Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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I’ve been busy setting up shelves all over the place for this weekend’s HOLIDAY HOME SHOW… including in the dining room where several of my orchids live. So they’ve been enjoying some new lighting & clean space to spread-out more! At least until the shelves get covered with pottery in a couple days!!! Pack ’em tight… make room for the POTTERY!!!

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With sun streaming through the window, it looks like a great time for a Monstera Monday!

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More morning dahlia magic! It’s so impressive, albeit a bit confusing… that all of these dahlias are blooming at the same time on the same plant?! I’m so glad that I planted these back in the Spring, as the pay-off is great now. And I’m totally loving how the dahlia flowers just seem to change appearance every day! This plant has been blooming great… but I have three other dahlia plants that have yet to make a single flower?! Not sure why… same garden area, same sun, same watering, etc. Fingers still crossed… but better luck next year!

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Looks like my cousin Kim’s backyard is still in full bloom… including the wall pocket vases she’s installed on the side of her large tree! While they may not have drainage holes, you can still plant in them if you add a layer of pebbles in the bottom & be cautious while watering! Plus, it doesn’t hurt any that Kim has a green thumb!!!

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Working in the basement trying to prep, price & pack three kilns worth of pottery for my next two shows!!! A lot to do… plus I might be miSTAKEn… but these still need to be prepped for this weekend! High STAKEs to get them done in time… HA!… any guesses?… new for Art In The “Garden”… hint, hint…

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Crazy cool flowers growing in my garden right now… thanks to my Peoria friends Rosene & Gerry! I planted these several years ago from little spin-offs of their mother plant. It took awhile, but these Bear’s Breeches are looking really cool now! Even better… I have three more little spin-offs that I’m nursing through now. Hoping they take hold soon… and look as cool as these next year?!

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Sometimes a single flower can be enough.
Big impact from a homegrown dahlia in a handmade ikebana vase.

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So excited to FINALLY have these growing my garden! I’ve always loved Black-Eyed Susan flowers. So simple. So classic. But I’ve NEVER been able to get them to grow in my garden. I’ve tried many times… but failed. People say they grow like weeds… except for me! People have sent me plants and told me they’re “impossible” to kill… and yet I did. But I decided to give it a go & try again, this time with some homegrown plants from my Peoria friends and their Spring Plant Sale. Now I don’t want to jinx myself… but they’re still alive & finally blooming!!! We might have broken the curse!!!

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The purple hyacinth bean vine is finally starting to bloom on my back porch… as it slowly climbs up my “curtain” of rusty metal gears, cow bells & chains! Very excited, because once it starts it keeps blooming well into Fall. And then we get treated with some dark aubergine-purple seed pods to harvest so the vine can start again next year!