Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Looks like Kristy is celebrating NATIONAL FUDGE DAY today… and trying to stay just a little bit healthy?! A dollop of homemade yogurt & fresh strawberries… and just a squirt of hot fudge!!! Looks yummy Kristy!

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A fun day to celebrate one of our potter friends at the Sandwich location of the NORTHERN ILLINOIS POTTERY TOUR. Sure, his birthday may have been yesterday… but feel free to stop by tomorrow & sing “Happy Birthday” to him!!!

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Celebrating with some of my newest re-blooming orchids at home… as today is NATIONAL ORCHID DAY!!! And my orchids are very happy… and I think it’s all about the handmade ceramic flowerpots they’re growing in!!! Just sayin’…

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Some Easter fun yesterday with my niece Taylor who took on my “challenge“ to make her standard crescent rolls into Easter Bunnies!!! NAILED IT… but in a good way!!! Ha!

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No matter how you celebrate, it’s always a good day for “tie-dyed” Easter Eggs, jelly beans & chocolate bunnies! Thanks to Keith for sharing today’s Easter Basket moment.

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A week after St. Patrick’s Day, and it looks like Matthew is still celebrating with his new Shamrock Mug… with a festive sipper & the wearin’ of the green!!!

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After a long & productive day in the studio, I thought that it was only fitting to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a minty green Shamrock Shake! It’s been “forever” since I’ve had one… but I don’t remember them being quite this green, nor quite this minty!!!

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Another great holiday… March 14th… 3/14… 3.14… it’s NATIONAL PI DAY!!!
And you know how I love to celebrate the holidays… even though I’ve never been good at math!!!

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You know how much I LOVE a good National Holiday! Especially when it’s one of my favorites. Today is NATIONAL OREO DAY! Too hard to choose one… so I had to “celebrate “ with three flavors!!! Aww, shucks!

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Just got home from teaching class… and it’s never too late to celebrate! As today is also NATIONAL CHERRY PIE DAY!!! And I’m ready to have a slice of the fun!!! 🍒