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A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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For the final pottery class of every session, I challenge my students to make a certain item during the class, finish and bring it in for our “trading-stealing-exchanging” game. This time we went with flowerpots with a plant in it… and they were all great… okay, so there were two that didn’t quite make it through the final glaze kiln… but a GREAT GAME and a GREAT SHOWING from my class. A wonderful ending to another session of wheelthrowing classes!

Here’s Jen’s flower pot… and the one I cam home with after the game! LOVE IT!!!

Okay, so two of them didn’t quite make the deadline…
and didn’t make it through glaze kiln in time for our exchange game.
So now I guess it’s a DIY flowerpot… after the fact.

My partial TA Claire’s flower pot…

My regular TA Susan’s flower pot…

And here’s MY contribution to the game…
wheelthrown, stamped & glazed now with a Sago Palm taking residence.



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Just because it’s a big snowy mess outside… doesn’t mean that it isn’t still beautiful. It’s just pretty with an oddly slush-covered layer of mid-Spring snow on top of the pretty!!! No worries… it’ll melt… and maybe Spring will eventually get here for real?! Maybe…

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It’s the First Day of Spring… still rainy & cold,
but with a little glimmer of hope in my front yard.

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Always fun to see that my stamped & soda-fired flower pots are making happy plants everywhere… even in the snow-covered suburbs! Thanks Nancy for sharing your happy plant!!!

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The Frankfurt City Ring is a beautiful ribbon of parks & greenways that surround the old city. Along the way you find sculptures, parks, gardens and wonderful old architecture. At one point we stumbled upon the Chinese Garden… which was unfortunately closed for the season, but that didn’t stop me from getting a few good pictures!


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And there’s a lot of pretty things happening in the garden these days!


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A beautiful display of wood-fired bottles by Jason Hess backed by fresh greens of the trumpet flowers growing up the walls outside the Lillstreet Gallery in the summer sun.


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Overnight showers make for happy morning flowers & hostas.
Beautiful iris, wild columbine & variegated hosta leaves still with the droplets hanging on.



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Mini flowers need mini vases.
And mini vases need mini stamps, right?!
Love the smell of lily-of-the-valley too!!!

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One of my favorite iris flowers currently blooming in my garden. A classic color combination with that intoxicating fragrance that sparks childhood memories every time. Am I the only one who loves the scent of irises???