Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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A beautifully warm Fall day… perfect for pumpkins, gourds and Fall fun at Lincoln Park Zoo!!!

And quite possibly the BEST rusty manhole cover EVER?!!!

Categories: nature, seasons
Categories: nature, seasons

It’s only the First Day of Fall…
and the pumpkins have already arrived at the grocery stores. Say it isn’t so!!!


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It’s officially the first day of Fall…
and I was greeted this morning with one perfect white leaf sitting on top of my gerbera daisy leaves. An “albino” harbinger of things to come!


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How did it get to be September already?
That’s crazy. Summer went by far too fast. I don’t like it.
So I’m just going to call today August 32nd instead.

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It was another beautiful Summer day in Chicago with some incredible clouds billowing through. Blue skies & puffy white clouds. Gorgeous.

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Celebrating the Summer Solstice with a colorful Mugshot Monday!
Here’s to a sunny & colorful Summer! Giddy-up!


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Looks like the Spring flowers weren’t too happy about the snow either. We’ve got some droopy daffodils this morning. At least the clear blue skies & bright sunshine make it all a bit more bearable… and beautiful.

Welcome to Spring in Chicago!!!

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I must admit I was a little surprised and taken aback this morning by the surprise snowstorm overnight. My mind has already shifted to Spring mode… and not snow! And not just snow, but a fun crusty layer of ice underneath. Guess I need to pull the ice scraper back out?!

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Okay sure, there may still be a small chill in the air. But it is nice to see daffodils, iris and other spring greens poking through the ground. A wonderful sign of Spring fun to come!