Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Fall is in the air… even though tonight it feels a bit more like Winter!!!
And it’s always fun to see people using my pottery in their homes…
especially to dress up their table with some candles, acorns and a stamped red platter
by you know who! A beautiful combination.

Categories: flowers, seasons

Fall is in the air. The mums are blooming. HELLO OCTOBER.

Categories: flowers, seasons

Today were being treated to both May Flowers AND May Showers… lucky us!

Categories: flowers, seasons

A sure sign of Spring when the star magnolias start to bloom.
Love these flowers… too bad they are so fleeting & short-lived!

Categories: flowers, seasons, soda-fired, stamped, vases, weather

And what better way to celebrate Spring finally making it to Chicago
than with some bright flowers in a few different stamped & soda-fired vases?!

Square, traditional or vertical cylinder? Which is your favorite???

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Enough snow today that even the Chicago Cubs Home Opening Day had to be postponed until tomorrow! Sure, it may be a bit warmer & drier for everyone… but I was kinda looking forward to watching players literally SLIDING into Home Plate… and continue sliding into a snow bank! C’mon, this coulda been hysterically fun to watch!!!

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Really?… again? Another snowy Spring day in Chicago…
at least it made for a serene morning in Wicker Park.

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Good Morning icy, cold & crusty!!!
Another “beautiful” Spring morning in Chicago… seems like we’re going the wrong direction?!

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So good to see the sun for awhile yesterday. Even the lions were basking in the sun at the Zoo. Signs of Spring are popping up all around us… days away from daffodils… as we’re plunged back into cold grayness again today!

Categories: color, nature, seasons, textures

On another gloomy gray day, I’ll take a bit of Spring green anywhere we can find it.
Loving Mother Nature’s textures & colors in Early Spring.