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Categories: food, holiday

Another handmade Easter Basket fulfilling its holiday duties! Thanks Keith for sharing your basket. Hope you have plenty of leftover jelly beans for the week to come… except for those black ones…. yuck!!!

Categories: food, holiday

HAPPY EASTER… or whatever holiday you might be celebrating this weekend! Take some time today relax, reflect & enjoy the day. The weather looks pretty perfect… now I just wish I have more of these peanut butter cup eggs!!!

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Looks like my friend Tracy is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day today with her new Shamrock Mug… and a quirky collection of festive decor. Including some of her own “pasta art” from grade school!!! HA!!!

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I’ve been looking forward to this all day… Celebrating NATIONAL PI(e) DAY!!! March 14th… also known as 3.14… also know as Pi. A yummy piece of cherry pie on a beautiful handmade porcelain plate made by my friend & teaching assistant Susan Slogoff. All hand-painted with black underglaze as the perfect contrast to the white porcelain!!!

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Here we go!!! My second annual ☘️ SHAMROCK MUG SALE ☘️ has just gone LIVE only here on my pottery Facebook page!!! I just posted a large collection of handmade, stamped & glazed shamrock mugs. They’re all up for sale… first come, first served!

We’re going old-school on Facebook! Just be the first person to claim your mugs… by posting the word “MINE” in the Comment section on the Facebook photo of the mug you want. The first person on each mug will win! I’ll follow-up with Facebook Messages with additional details. Dimensions, volume & prices are posted on each individual photo. Prices included packing & shipping within the contiguous US. Once confirmed I’ll start packing up the mugs and shipping them out… so you can get your new Shamrock Mugs by St. Patrick’s Day!!!

Click here to go to my pottery Facebook Page! –

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Set your timer… my second annual SHAMROCK MUG SALE starts in just one hour only here on my pottery Facebook page! There’s a limited quantity of holiday green shamrock mugs… so don’t miss out! When they’re gone, they’re gone for another year!

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MORE SHAMROCK MUGS… going up for sale tonight only on my pottery Facebook page! Come back later tonight at 7:00pm cst to grab a festive green holiday mug!

Click here at 7:00pm –

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Tonight on my pottery Facebook page! Go to at 7:00pm cst for the big kick-off… first come, first served!

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My second annual ☘️ SHAMROCK MUG SALE ☘️ kicks-off tomorrow at 7:00pm cst!!! Only on my pottery Facebook page! Lots of mugs, lots of green ☘️!!!

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