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A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Always a fun surprise when the CTA Holiday Train with Santa aboard turns the corner while you’re waiting on the platform. Suddenly flooded with a festive feeling… even though we were on the wrong side going the wrong direction to get on the train! Dang.

And then imagine my surprise when the very next train was the Elves’ Workshop Train!!! Still so fun & festive!!!!

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Celebrated Thanksgiving with my Dad today… my very first Thanksgiving at a restaurant!
It wasn’t what I’m used to, but we had a great meal & good conversation…
maybe the start of a new tradition? But sadly, no leftovers!


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Wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.
Hope you’ve spent your day with family, friends or friends-who-are-your-family!
And remember… pumpkin pie is NOT just for today!!!

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The holidays just got one step RUSTIER for me as well. And I love it!!! Special thanks to two of my customers who make the big trek in for the HOLIDAY HOME SHOW every year from the far, far, FAR west suburbs… and brought me this adorably rustic Christmas tree plaque this year!

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Hard to believe that my HOLIDAY HOME SHOW is already next weekend!!!
Kilns are cooling… shelves going up… halls are being decked… and you’re all invited!!!
Next Saturday & Sunday from 10:00am-6:00pm with pots in every room of my condo,
treats in the kitchen and the “Tired Of Shlepping Sale” on the back porch!

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Just putting the last of the stamps & labels on the postcards for my Holiday Home Show! Hard to believe it is just TWO weeks away from today & tomorrow! More details to come… but mark your calendars now for November 23rd & 24th… and then start making your Holiday Gift Lists!!!

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Good to see that one of my pottery fans & friend is celebrating Halloween by showing off his collection of my handmade ghouls!!! Thanks for sharing George… no trick, just a great treat!!!

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Hopefully the first of many more to come!!! This vegan version by Rachel…
complete with vegan coconut milk “whipped cream.” Festive yumminess!

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Pumpkins on parade for a chilly, snow-covered Halloween Night.