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A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Icebergs are melting, snow piles shrinking. Mushy puddles abound. Always fun to play along the lakefront in the morning sun… anxious to get my bike back out on the trail. But I fear we’re still a few days away with all of the slushy mess out there!

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Just got back from a sweaty afternoon jog along the lakefront! So excited to see all of this snow starting to melt. We have a long ways to go… but it was encouragingly warm this afternoon. Of course I put on too many layers and regretted it quickly… and got tired of splashing through all the mushy puddles. But I’ll take it if it means Spring is one day closer!!!

Categories: nature, photography, sunrise

Big sky color. Big sky clouds.
Perfect for a big panoramic photo… with plenty of big floating ice chunks!

Categories: nature, photography, sunrise

Another beautiful morning along the lakefront. Plenty of snow mountains, city glaciers and floating chunks of icebergs! A clouded sky with wispy colors blowing through… as soon enough the clouds took over the morning sky.

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A big morning sunrise along the lake… lots of “glaciers & icebergs” along the lakefront! Big sky mornings require BIG panoramic photos… especially if you still want to get the skyline in the photo!!!

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With a prediction of more snow today, I thought I “needed” to get out this morning before the snow! With a beautiful morning hike along the frozen lakefront and a BEAUTIFUL sunrise splash of color before it went behind the clouds… seemingly for the rest of the day!

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Woke up this morning in a winter wonderland. A beautiful covering of snow everywhere… a beautiful excuse to go for a long winter walk along the lake. Sure, I’d rather be biking… but we haven’t had dry streets or an actual sunrise for SO long now!!! Just gray, gray, gray… and now some snow as a wonderful accent!

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Still playing & photographing a LOT of pottery today… getting ready for tomorrow’s big CYBER MONDAY online pottery event!!! I’ll be posting over a hundred pieces online perfect for holiday gift giving… to friends, family or yourself!!! It’s been a tough year… we all deserve a few gifts, right?!

Watch for more details coming soon!!!

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Big sky. Big colors. Big photo… BIG FUN!

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Spending some time today shooting more pottery photos… getting ready for CYBER MONDAY with a huge update for online sales! To be followed by some extra “fun” on my Fire When Ready Pottery Facebook page to kick-off my “Twelve Days of Christmas”!!!

More details to come… start making your holiday shopping list now!