Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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With cold rain, wind & verging on a mix of “sleetish-snow,”
good to see that Spring is still trying to push its way through!!!

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It’s the First Day of Spring… still rainy & cold,
but with a little glimmer of hope in my front yard.

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A frosted start to the morning.


Categories: flowers, seasons, weather

Sure, we might have a dangerous ice & sleet storm headed our way tonight with big weather advisories going on… but the second stalk on my amaryllis is in full bloom so at least it seems like Spring “might” be on its way at home?!

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As the snow continued to fall all day today…
it’s somewhat “encouraging” to know that some people are already planning Summer Camps for their kids!!!

I know I for one can’t wait to get back to Summer… and  SUMMER CAMP at Lillstreet!!!

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Sure, the fog & sunrise was beautiful this morning… but the frosted leaves were pretty amazing too! I love how the frost accentuated all of the veins & stems of the leaves… and the muted medley of colors in the frozen fall leaves.

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Wishing you all a wonderfully HAPPY THANKSGIVING.
So thankful for all of the family, friends, fans & followers who have supported & encouraged my adventures through the years. It’s amazing feeling knowing that there is a wonderful community out there encouraging creativity & craftsmanship. Thank You all… and have a wonderful day!




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Excited to see that some of the Fall leaves have survived the recent rains & wind…
not so sure they’re gonna make it through tonight’s predicted snowfall???

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A wet montage of fallen leaves this morning.


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Sure, I may be firing the soda kiln all day today… but that doesn’t mean
I can’t step outside for a breath of fresh air & nature’s glory.