Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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It’s always fun to see how a City comes to life and lights up at night.
Beautiful display at the Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof train station.
I love when classic architecture gets a facelift with lighting to bring it to life.

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Part of the fun of traveling abroad and letting yourself explore past the major tourist attractions is turning a corner and finding little gems like this. Go out…. explore… find the hidden treasures!

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After my first day of walking all over Frankfurt, I came back to the hotel,
took a much deserved nap, and then got back up and decided to go for a run.

I got all ready to go and started jogging…
only to find that I was stopping far too often to see the views & take more pictures…
so it really didn’t count as a RUN!!! More like a quick paced walk with a LOT of stops…
much of it the same route as earlier, plus a great old church and a cool bridge
covered with old padlocks!!!

So here’s part of the riverside running path I want to jog on…
as you can see I’m above it taking pictures… and NOT RUNNING!!!   Ha!!!



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Okay, so I’ve never seen one of these in the States.
And there were no signs or explanations. It was out front of the train station.
I’m pretty sure what it is… but please… go ahead… DISCUSS!!!

Oh, the “entertainment” of traveling abroad…  Ha-Ha!!!

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Our hotel was just a couple blocks from the Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof Train Station. A pretty cool place with lots of trains, railroad tracks, shops and open air food markets… also a pretty “cool” place as it is all open air!!! No heat, but “plenty” of fresh air & pigeons!

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While I enjoyed walking & wandering through Frankfurt… I keep getting reminded that I would rather have MY BIKE!!! I could get further faster… crossing bridges, touring parks and seeing a LOT more if only I had my bike!!! Sadly, it wouldn’t fit in the overhead bin on the plane!

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While cruising through Frankfurt’s museum row, I had to take some time out to go through their Art Museum… filled with a lot of German artists (go figure) and a few stand-out favorites. I loved being introduced to the paintings of Lotte Laserstein… as well as Ferdinand Hodler, Karl Von Piddol, Franz Xaver Winterhalter and a “fresh new” Monet painting BEFORE the Claude Monet style we all have come to know & love!

Lotte Laserstein

Ferdinand Hodler

Karl Von Piddol

Franz Xaver Winterhalter

Claude Monet

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Everywhere you look there is something beautiful to see
n a cool old city like Frankfurt am Main.

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While strolling through Frankfurt’s museum row, you can’t help but notice these crazy cool trees that flank the path. Turns out they are pollarded Plane Trees. Never heard of that… but I think it means overly-pruned to create the “club-like” tips. And the Plane Tree is apparently a relative of an American Sycamore or Sweetgum Tree. Would love to see these when they’re covered with leaves creating a canopy over the path!In fact, while I was there they were actually “pollarding” the trees (is that even a word?)… seemingly cutting off all of the new growth that had sprouted from each of the clumps at the end of the branches.

Cool camouflage bark patterns too..
and the way they seem to slump & wrinkle like a shar pei dog!!!




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After landing in Frankfurt am Main, Germany last week, I was well-rested from my flying-nap on the plane… so I set off to see some of the city. Strolling through town, across the River Main and towards museum row. Loving the older architecture already… like this old “castle” built in 1886 which is actually a sculpture museum!