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Huge THANKS to everyone for the great birthday wishes yesterday!
It was a great day… with lots of ICE CREAM!
And thanks to Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams for giving away free ice cream for your birthday!
Okay, so maybe they didn’t quite expect anyone to drive around to three different locations.

But it I did… and it was a very sweet Trifecta of Free Ice Cream Trios…
with nine different flavors!!!                                                               Burp!

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Chris and I had a wonderful bike ride yesterday along the North Branch Trail…
with a quick stop-off at the Wagner Farm in Glenview. All decked out for Fall
with plenty of pumpkins to go around!


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Creepy little Jack-o’-lanterns made by Mike Skiersch…
fresh out of the kiln last Saturday morning… just in time for ART IN THE BARN.
Lucky for me… ‘cuz this little creepie cutie came home with me!!! Thanks Mike!!!


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The newest batch of Jack-O’-Lanterns ready to put a festive smile on your face… especially if you see a squirrel trying to eat THIS pumpkin! These terra cotta pumpkins will be a Halloween favorite for years to come! Come see them in person at ART IN THE BARN this weekend on Saturday & Sunday from 10:00am-5:00pm.

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A tiny new little batch of terra cotta pumpkins!
These cuties are headed to ART IN THE BARN as well.
Joining the rest of the pumpkin patch all boxed up & ready to go!!!


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Okay, so I know I’m “supposed” to be working on the latest addition to “The Ghouls Collection” for next weekend at ART IN THE BARN. But somehow these pumpkins just keep popping up?!!! Not too shabby since I just threw these guys yesterday, huh?!


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Last night while I was soda firing, a few of these little cuties “sprouted” in my studio.
Still need a bit of underglaze colors and a firing before showing up next weekend
at ART IN THE BARN!!! Saturday, September 28th & Sunday, September 29th
on the grounds of Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital in Barrington, Illinois.

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With the soda kiln filled & firing, I can finally focus on my next task at hand…
making my annual Halloween Ghouls for next weekend’s ART IN THE BARN.
Sure, I night be running a bit late, but I seem to thrive under a good deadline!
Here we go… gotta get my ghoul on!!!

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Celebrating the Fourth of July with my annual road trip down to Central Illinois to visit great friends in the little town of Chenoa. The town does a great job hosting a very Norman Rockwell-ish small town celebration… parade, house decorating, corn dogs, lemon shake-ups, cotton candy & SPECTACULAR fireworks! A wonderful “escape” to get away from everything going on these days!

A crazy-cool tree I found with these wacky spikes popping out everywhere!!!

And then the EXCITEMENT started!!!

And yes, Chenoa is definitely stepping up their game…
and here’s their ONE traffic light… which is actually just a blinking red stop sign light!


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After my bike ride, I packed it up and headed out to the suburbs for Easter with the family…
a bit “untraditional” with fresh handmade guacamole & fajita dinner at a Mexican restaurant…

Followed by a wonderful Easter Egg cake handmade by my niece Taylor!
With an extra special surprise peanut-buttercream frosting inside!
Good thing I pedaled “a few” miles before feasting all day!