Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Finishing off the month… just in time… with my May entry in the 2021 CHAIN CHALLENGE. A collection of handmade & soda-fired beads with copper wire work to string them all together!


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Celebrated MEMORIAL DAY with a bike ride up to Fort Sheridan National Cemetery. Such a striking reminder of those who gave everything for their country so we could live free. The rows & rows of matching headstones are always so somber at a national cemetery for the fallen military members.

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Next weekend is the big kick-off of my SUMMER ART FAIR SCHEDULE! I’m fully-vaccinated & headed out to Hinsdale for one of my favorite art fairs! It’s a beautiful park right in downtown Hinsdale… and it’s going to feel so good to be outside selling pottery again… in-person, and not just online!!! Hoping to see a bunch of smiling faces outside with me next weekend!

Saturday, June 5th & Sunday, June 6th – 10:00am-5:00pm
Booth 69 near my usual spot… right under that great shade tree!
A little bit northeast of the fountain!

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The first layer… the first shelf… the first lidded jar… SO EXCITED!!!

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I just took the first couple layers of the brick door off the kiln… to reveal the start of the treasure hunt!!! Layer by layer more will be revealed… and we’re off to a GREAT start!!!

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Here’s another quick peek… after I had taken off all of the door bricks! You can see the difference of before & after the soda firing! Some of the colors come from glazes & colored flashing slips, but a LOT of the magic comes from the soda-firing itself. Introducing soda ash & soda bicarbonate into the kiln creates this wonderful atmosphere inside the kiln that makes wonderful surfaces!

And look, you can still see the brick blocked peep on the right side above… and it now cleaned out below!

Perfect timing… as a LOT of these new pots will be making their way to the Hinsdale Fine Arts Fair this weekend!

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Two days later… and this is all that’s left of Rosene’s chocolate carrot cake! One piece, a ring of frosting and a pretty stamped platter. Looks like it was a big hit. And more importantly, looks like that last piece would fit in small box to ship off to ME!!! Just sayin’…

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Apparently it’s MATZO MONDAY!!!
A little matzo ball soup in a handmade stamped bowl warming the day down in Florida!

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Looks like Rosene & Gerry are celebrating MUGSHOT MONDAY in a big way with a new shelving unit in their kitchen. Showing off their great collection of mugs… although I see a couple “imposter mugs” that might “need” to be replaced soon!!!

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More colorful flag iris blooming today…
these little guys don’t seem to mind the chilly breeze?!