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Looks like Diane’s eucalyptus plant is enjoying its new home… she picked up the stamped terra cotta pot at ART IN THE GARDEN. And then proceeded to plant her own “garden” at home! Looks happy!

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So I have a little “situation” going on at home?! I purchased a sweet potato with plans to cook it up with dinner one night. But things got busy… and I kinda forgot about it a bit. And then THIS happened?!

No water… no roots… just these crazy cool sprouts!!!

So… do I let it go?…
do I put it in water and call it a new houseplant?…
or do I try to cut these off and see if it’s still edible?!

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And for those of you following my flowering houseplants… apparently this has been identified as a “Christmas Carol” aloe plant… and the flowers don’t really do much more than open up at the end of each tube, and then wither away?! Still pretty cool plant… love the red spiky edges on the leaves!

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Another happy plant… throwing up a whole new layer of leaves unfurling in the center! Looks like it’s been enjoying the summer basking in the sun on my kitchen windowsill.

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With the cool weather setting in so quickly this weekend, looks like some of Rosene’s outdoor succulents have made the trip indoors… most likely for the rest of the year!!! I’m sure they’ll be looking forward to getting back outside next Spring as soon as possible… just like ME!!!

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This morning after the overnight rain, I was greeted by this beautiful plumeria that has started to bloom just down the street. It smells incredible!!!… and it belongs to the same house that had the amazing collection of lilies this summer too! Some neighbor sure has a green thumb!!!

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One of my favorite flowers at the end of Summer… this purple clematis is climbing up the fence in my back courtyard. Striking color & distinctive shapes… and that center stamen & stigma is incredible!!! Hoping that we have a lot more blossoms to come… if we can ever get the sun to shine again after three days of rain & gray!!!

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For those of who following the progress of the purple hyacinth bean vines growing on my back porch… well, they’re kinda taking over!!! They’ve filled in quite nicely practically covering my “curtain” of rusty gears. The flowers are popping out here & there mostly on the outside… as the gears are showing more on the porch side. The purple bean pods are starting to show up as well… promising a good harvest of seeds to grow again next year!

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Looks like Sarah and I are not the only ones doing a little re-planting… Diane bought a terra cotta flower pot at ART IN THE GARDEN specifically for her eucalyptus plant. Looks great, looks happy in its new home… but I must admit, I don’t know that I’ve EVER seen a living eucalyptus plant.

Odd… they’re always dried bundles?!

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When I was re-planting the larger succulent, this little guy was kinda wedged in under the other one! So I separated them to give this one a little more breathing room! Loving the little red tips & accents… maybe they’ll get more prominent now that it’s out of the shadow of the bigger one???