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Today is the first official day of Fall. I’m still struggling to hang onto Summer a little longer. But the cold rainy day today & leaves already changing color isn’t helping any! Too soon…

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Now I’m a fan Fall as much as the next guy… what with its pumpkins, gourds & mums. But c’mon… I just stopped off at the grocery store on my way to Summer Camp and they have a full-on display already happening!!! It’s September 2nd!!! I’m still in Summer-mode!!!!

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For some reason, a couple of the folks in my Advanced Wheelthrowng class are all about making holiday pieces in class?!… and you know I’m always up for a challenge. They want to get a head-start on them so that they’re ready for the holidays to come… instead of rushing last-minute & waiting for kiln firings at the end. So last week in class we tackled wheelthrown pumpkins… next up?… CHRISTMAS TREES!!!

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And for those who don’t do Easter at all… HAPPY SPRING!
It’s still a perfect chance to appreciate the warmer weather, the new spring growth & the early flowers popping up everywhere! Here’s an amazing collection of hellebores gathered by my friend Yuki presented & floating in one of my stamped bowls. I love the colors, textures & patterns of Yuki’s collection – thanks for sharing!!!

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It’s the FIRST DAY OF SPRING!!! Finally…
and I’m so excited to see some pops of color breaking through in my front yard. Looks like the periwinkle vinca vine is off to a good start!

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Bloomin’ snowdrops… a great sign that Spring is coming soon!

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Plenty of blue skies, wispy clouds, a swift breeze… and MY BIKE!!! Sure, I rode twenty miles this morning, but when the temperature goes up into the mid-60’s for the first time this year… you just GOTTA go out to play… for another forty miles!!! Whoo-Hoo… Spring is coming!!!

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Feels like Spring is coming soon… but we still have a lot of ice to melt away!!! Some really cool ice “sculptures” happening in my back courtyard.

I think there’s still stairs under there somewhere?!

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With sun streaming through my dining room window, this sweetie just decided to open up today! A nice white Spring Cactus flowering right on time… as I’m more than ready for SPRING!!!

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Under the snow…
a little glimmer of Spring popping up as the snow continues to melt!!!