Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Okay, so here’s the explanation… and a great show in the Lillstreet Gallery Annex by my friend & metalsmith Kelly Novak. Her pieces are incredibly stark, sharp and surprisingly perfect for my week on the B&W Photo Challenge! Lots of metal, black leather and incredible shadows on the walls. And that’s why today I challenge her!!! “INTERVALS” by Kelly Novak through the end of the year.

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Don’t you just love getting free stuff in the mail?!
Especially when it’s a poster of great pottery pieces…
and yours just happens to be placed next to your buddy Steven Hill’s glazed teabowl.

Well, I’m extremely honored to have been chosen to have a teabowl in this year’s TEABOWL NATIONAL gallery show at the Bredin-Lee Gallery in Kansas City, Missouri. The TEABOWL NATIONAL 2017 show opens tomorrow with an Opening Reception from 5:00-9:00pm. You can also check-out the show to see all of the other teabowls online… click here to see all of the teabowls chosen by Juror Chandra Debuse.







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I must admit it’s pretty exciting when you find your stamped vase
has been “red dotted” in the Lillstreet Gallery Annex show! Yeah me!!!

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Last night was the Lillstreet Gallery Annex Opening Reception for a vase show featuring the ceramics faculty. So many great vases with different styles & techniques showcasing the teachers at Lillstreet Art Center.

FLOURISH : Lillstreet Ceramics Faculty Showcase
Lillstreet Gallery Annex : March 3 – April 9, 2017

Catherine Tweedie & Lisa Harris

Sharon Hartshorne

Les Orenstein & David Bromley

Sam Hostert

David Todd Trost & Nolan Baumgartner

Corinne D. Peterson & Kyle Johns

Mary Drabik & Susan Messer-McBride

Robin Power

Chris Chaney & Catherine Schwalbe

David Hartshorne

And my blue stamped vase…
next to a vase by Jason Lawfer with some VERY dramatic greenery…

Special thanks to Brian who coordinated this gallery show and furnished the flowers…
and even MORE flowers at the very last minute!!! The show looks great Brian!
Thanks for showcasing the Lillstreet ceramic instructors!!!

Okay, back to me… one more shot of my stamped & soda-fired blue vase…
finished off with some very last minute flowers from Brian – Thanks!

March 3 – April 9, 2017





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Just snagged these two great mugs from “Cup : The Intimate Object” online sale at the Charlie Cummings Gallery. So excited to add mugs by Hedy Yang and Todd Volz to my Mug Collection!!!

Click here to go to the Charlie Cummings for the online gallery & sale.

Hedy Yang… with some wonderful bubble glazing… much cooler than our attempt in class!

Todd Volz…

I tried to get a “Lost Age Mug” by Mike Stumbras too, but they all sold out too fast!!!
Not to mention the really cool “Space Relic Mugs” by Mike Cinelli. Maybe next time…

Mike Stumbras…

Mike Cinelli…



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Huge congratulations to one of my favorite teachers ever!!! Steven Young Lee and his new gallery show at the Renwick Gallery in Washington DC. Amazing pots. Fantastic artist. Incredible teacher. Thank you Steven for sharing your art, knowledge & passion with the rest of us!




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Wanna see a LOT of great mugs, cups & teabowls?
Check out the online Charlie Cummings Gallery and their new show that just went live today. Over a thousand really cool pieces to look at in “Cup: The Intimate Object XI”. Whether you’re being inspired… or simply drooling over the cups… you might just click “BUY” and become the owner of some really cool artwork.

I “may” have done that three times…¬† allegedly.

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I have some wonderful customers.
Always supportive. Always sharing. Always collecting.

Especially this family who have decided to create a “special place” in their kitchen to house their Fire When Ready Pottery mug collection. From what I’ve heard, there were a couple “false steps” along the way… but it looks like the installation this time was a success! And it looks like it was a full family project with both Dennis & Ann climbing in to get the project done… and Allison presumably behind the camera!!!

They came to ART IN THE BARN on Saturday, bought a few more mugs, and apparently tackled this “little” project yesterday.

Good thing Dennis is a chiropractor… I’m just sayin’.
And it looks pretty great. Easy access shelving for all of their favorite mugs!
Three sections “floating” above the counter-top. Right within arm’s distance.

And now they’ve been filled with mugs!!!

Okay, so I see a few “imposters” along the way… we’ll need to work on that. I might give a little slack to my friend Cory McCrory’s dotted lime green mug, but the others have got to go. Maybe relegated back into the cabinet from whence they came?! Sure, that crystalline mug looks pretty sweet too… but really?… back in the cabinet!!!

Thanks so much for sharing these photos…
and for giving my mugs such a place of honor in your kitchen!!!
Love you guys!!!

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Tomorrow evening is the Opening Reception for a new exhibit in the Lillstreet Gallery Annex on the second floor. It’s a collection of Lillstreet ceramic artists who make soda-fired work. I have a large “constellation” of wall pieces in the show. The textured wall pillows make a fun installation grouping full of textures, surfaces & shadows.

Stop by tomorrow evening between 6:00-8:00pm for the Opening Reception. Second floor of Lillstreet Art Center just a few doors down from my studio. 4401 North Ravenswood, Chicago, IL 60640 on the corner of Montrose & Ravenswood.

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Last night I went to the Bridgeport Art Center with my friend Kristin for their “Third Fridays” Open Studio Night. I’ve only been down there once before with the “glitter gig.” This was my first Open Studio Night so we were both excited to see some great art & visit with artists.

Their Gallery space was very nice. Quite a few beautiful pieces around the room – along with live music!!! Here’s one of the pieces that caught my eye… a diptych of color stripes. All made from tiny slices of colored paper.

I was also enamored by this “curtain” of prisms, mirrors and sparkle! It was a nice installation in the middle of the room… and I especially appreciated the way the light bounced off of it… and the shadowed patterns it created on the floor!

On the Fourth Floor, a little off to the side of the Gallery, is the glass studio of my friend Dobrila Pintar. She was there greeting people and showing off her beautiful pieces. Dobrila took my Beginning Wheel class “centuries” ago, and now teaches glass bead classes at Lillstreet. It was great to see her in own environment!!!

As we were touring the Fourth Floor studios, we followed the “maze” around the building. We turned a corner and suddenly it opened up to a large workroom filled with wonderfully precious artworks. Project Onward is housed in the Bridgeport Art Center… lots of glitter, tons of color, and a wonderful spirit.

According to their website…
Project Onward supports the professional development of artists with exceptional talents and challenges, ranging from autism to mental illness, and provides these artists with workspace, materials, professional guidance, exhibition opportunities and access to markets to sell their work and advance their careers.

Here’s one of my favorites by an artist named Sheila Smith. Such wonderful use of color & dots to create patterns & movement.

After our time in the Project Onward workroom, we were ready to leave the Fourth Floor and head up one more level to see our friend & ceramic mastermind Jay Strommen!!!