Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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With this whole self-isolation lock-down thing going on, we couldn’t celebrate Gerry’s birthday together today! Yet I felt somehow “obligated” to celebrate from here… so I “just had to” make some brownies & topped with my favorite ice cream… and a candle just to make it “official.”

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GERRY… I was there in spirit… and in brownies!!!

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Looks like my buddy is kicking off his birthday morning with a morning FaceTime with some of his kids… and a cup of Joe in one of my mugs!!! Looks like a great way to start the day!!!

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Found a few beauties as I was walking up the street at home.
I don’t think I’ve ever noticed these double? ruffled? bi-color? daffodils
before in my neighbor’s yard?!

Made Earth Day today a little more special.

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Celebrating a little EARTH DAY today with some new growth after the rain … hoping that someday soon we’ll all be cleared to go outside to enjoy it, right?!!!

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Just bringing a little bit of Spring inside with just a few snips!
No huge centerpiece… just my take on a Spring ikebana floral arrangement.
Seemed fitting for the day!

Oh, what to do with the tiny little leftover snips?…
put them in a tiny little vase of course!

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So I “think” I may have just been to my first Seder Dinner?!
Let’s not get crazy… I was self-isolating home alone as usual…
but watched “Saturday Night Seder” on my laptop!

My friend Pam told me about it… a star-studded celebrity evening of a “virtual” Seder Celebration! Now it wasn’t very religious, but they did cover the stories, the wine, the Seder plate and sang a few songs along the way! Seemed like a party to me… even if everyone was partying from the safety of their own homes! I still think it counts, right?!

Hosted by Jason Alexander, with tons of celebrities like Fran Drescher, Josh Groban, Darren Criss, Andy Cohen, Idina Menzel, Bette Middler, Billy Porter, Isaac Mizrahi, Judith Light, Debra Messing, Richard Kind, Billy Eichner, Dan Levy, and more… plus a few Rabbis… one Rabbi with a DJ disco light on his ceiling?!

Click here to watch “Saturday Night Seder” on YouTube.

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Okay, so it has finally happened.
I’ve succumbed.

All day yesterday I was planning what photo to post for TEXTURE TUESDAY. Only to find out it was already Wednesday!!! Yes, I have officially forgotten what day it is!!! I knew it was inevitable… but so soon???

At least I’ve just lost track of “days” …
and not “months or seasons” like this other guy!!!

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It’s a combo today… it’s TEXTURE TUESDAY and St. Patrick’s Day…
so I thought I’d capture my purple shamrock in front of some textured rattles!

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We still have reasons to celebrate, right?! It’s NATIONAL PIE (pi) DAY… and I just couldn’t decide! Thank You to the best little pie cafe at Lillstreet… First Slice Cafe!