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So excited that this custom order was “delivered” during ART IN THE GARDEN last weekend. Molly has one of my large ClayQuilts hanging on her wall… a wall hanging of smaller stamped & soda-fired handmade tiles. She thought it would be even better with three larger tiles hanging off to the side. So I made a few for her to choose from, and she chose these three to hang along with her original tile wall piece. I can’t wait for her to share the photos after they have been installed together! Hint, hint Molly!

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And while we’ve been focused on my back porch today… I also have this tile installation back there. A bunch of glazed tiles hanging on a bunch of single nails. Always fun to swipe a hand across to make them all swing & swivel.

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Celebrating NATIONAL TILE DAY with a quick glimpse of the tiled wall I made for my condo! Sure, it may be one of little known holidays… but still a fun “reason” to show-off my tiled wall. Usually just those folks who come to my Holiday Home Show gets to see it. There are just short of three thousand handmade soda-fired tiles on the wall… 2,894 for the record… with textures, patterns and a few hidden surprises!

So here’s a quick game for you…
Can you fund my initials in the mix of tiles?
As you scroll down it will get easier, so don’t cheat!

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It might be freezing cold outside, but the bright winter sun is making things “striking” inside! Especially as the sun is highlighting textures & striking great shadows across some of my textured tiles! Thanks Ann for sharing your tiled trivets with us… now pass on some of that candy too!!!

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Just a little “tile temptation” for those of you trying to decide if you can come to MY HOLIDAY HOME SHOW today. Well if you do, you’ll see my tiled wall installation with close to 3,000 handmade tiles on the wall… 2,894 to be exact, but who’s counting?! Just a little textural incentive to come see it in person… with your mask!!!

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See what happens when it rains…
I keep sharing pictures while I’m stuck at home!!!

Okay, so a lot of you have already been to my place for “My Holiday Home Show” and have seen, touched & loved my tiled wall installation. It’s a small wall between bedroom & bathroom with just under 3,000 handmade tiles on the wall…. 2,894 but who’s counting?! All stamped, textured & soda-fired. It took awhile to install, but I LOVE the final piece… especially with my hardwood accents & overhead track lighting for added drama & shadows!

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Looks like my friend & master gardener Rosene has accepted my coleus challenge. Every year she propagates hundreds of coleus starts and shares them with everyone. But now that she’s quarantines with all these coleus plants, I though she could use a new challenge… of growing a COLEUS TOPIARY!!! And it looks like she’s well on her way! With a beautiful tiled ClayQuilt in the back ground… which kinda looks familiar!!!

And here’s the picture of the challenge inspiration I saw on Instagram… looks like she’s got a ways to go!!!

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While everyone is still sheltered-in-place, it’s good to see my friends are keeping up with their Disney Trivia… all the while “fireplace surround-ed” by some handmade, stamped, textured & soda-fired tiles! A little Throwback Thursday to a project I installed a few years ago out in the suburbs!

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Looks like one on this week’s MUG-SHOP MONDAY mugs has arrived safe & sound! Just in time to brighten another Saturday of “sheltering-at-home”!!! Thanks again Julie!

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This week on the British TV show “The Great Pottery Throwdown”, the contestants were tasked with making 40 handmade tiles in two hours. Their goal was to make enough tiles to tile a small fireplace surround… with a twist of the tiles needing to have some 3-dimensional designs on it. They did the project in two parts… first making the tiles, then they let the tiles stiffen up a bit.. and then back to add the details. Some people struggled with smooth, flat tiles… while others succeeded… and others decided to make their challenge even harder by going to hexagon or triangle tiles! So instead of forty squares, Claire had to make 80 triangles, while Matt went for 102 hexagons!

To watch the episode on YouTube… click here.

While their tiles were set aside to dry for awhile to stiffen up, they did a quick Throwdown Challenge… where they had to throw a large terra cotta chimney… by assembling two large cylinders together for the large chimney cylinder.

The contestants received their glazed & finished tiles back from the kiln guy, they had to assemble, install & gorut their fireplace surrounds… and then stand there for judging!!!