Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Categories: bike, sunrise

The morning started quite serene with the harbors washed in shades of pinks, purples & blues. As the morning continued, the sky was clear and calm. Not a cloud in sight. A beautiful morning… clear sailing all the way home.

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C’mon… could he BE any cuter?
And could he have found a better “backdrop” to play in front of. He might just be the new poster child for my ClayQuilts.

Raylan is the son of my cousin Kim’s boyfriend Don’s daughter Erykah.
A bit confusing, but adorable nonetheless.

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Another beautiful day at ART IN THE BARN…
and the shopping bags are stacking up again. A very good sign.

Plus, the Jack O’Lanterns have been replenished. Smirky festive faces to make you laugh. And a pumpkin that the squirrels can’t eat & destroy!

Plus, we’re going into Day Two with just a couple Mummies left. Last year they were wiped out in a matter of hours… and at this rate, it looks like we’re going to sell out of them again this year!


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The last complete set of The Ghouls Collection was just snatched up…
and we’re not even “officially” open for Day Two yet. Yeah!!!

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We had a great day yesterday at ART IN THE BARN.
Lots of great customers, beautiful weather, tons of laughs, a funnel cake and my niece Taylor decided to be my new “Artist Assistant” for the day. She did great… and my booth has never been so “lined-up” and organized.

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Another foggy morning… but this time it obliterated the Chicago skyline.
On the way home it seemed clear along the lake…

But when I got back to the low-lying areas, I was back into the fog. especially around the golf course and the Waveland Clock Tower.

And again… MAGIC.

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They were still toasty last night coming out of the kiln… I needed gloves!
This morning three Black Cats have already found good homes!
And we’ve only been “officially open” for about 5 minutes!!! Only 21 left…

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We only have three complete sets left of the Ghouls Collection. Six characters. Pumpkin, Skull, Frankenstein, Vampire, Mummy and Black Cat

Grab some Ghouls before they’re gone!!!

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We’re all set up and ready to go. The double-booth is full of pots, mugs, Ghouls and more!!! The weather is perfect… so come out to play with us in Barrington today or tomorrow from 10:00am-5:00pm.

AndI’ve already hung my red ribbon.
Yep, this is the REAL ribbon that I want to get most of the entire summer.
It’s the “Top 10 Best Seller Award” from last year at The Barn. Hoping to “earn” another one this year… the ribbon that means the most!