Devils!!! Here’s your first sneak peek of these cuties as they get packed up for ART IN THE BARN this weekend. As always, it’s a limited edition of forty Red Devils… and when they’re gone, they’re gone… and “retired” from the collection!!!

Categories: holiday, terra cotta, The Ghouls Collection

Plenty of pumpkins headed to ART IN THE BARN this weekend. Just in time for Halloween decor… with cute little pumpkins that the squirrels won’t chew through!!!

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Opening the kiln… filled with pumpkins & little red devils!!!
I might have pushing the deadline a smidge… but now they’re all fired, prepped, priced and ready for this weekend’s “Big Debut” at ART IN THE BARN!!!… which starts tomorrow by the way!!!

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Cute little guy showing off his skull necklace… my photographer friend Brad’s son Jack! Apparently he loves the skull, and wears it as a good luck charm at every baseball game!!! Just one of the holiday pieces I make for ART IN THE BARN. I have a little collection of Halloween necklaces just for the kids… just a dollar if the kids buy them for themselves, but more expensive if the parents get involved! I like introducing the kids into making decisions & purchases at an art fair… made especially for them!!!

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The newest pumpkin harvest is coming together nicely… with happy faces smiling back at me! Hoping to get them all painted, glazed & fired before next weekend’s ART IN THE BARN!

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As I was pondering my bisque kiln load for tonight, I kinda figured I might have some extra space. So I quickly threw some new pieces before camp & turned them into pumpkins after camp! Not too shabby for a one day project, huh?! Trying to dry them quickly… at least enough so they don’t blow-up in the kiln!!!

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I’ve always said that “the best part of biking is stopping!”
Stopping to relax.
Stopping for a kid’s lemonade stand.
Stopping for homemade pie.
Stopping for a fun adventure.
Stopping to enjoy the scenery.
Stopping for a brief moment “just because” you can.

Especially on a perfectly gorgeous day like today…
and what better way to celebrate NATIONAL RELAXATION DAY!!!

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You know how much I love celebrating a national holiday… so tonight I felt somehow “compelled” to celebrate with my favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor to celebrate NATIONAL ICE CREAM DAY!!! All of my favorite flavors in one place… chocolate, caramel, marshmallow, more chocolate… it’s like the “MORE IS MORE” of ice cream!!!

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Last Sunday was the Fourth of July… and I went down to celebrate with my friends Kel & Kelly in Chenoa, Illinois… the middle of nowhere in Central Illinois. Since the parade & festivities didn’t start until the afternoon, I decided to bring my bike along for a beautiful ride along Old Route 66. It was a little hot, humid & breezy… but still a great ride through a little slice of American history!

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Ya’ gotta love when people celebrate the holidays with a bit of pottery to make it extra festive!!! Like this sweet little sipper filled with a “festive” beverage to celebrate the Fourth of July!!!