Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Categories: flowers, seasons

Now that it feels like Spring has finally made it in full force to Chicago, we’re enjoying some beautiful magnolia blossoms… although they’re short-lived, so get outside & enjoy them while you can!

Categories: flowers, seasons

Looks like Spring has finally arrived in Chicago… for real this time… with blue skies & crisp white trees flowering all around. Love it.

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We finally made it! Today is the first full day of Spring. And while it’s still a bit chilly in Chicago… it looks like my Peoria pals have brought a little Spring inside! In what might be one of my “vintage” vases with a little bit of stamping along the edge… before I started soda-firing!

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While Spring might “officially” be two weeks away… I’m calling it Spring already here in Chicago. Especially with the warm near-70 temps yesterday & the forsythia bushes are already starting to bloom!!!

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With a crazy warm forecast today… a bunch of snowdrop flowers!
Thankfully with no snow!

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Another beautiful day… clear skies with a warm start & a forecast of upper sixties for later this afternoon. It’s hard to think that just a couple days ago we had SNOW!!! And that by looking at the calendar… we probably will again!!! But for now… maybe just today & tomorrow… SPRING IS HERE!!! Okay, just let me have this one…

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Now don’t get me wrong… I’m not saying that it is quite “warm” yet as there are still remnants of Winter literally hanging on along the lakefront. And there are no delusions here that Winter is over. You know there is probably more cold & snow on it’s way at some point!!! But let’s enjoy this while we can…

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Turned out to be a nice sunny day today, albeit a bit breezy. But I did see a ray of hope… a flowering witch hazel tree! Some say it’s Late Winter… I’m gonna call it Very Early SPRING!!!

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The beautiful Fall colors are still hanging on in Chicago… literally clinging to cement walls! Great colors, great textures & great shadows!