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Some more Halloween decorations… here’s Nancy’s assortment of The Ghouls Collection!!! Along with one imposter on the far right made by her daughter Lydia! Looks like I might have an apprentice in the making?!

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Looking to add a couple Ghouls to your collection?!
Well, I’ll be doing a “sweet” little pottery POP-UP SHOP tomorrow at Maurie’s Sugar Shoppe in Eureka, Illinois from 10:00am-7:00pm. I’ll have a good assortment of “sweet” little Ghouls to put a little smirky smile in your Halloween decor!

Maurie’s Sugar Shoppe – 116 North Main Street, Eureka, IL 61530

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Looks like this Little Red Devil has found his calling… earning his keep holding pencils & pens while making Patty laugh while working at her office desk all day!

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Another cute moment during ART IN THE BARN was when this little guy found the Werewolf Ghouls on the bottom shelf… he was mesmerized… and carried on trying to convince his Mom that he really “needed” one of them for his room! Well played Levi… I hope you’re enjoying your new Ghoul!!!

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And don’t think the Red Devil Hats were just for the kids… but also the “Kid-at-Hearts”!!! I mean… who doesn’t want to look just like their new favorite Ghoul in the collection?!

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So while I was unloading the kiln last Friday with my new Little Red Devils, one of my studio mates said she had a bunch of red devil hats in her studio for no apparent reason. Someone had just dropped them off hoping she could do something with them… and she offered them to me! Crazy coincidence, huh?

So of course I took them… and gave them away with some of the Little Red Devils during ART IN THE BARN last weekend. Too funny!!! But I’m not sure if little Teagan is more into the Red Devils, or the caramel apple lollipop?! She’s still ADORABLE either way!

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Well, you’ve waited long enough… and they’re finally out of the kiln… ready to give you a devilish smirky smile. This year’s addition to THE GHOULS COLLECTION… the Little Red Devils!!! Here’s your first sneak peek of these cuties as they get packed up for ART IN THE BARN this weekend. As always, it’s a limited edition of forty Red Devils… and when they’re gone, they’re gone… and “retired” from the collection!!!

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Plenty of pumpkins headed to ART IN THE BARN this weekend. Just in time for Halloween decor… with cute little pumpkins that the squirrels won’t chew through!!!

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Opening the kiln… filled with pumpkins & little red devils!!!
I might have pushing the deadline a smidge… but now they’re all fired, prepped, priced and ready for this weekend’s “Big Debut” at ART IN THE BARN!!!… which starts tomorrow by the way!!!

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And I know we’ve been so focused on my little Red Devils lately… but they’re not alone. There are some new pumpkins going in the mix too!!! A couple different colors… still being painted & detailing with underglazes to get them into the kiln along with the little devils!!!