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So this all started with an ongoing thread of text messages. With the virus ramping up again as predicted, many people are taking their temperatures throughout the day. Just checking to make sure everything is still good. But the question apparently is… “WHERE do I store my thermometer?!”

In some Gary Pottery apparently…

And then the “trend” seemed to be catching on…
and showing up on the text thread…

But then the question was… Where are the apples???
Oh, right there next to the mini vase… now called a thermometer holder!

And some people seemed to have too many apples… which look yummy...
so they needed an additional “apple bowl”

And then another entry in the mix…
not quite sure that thermometer will tell you if you have the flu or not… but it will tell you if you’re poultry, lamb or smoked ham!!!

But again the question… Where are the apples?!

Apparently this time… not “quite” an apple, or at least not a natural apple… but the faux apple does look pretty great on this large green stamped platter!

As the trend of apples & Gary Pottery seemed to be catching on… another entry of an Apple with “one of Gary’s rare cat steins.” Well played…

To which I quickly responded… “That cat stein is SO RARE that I’d be lying… err, make that fe-lyin’… to say that I’ve ever made one of those.”

Matthew’s response was… “But how do you explain this?”

Apparently I had “signed” the bottom of this??? HA!!!
I had just forgotten & blocked this one out of my memory!!!

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Just two of the special treats we made last Sunday at MAURIE’S SUGAR SHOPPE for their “Monster Mash” even this Thursday night! So much fun playing with candy making festive treats… could be part of my new “edible” Ghouls Collection? Ha!!! Thanks to Keith & Julie for giving me a Golden Ticket to get into the candy factory!!!

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A special event like Maurie’s “MONSTER MASH” requires special treats, right?! So on Sunday we got together in the candy shop to make some Halloween magic! You know I love making my own Ghouls Collection… but this is the first time I got to make them with chocolates, marshmallows & candies!… FRANKENPOPS!!!

If you’re anywhere near Eureka, Illinois this Thursday night from 5:00-8:00pm, be sure to swing by MAURIE’S SUGAR SHOPPE for some special Halloween Treats… and the BEST caramel apples anywhere!!!

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My friends Keith & Julie are now running a fun candy shop in Eureka, Illinois… and I felt like I had found a Golden Ticket when I got to play in the kitchen with them all day making sweet treats on Sunday!!! Imagine ME in a candy store surrounded with sweets, marshmallows and a never-ending swirl of tempered chocolate!!!

MAURIE’S SUGAR SHOPPE was a longtime favorite in Pekin, Illinois. Sadly that location closed years ago, and now the tradition has been brought back… this time in Eureka, Illinois! Same recipes, yummy treats, updated goodies… and the BEST caramel apples anywhere!!!

Be sure to FOLLOW them on Facebook… click here

Or you can get a quick “sweet” fix on Instagram… click here!

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Mimi got a new berry bowl…
and quickly added it to her pottery collection!

Then quickly filled it with strawberries, raspberries & blackberries! And the quickly shared it with me… so I of course will share it with YOU!!! Thanks Sharon.

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With the temperatures falling, feels like Fall is here in full force… and it’s time for thick yummy soups! Even yummier when served in handmade pottery! A stamped & soda-fired bowl… and a “vintage” mug from before I started stamping!!! Looking good Rosene!

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My friend Tracy has created the first-ever GHOUL-A-GO-ROUND!!!
With her Halloween collection of Ghouls finding a place of honor on a lazy-susan on her kitchen table! That way, everyone gets to give ’em a spin!!!

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Looks like Matthew has some new display shelves in the kitchen to show off his ever-growing pottery collection. Beautiful. And sure, there may be a few other bowls & bottles… but I’ve already told him those silver nesting bowls can EASILY stack-up when he adds more of my pottery to his collection!!!

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Just a little flashback to calmer days… when we could pedal our bikes through colorful & hilly routes without a care in the world… with thousands of other bikers on THE HILLY HUNDRED. Sadly, this weekend would have been THE HILLY HUNDRED if it weren’t for this crazy corona-thing! It was always my favorite ride of the year… a hundred miles through rolling hills of incredible views & Fall colors down in southern Indiana.

And this flashback photo is even funnier… because it’s with my friend Nancy who I met while biking a “hundred” years ago. And it was actually on one of our many Hilly Hundred bike rides that we decided to take our first pottery class together! And the rest is history… I’ve never stopped working & making pots at Lillstreet Art Center. While Nancy took a short break to start a family but is now back making pots again! In fact, you would have seen us both at Art In The Barn in Barrington last month… if that hadn’t been cancelled too!!! Mwah, mwah, mwah…

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It was the first weekend of October… and a perfect chance to pull out the Halloween Decorations! My friend Chris pulled out all the stops & all the lights… decorating the front of her house in festive spooky glory. Including some huge spiders on her ceramic totem pole!!!

I think I need to go trick-or-treating at HER house this year!