Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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The Spring flowers are still hanging on here in Chicago with the cooler weather…. just a little concerned that this new heatwave is gonna zap them all?! But still, these beautiful crab apple blossoms are striking while basking in the sun!

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Beautiful pottery everywhere around the tour… but Spring is just making its way to Minnesota! So there were a lot of wonderful natural surprises to found on the tour as well.

Categories: flowers, nature, seasons

While our temps are still chilly waking up in the low 40’s…. it is wonderful to see that Spring is finally here!!! And that all of those April Showers did indeed make some beautiful May Flowers!!!

Categories: flowers, nature, seasons

Looks like Spring is finally here… the May Flowers are a little early, although we’ve had more than enough April Showers!!!

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One step closer… with some “pops” of color getting ready to open in the next few days… Spring is finally here and this forsythia bush is ready to prove it!!!

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With crazy snow yesterday, it was so nice to see a little “pop” of Spring working its way through last year’s leaves! Daffodils can’t be far behind…

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The snowdrops are still blooming… while today the SNOW DROPS again in Chicago?! What?… I want Spring!!! Not more Winter!

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No foolin’… it’s April 1st and I woke up to a thin layer of SNOW!!!
This ain’t no time for a picnic?!

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And it was a beautiful day to kick it off here in Chicago… clear blue skies, warmer temperatures & a few Spring flowers finally making their much-awaited appearance!

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Well, we’ve waited a very long time for Spring colors to start coming back… I’m tired of Winter’s grays & browns! But in this case, I had to drive all the way down to St. Louis to see some Spring flowers just starting to bloom! And I’ll take ’em… and try my best to bring some color back to Chicago too!!