Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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“Hybrid mugs” assembled, trimmed & handled… and the MKM Pottery Tools that did most of the hard work. Sure, I might have had a tiny-something to do with it too?! But having good tools always makes it more fun!!!

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Sure, the sides of my “hybrid mugs” might be handbuilt… but the bottoms of the mugs are trimmed on the wheel for a cleaner & more professional finish. Now I just need to figure out something to make out of these “rings” as they get trimmed off?

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Another burst of rain passing through… hoping it might flush out some of the wildfire smoke from our Chicago skies. Fingers crossed.

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This gray, smoke-filled mornings from the Canadian wildfires are really putting a damper on my sunrise morning rides!!! Can’t wait to see clear skies again!

HA!!!… this is just a gray color swatch… but it “feels” like the skies in Chicago!!!

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Categories: process, production, tools

Always fun to be trimming in the studio with some great pottery tools… like my trimming tools from DiamondCore Tools & Giffin Grip. The perfect combo when spinning & trimming!!!

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Last night my Wheelthrowing Beginners trimmed & added handles to make their first mugs with me! Not bad for their second class of the new Summer session, huh?!

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Getting ready to tackle another batch of “hybrid mugs” with some of my favorite MKM Pottery Tools. Great hand rollers for making textured slabs before I turn them into fun mugs!

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Looks like it’s TOTEM TUESDAY! And it looks like Gerry & Rosene’s garden is doing great this summer… beautiful flowers all around their totem pole. Stamped & soda-fired pottery is always a nice addition to the garden!