Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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A bit rainy & slushy today… but not too much accumulation in the City. So does this still count as our first official snowfall of the season???

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Hanging on… a couple bright spots this morning! There’s still a few flowers blooming out there, but you’ve gotta look for them!!! The sunflower’s loving a bit of sunshine… but the dandelion seems a bit confused? What season is this again???

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As I’m trudging up & down the stairs ALL DAY today… I was struck by the piles of dried fall leaves that have collected on the steps. Beautiful. I’m spending today carrying all of my art fair shelving & all of my pottery up three flights of stairs getting ready for next weekend’s HOLIDAY HOME SHOW. It’s great workout… and it’s all coming together!

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After a blustery day yesterday, there are a LOT of leaves scattered about. Fall has apparently FALLEN!!! Luckily, these golden solomon’s seal leaves are still hanging on!

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Colorful fall ivy climbing up the balusters. Leaves are still hanging on, gracefully clinging to the balustrade & changing colors… and it’s not every day that I get to use “balusters & balustrade” in a sentence!

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While leaves are falling all around us, sometimes you can still find one of those “perfect” trees in full color with the leaves still hanging on!!! C’mon, give us at least one more beautiful weekend before they all fall off!

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Beautiful, but the leaves are dropping fast!
Hopefully they can hang on at least for one more beautiful weekend?!

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After a couple days of cold gray skies, it was so nice to see the sun again today! Just in time to catch some of the fantastic Fall colors still hanging on!

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Today is the LAST official day of Summer!!!
The weather is AMAZING today… so get out there to enjoy it while you can. Sounds like Fall comes in tomorrow with the temperatures dropping about twenty degrees!!!

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With Fall quickly approaching, you feel a change in the air, a different direction for the sun & the Summer flowers are starting to fade. Beautiful, but sad… I’ll be hanging onto Summer as long as I can!!!