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Fun photo reflections with some textured tile mirrors! Thanks George for sharing your creative shots of my tiles… as well as one of the collaboration mirrors I made with my friend Cory McCrory. With all these reflections, let’s hope George isn’t “naked as a jaybird.”

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Apparently I’m now “famous” in the world of Pokemon Go?!!!

I just found out this weekend that my tiled basement window is now a Pokestop!!!
Who knew?… honestly, I still don’t know. But it seems kinda cool. I think?

As far as I’ve figured out, if you’re on my street corner playing Pokemon Go, my tiled basement window pops up. When you click it, the window spins and then some icons pop up that you can capture to add to your game. Or something like that… I think I need some tweener to explain all this to me?!!!

And if anyone knows how to update the title page of the Pokestop post, please let me know! Right now it says “Ceramic Tile Screen”… but it could say SO much more!!!

Apparently the Weedles were running about inside my place during my Holiday Home Show as well?! Who invited them?!!!



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Putting tiles in their place. Assembling another ClayQuilt of textured tiles.
Gotta love straight lines and epoxy!!!


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Spent some time tonight glazing up the last batch of textured tiles for a commission piece I’ve been working on. Can’t wait to see them come together into another ClayQuilt wall piece.


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I spent some time today glueing tiles in place to make some ClayQuilts today.
Ahhh… I love the smell of epoxy in the morning.

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Came home from ART IN THE BARN with this beautiful porcelain tile from My Talented Friend Mike Skiersch. He hand carves the master tile and then makes a mold to produce these tiles. The glaze is one of studio recipes that looks incredible on his tiles. I love the color & the pooling. The crackling looks great on his tiles… not quite so good on my functional work.

To see more of Mike’s tile work, click here for his website.



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A beautiful morning to kick-off Day Two of ART IN THE BARN. So fun to be greeted by this smiling face when I arrived to replenish & restock the shelves. Come quick though… there’s only four Jack-o-Lanterns left!!!

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After a big race day, it was fun to relax in the studio tonight stamping some mugs and making some more textured tiles.

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Here’s a quick glimpse at the textured tile wall in my condo. Just under 3,000 tiles on the wall… each one handmade, textured & soda-fired. I love the wall and how the highlights & shadows play over the textures… (2,894 tiles in case you’re wondering.)

The best part of the story was when I was getting ready to install the tiles…

My Dad’s concern was what would happen if the weight of the tiles literally pulled the wall off the studs?! I innocently said “We put a new one back up?!”

And then my Mom’s question was how I was planning on cleaning the wall. To which my response was ‘Who cleans wall?”


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A huge thanks to Allison and her family for sharing their breakfast with me… err, us!!!
Too bad they didn’t share the yummy muffins too?!!! Just the photos of them cooling on a fun trivet tray of textured tiles.