Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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We all had them… these are mine!

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A little cloudy to start, but it definitely cleared up to become a beautiful day for playing downtown yesterday!

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 And then sometimes THIS happens!!!

A sunrise party on my camera lens! Not a huge fan of the solar flares on my camera lens…
and thus my affinity for the well-placed silhouette.
However yesterday’s “polka dot party” was pretty darn impressive!!!



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With a sky full of clouds splashed with colors… a big sky-show requires BIG PHOTOS!!!

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When the sky is splashed with BIG colors…
sometimes a BIG photo is required to capture it… or two?!!!


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Beautiful blue skies. Beautiful vista over the lake.
Panoramic photo needed to capture the beauty!

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Big sunrise sky-shows require big sunrise photos!!!
And this morning had one of them!!!

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Spent the weekend down in Bartonville (near Peoria) visiting some good friends & playing in their amazing garden with my Cousin Kim! It’s just enough warmer down there that they are easily a few weeks ahead of us. So many Spring flowers already blooming in their amazing garden! Full of colors, textures and a bunch of wonderful rust pieces!!!

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And if that first panorama shot was “pretty”…
a couple minutes later it was STUNNING!!! Big sunrises need big photos!!!

Enjoy... I know I sure did.

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Big sky shows sometimes require a panoramic shot…
showing the clouds moving in and blowing across the horizon!