Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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They were still toasty last night coming out of the kiln…
and this morning three Black Cats have already found good homes!
And we’ve only been open for about 10 minutes!!!

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We only have three complete sets left of the Ghouls Collection. Six characters. Pumpkin, Skull, Frankenstein, Vampire, Mummy and Black Cat. Grab some Ghouls before they’re gone!!!

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We’re all set up and ready to go. The double-booth is full of pots, mugs, Ghouls and more!!! The weather is perfect… so come out to play with us in Barrington today or tomorrow from 10:00am-5:00pm.

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Let the pricing & packing commence. Lots of pots. Lots of mugs!!!

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Last minute assembly as we’re getting ever closer to ART IN THE BARN. So while we’re packing, pricing & setting up today, these wooden jewelry boxes will hopefully be drying. Gotta keep the tiles in place so I can sell “something new” at The Barn this weekend.

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Not to jinx myself any more, but here’s a sneak peek
of the new addition to the Ghouls Collection for this year. The Black Cat.

Now if I can just get them out of the kiln soon enough?!
And if everything fired okay, there will be two dozen of them at The Barn.
That’s it… and when they’re gone, they’re gone!

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Now THAT’s better…
At least now we’re one step closer to having a new Ghoul at The Barn. Still over twelve-hundred degrees hot!!! Gotta cool quickly…

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I’m headed over to the studio soon to see if my second kiln firing attempt was successful or not. While I’m gone, here’s a little video clue of the new Ghouls inside the kiln… and no, she’s NOT my sister!

Click HERE for the video clue.

Click HERE for the video clue.


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Okay, so there’s been some talk about Ghouls of late.
Yes, I’ve been in the studio making this year’s addition to the holiday collection.
Said “Ghoul” is currently in the kiln trying to be fired for the second time. The “plan” is to debut the new Ghoul here once I know that the kiln actually worked. Here are the characters currently in the “Ghouls Collection” from previous years. There is a VERY limited quantity of some of these left before the get “retired.”

If my kiln ever gets fired, the newest addition will debut at “Art In The Barn”
and be first come, first served. No dibs. No saves.

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So the latest Ghouls made it into the kiln last night around 2:30am.
Loaded carefully. Layer by layer. Closed the lid. Pushed start.
Watched the numbers turn on, and raise with the temperature for about a half hour.

Imagine my surprise tonight when luckily I just stopped in to check the kiln…
only to find that it NEVER fired?!!! What the?… Front panel totally dead.
No red flashing CPLT as there should have been.

So I had to do a quick unload-reload into different kiln to try again.
Good thing I stopped in to check, huh?

Looks like we may have some warm Ghouls coming out to The Barn on Saturday?
Fingers crossed… again!!!