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So does any one else find it slightly ironic that the mural
outside of the Chicago Mosaic School is NOT in fact a mosaic?! Odd, right?

I’ve ridden my bike past this corner for quite some time. I’ve seen this mural both coming & going. I’ve always thought it was a beautiful mosaic gracing our neighborhood. It wasn’t until I stopped by today to take a few photos that I realized it was a painting!!! Little swatches of square colors. Just like tiles. But NOT tiles!!! So much for a cool mosaic, huh???

Now don’t get me wrong, I still love it. The style, the colors, the neighborhood artwork.

After the realization that it was a faux mosaic, I turned the corner and found the “real” one. This appears to be the “prototype” mosaic that inspired the mural. It’s not very large. The tiles are pretty small. So now I guess I understand why they painted the wall instead of trying to fill it with SO MANY tiny tiles.

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While waiting for some freshly-thrown cylinders to set-up for tomorrow night’s demo, I decided to crank out a quick batch of textured tiles.

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Morning sun on my tiled basement window.
Simple squares glazed and hung on security mesh with small plastic zip ties.
So much better than a bare basement window!


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Some great patterns & color combinations on these painted tiles that I found
at BoHo on West Illinois Street while downtown this morning.

Might be good inspiration for some new stamps???


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One of my friends has been busy in the kitchen making some loaves of banana bread…
and letting them cool on a couple of my textured tile trivets!!!

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We’re just a few hours from a LOT of great food!!!
And if you’re using any Fire When Ready Pottery tomorrow, I’d love to see your Thanksgiving spread! E-mail me with a photo or two that I can share to!!! Like this wonderful Dutch Apple Pie on a textured tile trivet from my friend Allison. Apparently one of her students made a pie… and Allison had the perfect tiled trivet to put it on. Alex – your pie looks amazing. Sure wish I had one… hint, hint… @alexkindermanart #kindermanart






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Fun photo reflections with some textured tile mirrors! Thanks George for sharing your creative shots of my tiles… as well as one of the collaboration mirrors I made with my friend Cory McCrory. With all these reflections, let’s hope George isn’t “naked as a jaybird.”

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Apparently I’m now “famous” in the world of Pokemon Go?!!!

I just found out this weekend that my tiled basement window is now a Pokestop!!!
Who knew?… honestly, I still don’t know. But it seems kinda cool. I think?

As far as I’ve figured out, if you’re on my street corner playing Pokemon Go, my tiled basement window pops up. When you click it, the window spins and then some icons pop up that you can capture to add to your game. Or something like that… I think I need some tweener to explain all this to me?!!!

And if anyone knows how to update the title page of the Pokestop post, please let me know! Right now it says “Ceramic Tile Screen”… but it could say SO much more!!!

Apparently the Weedles were running about inside my place during my Holiday Home Show as well?! Who invited them?!!!



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Putting tiles in their place. Assembling another ClayQuilt of textured tiles.
Gotta love straight lines and epoxy!!!


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Spent some time tonight glazing up the last batch of textured tiles for a commission piece I’ve been working on. Can’t wait to see them come together into another ClayQuilt wall piece.