Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Mark you calendars and make your holiday shopping lists!!!
We’ve got another Holiday Home Show coming up. This time with my friend
and talented metalsmith Amy Taylor. More details to come!

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A tough ride into the wind this morning.
Worth it for a beautiful sunrise over Navy Pier.
Filled with cool silhouettes and groovy reflections on the Pier.  #navypierchicago


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Nothing says Thanksgiving like a plate of deviled eggs. Especially when they’re served on a stamped & soda-fired platter… and topped with a bite of caramelized bacon! Not to mention the sweet little fingers of the egg-Chef – my niece Taylor!!!

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A beautiful skyline sunrise from the north on Lake Shore Drive with layered clouds looming over the lake.

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So I made two pumpkin pies as well, but it was my cherry-topped cheesecake
that stole the show yesterday on a stamped platter.
Sure, maybe the dish of hot fudge on the side didn’t hurt any either…

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Have a wonderful day sharing your day & holiday feast with your family & friends. And if you’re using any of my pottery this holiday, please share a photo with me too! gary@firewhenreadypottery … I’d be very “thankful” on Thanksgiving!


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We’re just a few hours from a LOT of great food!!!
And if you’re using any Fire When Ready Pottery tomorrow, I’d love to see your Thanksgiving spread! E-mail me with a photo or two that I can share to!!! Like this wonderful Dutch Apple Pie on a textured tile trivet from my friend Allison. Apparently one of her students made a pie… and Allison had the perfect tiled trivet to put it on. Alex – your pie looks amazing. Sure wish I had one… hint, hint… @alexkindermanart #kindermanart






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From my home to another… from my house to another house-plant!!!
This stamped flower pot was snapped up during my Holiday Home Show
and quickly became the new “residence” for a beautiful blooming bromeliad.

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Fun photo reflections with some textured tile mirrors! Thanks George for sharing your creative shots of my tiles… as well as one of the collaboration mirrors I made with my friend Cory McCrory. With all these reflections, let’s hope George isn’t “naked as a jaybird.”

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So cute when your friends’ kids come home from school with an art project. Apparently, they were supposed to decorate their turkey with words of thanks for those that that they’re THANKFUL for. And look who made the list?!!! Thanks Rosie!!!… and thanks to your parents Kel & Kelly for raising such wonderful children and for making me part of all their lives. I’m thankful for all of you.