Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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You’ve got about two weeks to finalize your Holiday Gift List…
as my final HOLIDAY HOME SHOW is on Saturday, December 14th from 10:00am-6:00pm. A fun day with my friend & amazing metalsmith Amy Taylor joining me as my Guest Artist. Lots of pottery & jewelry for everyone on your list… and something special for you too!

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You gotta love when you pop into your studio and find a sweet treat waiting for you!!!
Who knew these even existed??? Not me!

Thanks Donna for the wonderful surprise… you obviously know me too well.

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Not quite sure what this tasty morsel is… but it sure does look YUMMY!!! And I’m pretty darn sure that plate only makes it taste better!!! Thanks for sharing Sarah!

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Wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.
Hope you’ve spent your day with family, friends or friends-who-are-your-family!
And remember… pumpkin pie is NOT just for today!!!

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One of my wonderful customers brought me a gift African violet yesterday planted in one of my own flower pots! Apparently Rick propagates & grows these violets off of his mother’s original plants after she passed away. While her plants are now well over fifty years old, the violet’s beauty continues to be shared & spread through Rick’s ever-“growing” tribute. A beautiful combo… and a beautiful gesture. Thank you so much Rick & Nancy! I love it!!!

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Gotta love surprises care packages in the mail…
from great friends who know you oh so well. Thanks Sarah!

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The streets may be covered with snow, but it looks like my friend Allison found a way to stay warm this Halloween night with a warm cup of hot chocolate in a stamped & soda-fired mug that makes it even better! Too bad it looks like she’s missing the yummy-gooey marshmallows on top!

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Hopefully the first of many more to come!!! This vegan version by Rachel…
complete with vegan coconut milk “whipped cream.” Festive yumminess!

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Always fun to see one of your mugs “pop-up” on someone else’s Instagram feed. Looks like my friend & former student Pam has been “test-driving” mugs from her collection to replace the “everyday” mug that broke! She was a long-time tile-maker who scoffed at wheelthrowing. Of course I tried & tried to convince her… until I released her inner wheelthrowing beast… and you should see her now!!! Check out her Instagram feed to see what she’s been up to.

Spoiler alert… no more tiles!!!

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While I was visiting my friends in Peoria last weekend, it looks like something fun “sprouted” in one of their flower pots overnight?!!! Some groovy squiggly soda-fired plant stakes just kinda-sorta randomly “appeared” while they weren’t looking!!!