Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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As part of our final class of the Fall session, my Intermediate Wheel class did a fun “trading-exchanging-stealing game”… with a category theme of handmade flower pot with a plant in it. Some people were “racing” with the kiln and weren’t quite able to get a plant, but we were pleased their flower pots at least made it out of the kiln in time! Always a fun way to end a great session with fun students!!!

And, in case you’re wondering… I came home with the beautiful red flower pot with a red anthurium flowering in it from Darcy… perfect for the holidays!

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Looks like Rosene has her first bloom of the season on her Thanksgiving Cactus… about a week early! Mine is already blooming beautifully right now too! Come to the HOLIDAY HOME SHOW this weekend and you can see my blooms… and perhaps buy a new flower pot for your indoor garden too?! I’m convinced that houseplants prefer handmade pottery flower pots… with drainage holes!!!

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Sad, but true... I think this is the final dahlia of the season! I saw it blooming yesterday out in my garden. But when I saw a few little snowflakes this evening, I thought I would bring it inside to enjoy it a little longer. Perfect as a single bloom in one of my stamped & soda-fired ikebana vases!

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I’ve always loved sumac bushes… the shapes of the leaves, the structure of the bushes, and most importantly the wonderful color they turn in the Fall. Like this little sumac growing in my front yard!

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Cute little flower arrangement in one of my ikebana vases. Beautiful colors & textures celebrating the least of the Fall flowers. Thanks for showing off your garden & floral arranging skills Kristy!

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More Fall flowers hanging in there… loving these little “floral firework explosions” of purple asters in my side garden.

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After an incredibly warm & sunny weekend… so beautiful… I finally got one of my dahlias to bloom! My fault for not getting it started early enough… and for those who remember, having a tree branch fall on the plant didn’t help either! But it was well worth the wait!

Mental note to self… plant more dahlias & start sooner next year!

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Beautiful purple clematis blooming in our back courtyard…
a bright spot on a gloomy gray day.

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Some may think they’re weeds, but I’m LOVING these Globe Thistles. Such cool shapes, textures, colors & the bees love them too!!! Thanks to my cousin Kim for sharing some of these from her garden so I can enjoy them in my garden now too!

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These purple iris hung in there for a long time too. This patch of bearded purple iris are the very first ones I planted several years ago. They’ve been thriving & spreading as a consistent bloomer on the corner of my front garden. Yet sadly, they look like they’re almost done blooming now… until next year…