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A wonderful surprise every year… a crazy-cool spiked flower blooming in my front yard garden! It’s called bear’s breeches, sea dock, bearsfoot or oyster plant. It has really cool leaves and this amazing flower stalk. Such a cool addition to my garden… thanks to my gardening friends down in Peoria!

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When I got home from the studio at sunset… it turned out to be a perfect evening for a neighborhood stroll with a friend. Even better when that stroll takes you to Lickety Split for a little chocolate-yummy sumthin’-sumthin’… which we’ll just call DINNER!!!

Tempted by the vintage candy…
but resisted, and then made my ice cream a LARGE!!!

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Looks like Kristy has been in the kitchen making a healthy & tasty treat of peaches & strawberries topped with basil & balsamic vinegar. Looking good in two of my stamped bowls… but I of course would want some vanilla ice cream to go under all of that healthy stuff!!!

Thanks for the photo Kristy!!!

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The coleus plants on my front porch are all growing so well… so I just chopped them all down!!! Okay, so maybe “pruned” them is a better phrase… but here are the cuttings that I’m going to try rooting. My Peoria gardening friends to it all the time… so I figure if I can even get half of them to root I’m doing good!

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Sadly, we had tickets to see Cirque du Soleil’s new “ALEGRIA” under Le Grand Chapiteau here in Chicago for last night… we’ve had tickets since last Christmas as they were the perfect gift!!!

They were doing a re-boot of “ALEGRIA” – the very first Cirque du Soleil show I saw here in Chicago. I remember going and being completely mesmerized as soon it started and the singer sang the first notes. My jaw dropped, I was completely enamored and have been the biggest fan ever since! So we were all so excited to see that they were doing a re-imagined version of ALEGRIA … and bringing it to Chicago!!!

Unfortunately, Cirque du Soleil had to cancel the entire tour due to the pandemic. So the 25th Anniversary re-boot of my very first Cirque show will just have to wait. Instead, we watched the original “ALEGRIA” production on YouTube and ate lots of pizza!

Not quite the same as a live show under the Big Top… but we do what we gotta do, right?! Melty cheese & creamy garlic sauce sure helped too!!!

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Okay, so now I”m hungry again… looks like Matt has been making some garlic scape pesto again… this time over pasta in one of my bowls with a stamped rim!

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While the clouds roll through today, it was a beautifully sunny day yesterday… perfect for a bike ride up to where the “path ends” and back again. Such a pretty day pedaling north to the Great Lakes Naval Base, through Fort Sheridan, Openlands Lakeshore Preserve, the Chicago Botanic Garden and the Chicago River North Branch Trail.

Great fun to find my friends Allison & Terry at Openlands…
while he was busy trying to balance more rocks along the lakefront!

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Remember when people would actually write cards, letters & postcards… well, we’re bringing it back!!! My friends Emma & Clayton have started a new program to get people writing again… THE POSTCARD CLUB. I just got my first packet of postcards with some of Emma’s cool photographs on them! Can’t wait to mail them out… but to who?… that’s the question!

For more info…

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Looks like Kristy has been cooking up a bowl full of yumminess up in Wisconsin! I can almost taste it from here… thanks for sharing!

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Yesterday was a beautiful day for a roadtrip… so I decided to head south for a pottery delivery from my last online Facebook sale! Sure, I could have shipped it… but if I did that I wouldn’t get MORE FUDGE!!! My friends Keith & Julie opened MAURIE’S CANDY in Eureka, Illinois so I thought it would be fun to surprise them with their new pottery! Surprise on me… they weren’t there!!!

But two of their employees Rob & Tracy were eager to accept the package, and sell me some more FUDGE!!! We had a great visit… but as I was leaving I thought I overheard them say something about “splitting it”??? Not sure what that means?!!!