Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Under the snow…
a little glimmer of Spring popping up as the snow continues to melt!!!

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After about two hours of shoveling, I finally uncovered my car!

Not so bad once you get started… and a good sense of accomplishment as you start to see car & pavement once again! At least until the next snow plow decides to pile more snow back on your car!!! Ugh… good thing I kinda enjoy shoveling!!!

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Yep, there’s a car under there somewhere!
We got a ton of snow overnight… I’d guess about 24-inches!!!
Beautiful white fluffy snow. So pretty out there… as long as you don’t need to go anywhere.

Luckily, Lillstreet Art Center cancelled all classes again today…
so no class to teach tonight!!! More time to play!

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Frozen moments on my porch. Plenty of ice & snow… considering it’s “protected” by the roof. So no huge snow accumulation here… but everywhere else we got PLENTY!!! I think it might be time to venture out with my shovel again…

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Frozen “rivers” running down the bricks of my condo!
Not quite right… but still quite beautiful!!!
Picture perfect for another Texture Tuesday!

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Still coming down… with predictions for even more!!!
It’s a beautiful Winter Wonderland out there…
as long as you don’t need to travel very far in it?!

Stay warm. Stay safe!

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The snow is still coming down & the wind is picking up!!!
Fun playing outside… gonna need to shovel again later…
which means more hot chocolate…
which means more MARSHMALLOWS!!!

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Yeah, and… ???
I see nothing wrong here… like myself, he knows it’s cold outside… that’s why he’s wearing socks with his shoes… saving his sandals for when the snow stops coming down!!! I totally get it.

Welcome to the club my friend!!!

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We might have blue skies & plenty of sun now…
but the snow isn’t melting anytime soon!

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Too much snow to bike, but perfect for hiking along the lakefront. Layers of snow, piled up “glaciers” & slushy “icebergs” in the lake. The sunrise was not so amazing, but everything else about my morning hike was!