Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Spent the nigh stamping mugs in the studio. I threw the cylinders yesterday and kept them covered overnight. They were still a smidge too wet… but I unwrapped them today and gave them a few more minutes to set up before stamping.

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So many stamps, so little time…
and never enough pots to use them all.
This is less than a third of my stamp collection.

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Small bowl stamped & soda-fired. Ready to fill with ice cream & hot fudge!!!

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A windy morning provided some gusty fun along the lakefront. Waves were crashing up over the shoreline. Wind whipping every which way. Seemed like it was “always” A headwind!!! But still, a beautiful ride with some nice photo-ops down on Chicago’s Navy Pier.

My chariot awaits…. ready for a very windy ride home with the flags flying horizintally!

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I’ve been working on adding some new “square” slab vases into my repertoire. Two different sizes, each with two different patterns on the two different sides. Textured, detailed with colored slip and/or glaze and soda-fired to help show off Nature’s beauty.


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The heatwave has subsided and Fall is definitely in the air.
Thanks to Jay & Cathy for sharing their Fall decor on a green stamped plate!

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Okay, so I’ve never had Cookie Butter.
Never heard of Cookie Butter.
Not really sure what Cookie Butter is supposed to taste like.

So this latest flavor of OREOs was kind of lost on me.
It tasted like, well… a cookie. So I guess it worked???
Either way, we still finished them off in class Tuesday night.

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Looks like it’s “Our Runway Day” with so many inbound flights to O’Hare lined up this morning.

Categories: bike, sunrise

With the kick-off of Fall, my morning sunrise bike rides have become more cloudy & moody.
Wisps of colorful clouds working their way through the darkness.


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So nice to have “real” tomatoes that actually taste like tomatoes!!!