Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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While in Peoria, I gave my friends a few boxes of “seconds” and cracked, chipped, kiln-splotched or glaze-ruined pieces of pottery for them to break-up and use in their garden. They have plans to make a nice alternative to pea gravel & mulch in a few places!

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This past weekend was a great chance to get away for a few days…
not too far, but far enough.

So much fun to visit my “first art fair friends” and their amazing garden
in Peoria ablaze with Spring colors!

Oh, and look… a ceramic totem pole in their terraced backyard garden!
Wonder how THAT got there???



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This morning we awoke to another layer of snow & crusty ice. Perfect April weather…
if you’re a polar bear?!!! Luckily our Spring flowers are trying to be troopers
and enduring the prolonged cold right along with us!



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While “everyone” is at NCECA… some of us had to stay home to make the pots!!! Just had to take a quick afternoon break at the Chicago Flower & Garden Show to “ease the pain.” Have fun Pittsburgh Pottery Peeps!!!

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Always a fun explosion of color & texture.
A splash of Witch Hazel is always welcome after a long dark & drab Winter.

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A beautiful harbinger of Spring on a nice sunny Saturday!

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After last night’s 30-degree temperature drop & crazy strong winds, some plants are STILL hanging onto their Fall leaves.

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Is it just me… but shouldn’t these leaves be dead and on the ground by now?! Granted I love the bright colors of my red burning bush, but it seems a little late in the season for this blaze of color??? Everything else is frozen but this one is still going strong!!!

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So nice to have “real” tomatoes that actually taste like tomatoes!!!

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Rain on the redbud tree. Sadly, no bike ride this morning. Mwah, mwah, mwa-wet.