Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Gotta love when science & nature collide. Like this wonderful example of photosynthesis. I was first drawn to the vibrant red colors of this bush.

I was noticing how each leaf was a different color, a different shade of red… and even MORE dramatic when I moved a couple leaves to find a bright yellow spot.

A “void” on the red leaf because the sun wasn’t getting to all of the bottom leaf to change it to red! Isn’t Mother Nature AMAZING?!!!

Categories: seasons, weather
Categories: color, nature, seasons

A beautiful Fall ombre-colored ivy climbing the wall. With snow in the forecast, I’m not sure that this is going to last much longer?! It has been a beautiful Fall season… but is so wrong that I want it to last even longer??? I’m not ready for SNOW!!!

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Another gusty windy day in Chicago! A lot of leaves dropping from trees, flying around, swirling everywhere and eventually piling up in the darndest places!

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Some of the flowers along the bike trail are still hanging on…
while others, not so much.

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With beautiful blue skies & leaves falling fast… I was excited to find this one tree hanging onto its leaves!!! Sure, I’m “supposed” to be home setting up for MY HOLIDAY HOME SHOW and not biking… but how could I miss out on a beautiful day like today?! If nothing else but to see one of the sole survivors along the lakefront!

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Another beautiful day in Chicago. The sun was shining, the sky bright blue and some of the honey locust trees on the side of Lillstreet are still in full golden splendor. I taught class this morning and worked in the studio all afternoon… but that doesn’t mean you can’t sneak out for a quick break now & again, right?!

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The overnight temperatures dropped quickly, and it looks like the ginkgo trees dropped their leaves quickly too! Still more leaves to go… but for now, there’s a beautiful carpet of golden leaves on the ground.

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Sure, the beautiful 70-degree days may be gone, but it was still an amazing day for another bike ride. The Fall colors are trying their best to hang on for a few more days… and I’m very thankful. Blue skies, a few more clouds and a few more miles! Giddy-up!!!

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Another strange find this morning… possibly the largest leaf ever… sitting perfectly on a wire chair on my back porch?! Now I live on the third floor, so this leaf had to “travel” pretty high to land just right on the chair?! Thank you Autumn.