Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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After today’s art fair in Hinsdale, I had a nice dinner with my booth neighbor Rhonda. She contacted me on Friday and suggested we do dinner after the show… and went on to suggest we go to Jade Dragon for Chinese food. She knew that for years I would go there with my Mom & Dad after the show on Saturdays. She thought it would be a nice way to honor my Mom… and I got warm fuzzies! And then tonight we ordered all of the same foods that my Mom would have ordered. Such a nice evening with my very thoughtful friend Rhonda!

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Looks like Rosene & Gerry are enjoying a fine morning breakfast… on some fine dinnerware! Homemade food always tastes better on handmade pottery!

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When you can’t quite decide, it’s always best to have friend with you at lunch so you can split & share TWO yummy sides! Like these amazing pancakes we had out in Elmhurst… Blueberry & Lemon Cheesecake pancakes or Peanut Butter Cup pancakes! I couldn’t decide… so Emma was willing to share with me.

So?… which flavor would YOU choose???

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Looks like a yummy evening dinner at Rosene’s…
with juicy ham served on a stamped & soda-fired plate!

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When your friend Tiffany celebrates her birthday with FREE ice cream at Jeni’s… it would just be “rude” if I didn’t go with for the birthday festivities & yummy ice cream! And I wouldn’t want to be “rude”… right?!

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Looks like Julie celebrated Easter today by baking this beautiful pineapple-upside-down-cake… and served it on a handmade platter by you know who! I’m sure it must have been a hit at their family celebration! Thanks Julie for sharing your festivities with the rest of us!

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So every year I see lots of zinnias in other people’s gardens… admiring from afar… and wishing that I had planted some sooner! Well this year, I’m going to go for it. First I bought some seed packets. But then a wonderful care package showed up in my mail!!! My best gardening buddy Rosene has set me up with these wonderful little packets of zinnia seeds. So many varieties, so many possibilities! Now I just need to figure out when to plant them inside… so they’re growing well when it’s time to finally transplant them outside! And then to keep my fingers crossed!

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Celebrating a little MUGSHOT MONDAY with this great mug collection… resting on their new display shelves. My friends Keith & Julie recently moved to Ohio and took plenty of my mugs with them! Too bad their new kitchen wasn’t quite “prepared”… so they added some shelves in all the right places!

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Looks like my friend Tracy is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day today with her new Shamrock Mug… and a quirky collection of festive decor. Including some of her own “pasta art” from grade school!!! HA!!!

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Today was the opening of “4×4 : FOUR MAKERS” in Evanston. Thanks to everyone who stopped by today to chat & buy some art. We always love seeing art enthusiasts, collectors, hobbyists, students, friends & more! We’re looking forward to two more days of fun… hoping you can stop by! I’ll be there with my talented friends Sarah, Darlys & Robin! What could be better than hanging out with friends all day surrounded by great art & good snacks?! C’mon by…