Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Here’s the TRICK… have a great day, play in your costume, collect a lot of candy & fill your plate with some wonderful TREATS!!!

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While we do get some pottery done in my classes, we do like our sweet treats too! And last night Jen brought a huge bag of “freshly-picked-that-morning” apples to class for all of us! Heirloom & organic from her family’s farm… two varieties… and so many we all left with a bag full! So nice, so yummy… thanks Jen!!! They might just wash down some of the cookies & candies we’ve been eating in class lately! HA!

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Last night in class we had some pre-Halloween sweet treats! Yummy mummies from our own “Star Baker” Martin… lemon verbena shortbread complete with his own homegrown lemon verbena!!!

Plus the creamiest-ever peanut-butter buckeyes by Barclay!
A yummy way to kick-off our on-going holiday of Halloween treats!!!

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HAPPY HALLOWEEN… with one of the largest displays of The Ghouls Collection! So much fun to see them all lined up in front of a custom tile surround that I made for my sister & family!

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And I’m SO not ready for snow! We still have beautiful Fall leaves on the trees & dahlias blooming in my garden! Sure it’s pretty… but couldn’t we wait just a few more weeks?… please & thank you.

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A colorful start to a creepy Halloween morning!
A saturated sunrise as the clouds were moving in quickly!

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After this morning’s trip to the GreenCity Market, Rikke came home with another beautiful “broken” dahlia bloom FREE from the flower vendor. Good thing Rikki has an ikebana flower vase at the ready to show-off her newest blossom! Giving new life to a flower-head originally headed towards the trash. Beautiful save!!!

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Another set of Halloween Ghouls… hanging out in the kitchen cabinet amongst the glassware way! Coming to us from Kissimmee, Florida…. thanks to Beverly!

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My friend Kristen who is currently a pottery collector, pottery lover & pottery student in my Monday night class… put together this wonderful stack of plates! The bottom “charger” plate is by my studio neighbor Karen Patinkin, my stamped green dinner plate in the middle… and then Kristen’s own blue spiraled salad plate on top! Not at all planned that way… but a BEAUTIFUL collection of plates. Different colors, different styles, from different times. And yet they look like they were meant to be this way!!!

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Celebrating one of my favorite national holidays all-year long… today is NATIONAL CHOCOLATE DAY!!! You know, it’s one of my all-time favorites and it comes in so many varieties!!! How could I ever be expected to pick just one??? Tonight just happened to be CHOCOLATE CAKE!!! Celebrate!!!