Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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I’m celebrating the FIRST DAY OF SPRING with a beautiful sunrise bike ride. Finally, some blue skies & colorful clouds to brighten my morning. I’m tired of gray… I’m tired of Winter… and I am fully embracing Spring!!!

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This morning I was excited about my iris shoots popping up! But then at Navy Pier this afternoon… I spied these colorful crocus flowers bursting through everywhere!!! A fun surprise… considering we still have chances for snow! And the first day of Spring is not until Monday!!! Even the bees were out enjoying the sunshine today!

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Although we’re still dealing with cold temperatures, snow flurries & freezing rain… seemingly changing on a daily basis… it is encouraging to see little sprouts of my variegated iris working their way through in the garden. Spring is coming!!!

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A little worse for wear…
loving the colors & textures of weathered wood after a long Winter season.

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Spring. Summer. Fall. Winter. As seen through the eyes of the “4×4 : FOUR MAKERS.” So much fun to work on a large collaboration project with your Talented Friends! Each interpreting the theme in their own way using their own mediums & talents. Always exciting when a good plan comes together!

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A bit rainy & slushy today… but not too much accumulation in the City. So does this still count as our first official snowfall of the season???

Categories: flowers, nature, seasons

Hanging on… a couple bright spots this morning! There’s still a few flowers blooming out there, but you’ve gotta look for them!!! The sunflower’s loving a bit of sunshine… but the dandelion seems a bit confused? What season is this again???

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As I’m trudging up & down the stairs ALL DAY today… I was struck by the piles of dried fall leaves that have collected on the steps. Beautiful. I’m spending today carrying all of my art fair shelving & all of my pottery up three flights of stairs getting ready for next weekend’s HOLIDAY HOME SHOW. It’s great workout… and it’s all coming together!

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After a blustery day yesterday, there are a LOT of leaves scattered about. Fall has apparently FALLEN!!! Luckily, these golden solomon’s seal leaves are still hanging on!

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Colorful fall ivy climbing up the balusters. Leaves are still hanging on, gracefully clinging to the balustrade & changing colors… and it’s not every day that I get to use “balusters & balustrade” in a sentence!