Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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A simple arrangement of summer blooms in a textured ikebana vase.
Thanks Kim for sharing some beauties from your garden!

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We’re just a week away from ART IN THE GARDEN.
A great grassroots art fair in Glenview, Illinois. A merry band of artists & talented friends pulling together to put on their own show in the backyard of master metalsmith Amy Taylor. It’s a beautiful setting for a cozy, intimate art experience where you really get a chance to see some great artwork, talk with the artists and relax in the garden. Plus, it’s the perfect chance for some of the artists to collaborate on a few projects together!!!

Mark your calendars… next weekend September 19th & 20th, 2017.


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Stopped by the Farmer’s Market on my way home from the studio…
and found I had the perfect oval for my fresh beets!


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Celebrating the first day of Summer with a great afternoon bike ride to the Chicago Botanic Garden with my biking buddy Chris. We’re both training for our IRONMAN races so we’re always looking for another chance to squeeze in some more miles. It was a great ride up to Highland Park and back with a beautiful stop at the gardens at our turn-around point.

A LOT of beautiful flowers and plants within their special “Brazil” tropical display.






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Some beautiful irises have been blooming in my front yard garden. Sadly, they’re all nearing the end of their blooming cycle. I think I might need to find some “late bloomers” to extend the iris season next year?! Any suggestions???

And my favorite little Siberian irises that are blooming well for the first time after re-locating them to a new place in the garden last Fall.

And yes, some of these flowers are HUGE!!!… almost as large as my hand!!!


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Just hanging out in Old Town this afternoon while my bike gets it’s 30-ride tune-up!

Murals making walls better in Old Town.

And some of the best… some organic and some architectural.


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Spring clematis bloom in one of my stamped & soda-fired ikebana vases.
Lovin’ the color contrast.

So which view do YOU like better?…
Straight down birds-eye-view?… or a slight angle?!!!
I couldn’t decide so you get stuck with both!!!


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Beautiful iris colors on a gray gloomy day.

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At least the shamrocks in my kitchen window are enjoying the sun today… while I’m “trapped inside” without my bike AND doing my taxes today. A double whammy!!! Maybe being without my bike will be a “good thing” when it comes to getting my taxes done???… hmmm?… but I do still have running shoes!