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A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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POTTERY FLASHBACK! So my good friends wanted to get their granddaughter some new pottery. Apparently, Sarah has been “complaining” that everyone else in the family has “nice Gary pottery” and all she got stuck with was “The Ugly Mug”!!! It was this stamped amber mug that Sarah had at home… while everyone else thought it was a different “ugly” mug?!!!

Turns out a different family member had the original “Ugly Mug”… from early on in my pottery career even before stamping!!!

Either way, “ugly” or not… Sarah ended up with some new bright blue pottery to add to her collection thanks to Rosene & Gerry. Hopefully overshadowing & wiping away the memory of Sarah’s original “ugly” pottery!!!

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Pretty perfect puffed & powdered pastries
on a pinkish-purple patterned pottery platter!

Now say THAT ten times fast!!!
Thanks for sharing your yummy treats with all of us Julie!

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Looks like I wasn’t the only one “salivating” over our pizza party last night! Here’s Roscoe up in Minneapolis looking like he’s ready for some pizza too! Good boy!!! Thanks for sharing your puppy & pizza Sarah & Jules!

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A wonderful pizza night with my good friends Pam & Sarah!
Yummy pizza from Lou Malnati’s & great conversation…
sure, it was virtual over ZOOM… but I’ll take pizza with friends
any way I can these days!!!

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Uh oh… another one bites the dust!!!

And this one is a bit painful.
It was the very first mug that my very first art fair friends ever got from me! It has lived a long life with them… as you can tell by this earlier “style” with minimal stamping and too much glaze for a good soda-firing?! Luckily, they have more than PLENTY of my newer pottery pieces in their house… and I’m sure they’ll get more!!!

Sad day & sad mug Rosene!

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Looks like it’s another Sundae Funday Sunday!!! Yummy chocolate ice cream in “lickable” stamped & glazed bowls! Thanks for sharing Kristy & Matt… now I want ice cream too!!! Great.

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And the quest continues… my friend & master tile-maker Mike Skiersch fired some more cone six test tiles in his kiln for me. There were a few “duds”… but for the most part VERY encouraged by some of these new colors & combinations. I’m always looking for good glazes that pool & break in all the right places to accentuate the stamped patterns… and not cover them up!!! I think we’re onto something here…

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Looks like Kristy & Matt had a special Valentine’s Day last weekend… celebrating with sweet treats and some sweet pottery! Thanks for sharing your special day with all of us!

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And to quote a text from my friend Pammy…
“Your mug brightens my ho-hum day.”

Glad I could be there for her!!!

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Well, this cuteness is sure to boost my algorithms, right?!
This is little Benjamin… or Benno… adorable son of Molly & Jacob! You may remember previous posts about “Team Lavender” students in many of my pottery classes… like the last LILLSTREET THROWDOWN.

And… if you look REALLY CLOSE at the top left corner of the next picture… really close… you can see a couple of the ceramic baby blocks the THROWDOWN class made for them as a baby gift a year ago!

My how time flies & kids grow-up… even during a pandemic!!!