Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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A steamy drive to the studio this afternoon!
Over a hundred degrees… and it’s not even Summer yet!!!

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Wonderful Spring colors blooming all around.
Too bad these flowery days are so short lived.

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While today is “officially” the first day of Spring… it’s cold, gloomy & gray here in Chicago.
Still waiting for the sun, warmth & flowers to make their way here.

One more… just because you know how much I love witty wordplay!


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Another snowy morning. Lots of snow coming down during the morning commute.
Luckily, the evening commute looked a lot better with blue skies breaking through!

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Just when we thought we may have “missed” a snowy Winter… it’s back!!!

Making this a snow-covered Mugshot Monday…
methinks that mug needs to be filled with some hot chocolate and quick!!!

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Here’s to Winter. Welcome back.
Here’s to days getting longer and nights getting shorter.
Here’s to one tiny step closer to Summer!!!


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While we did not get the “snowmageddon” they were predicting… there was a crazy mix of snow, ice and fallen leaves frozen to my car this morning. I think Mother Nature might be a little confused?!

And we still have a LOT on the trees too?… like they somehow forgot to fall off?!!!




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A beautifully warm Fall day… perfect for pumpkins, gourds and Fall fun at Lincoln Park Zoo!!!

And quite possibly the BEST rusty manhole cover EVER?!!!

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Categories: nature, seasons

It’s only the First Day of Fall…
and the pumpkins have already arrived at the grocery stores. Say it isn’t so!!!