Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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The coleus plants on my front porch are all growing so well… so I just chopped them all down!!! Okay, so maybe “pruned” them is a better phrase… but here are the cuttings that I’m going to try rooting. My Peoria gardening friends to it all the time… so I figure if I can even get half of them to root I’m doing good!

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Enjoying late afternoon flowers on the back porch. Vibrant & fragrant bee balm flowers & furry smoke bush clippings in a soda-fired ikebana vase… and a mini hosta in a handmade flower pot!

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Some colorful coleus leaves on my front porch…
Mother Nature’s striking entry for another TEXTURE TUESDAY!

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Not quite as fragrant, but loving the wonderful colors, patterns & structure to this bi-color iris that is still blooming in my front yard garden! Gotta love iris season!

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Beautiful purple iris blooming in my front yard… just love the fragrant smell as it is always creates such a wonderful childhood flashback memory!

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And during these crazy times of quarantining & self-isolating… my friends in Bartonville have this wonderful wrought iron “welcome” sign takes on an all-important message! When this all calms down a bit, the sign can be rotated as the other side has the more traditional “Welcome”… but that might still be a while from now!

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Sure, they may have a big fallen tree in the middle of their garden right now… but my friends Gerry & Rosene still have an AMAZING GARDEN!!! Lots of beautiful plants & rusty art pieces all around. It’s so much fun to visit at different times of the year to see what’s blooming each time!

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Good Morning Jack!!! So fun to see this jack-in-the-pulpit pop up in my garden this time of the year! Too bad his visit is always short-lived!

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A little sweet cup of little spring pretties!
Fragrant Lily-Of-The-Valley blooms from my garden
in a small porcelain stamped & soda-fired cup!

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Celebrating another TEXTURE TUESDAY with a few spring ferns…
one natural, and one stamped & soda-fired!!!